i’ve got tears in me eyes but everything is alright
  • ransom looks so stressed abt this brunch
  • “i didn’t even know jerrys had brunch” omg
  • maybe he’s finally– UM?
  • hoster is so offended, i love it
  • “even jack knows” ;))))
  • “ah well you know” um!!!!!
  • he brought lardo coffee!!!!!!!
  • what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • everything is conFIRMED
  • they’re so distracted chirping they don’t realize the boys r literally cuddling im
  • me and jack are dating
  • im
    • i’ve waited my whole life for this
    • thank you god
      • thank you ngozi
  • this is so pure. this is so happy. i have no comments. im just so happy
  • christmas came early
  • thank you @ngoziu

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Okay but notice how they aren’t talking. Like in every other fight they’re yelling each other’s names and what the right path is, but it’s completely fucking silent this time. Its fucking poetically cinematic, emotional, and raw, like they both just know how they feel and being as (lowkey) emotionally stunted as they are, this is the only fucking way tp get this shit out

I remember my first ever heart break and I was 14. The relationship wasn’t even a real relationship because we were too young and we only lasted for 2 months but I grieved for 6 and cried for 5. I cried so hard and it was so difficult to sink it all because I was so young. HAHAHA. It didn’t mark a scar or anything but I remember it hurting pretty bad. I even listened to Miserable At Best by Mayday Parade everyday and cried in school and skipped classes to cry. I was so fucking young. The guy cheated on me. How sad.

5:30 PM

I’m sad about stupid things I make up in my head again and that I lean on to nothing but food and my Modern Baseball playlist telling me that I can write shitty songs about much of a turd I feel like every single day.