i won’t post too much about this but oh my god

i am feeling that sweet upd8 excitement in october 2016. a few hours ago my dashboard was mostly touhou, shitposts, and aesthetic; now, it is homestuck. i literally just??

i can’t really describe this feeling but i’m liking it

About the TaeGi situation

I just need to talk about it a little.

I get - like seriously, seriously get - all the sadness and tears and nervousness. I too was on the brink of tears reading about them feeling bad and the members performing without them, because I’m sensitive like that. But. bUt.

Really, people, a lot of you are being too harsh with bighit. Of course, bighit is far from perfect, and in an ideal situation they wouldn’t get unwell at all and I know that their schedules can be ridiculous at times and we can all be concerned about that (and rightfully so), but if we just sit back a little with this particular situation…

Just. They let them rest. TaeGi complained about DIZZINESS and bighit sent them to the hospital. It turned out to be nothing serious, they were told to just monitor them in case they got dizzy again, and bighit decided that no, we don’t want them to perform like this, and we don’t want concerts where all the members aren’t present and pepped. They cancelled two concerts, refunded the tickets (have you considered what an economical setback this is as compared to ask them to just push through or something, which wouldn’t be beyond a lot of companies to ask), made a statement and are sending them home for another checkup, even after having been told that it’s nothing serious and after they’re already starting to recover.

That’s WAY better treatment than most idol groups get. They’re not dying. They’re feeling unwell, and they got to rest. That’s- That’s great. Like seriously great, and I think everyone should think about that a bit more.

Their health is incredibly important to me, just as I imagine it being to all of you, but throwing rocks at their company - who actually seems to be trying quite hard for being a idol company - isn’t helping them very much right now.

So instead of making a pretty good thing (read: bighit letting them rEST when they need to, which is actually what we all want, right?) into something more of a “let’s bash the company for all its worth” thing, let’s all just concentrate on wishing them a quick recovery and make them feel better, because they’re probably pretty down about not being able to complete the concert. They’re bts, after all.

If you read all this, wow, thank you.
It was just me needing to rant.

But I appreciate it, and while it may not be the best rant ever written (more likely far from it) I just really needed to say this bc everyone being so angry and bitter and stressed and worried is making me so DOWN and frustrated and I just.,, needed to write my thoughts down.

And to TaeGi, get better soon ♡