?? why do ppl think if u go out everything is going 2 be okay like its gonna make everything better or something?? Bc i get really scared when I leave home. I feel like bad things are gonna happen, like ik most of the time nothing happens, but its a possibility and going outside during the day makes me super nervous because i feel like i NEED to make eye contact w/ ppl and i do, and i smile and ppl don’t smile back and i get embarrassed and i want to cry.
It just makes me super angry too because everyone thinks that im just lazy and im making up excuses not to go out but im actually really terrified of the outdoors?

The thing about day of silence is that I have had to explain more times than I can count what asexuality is, what aromanticism is, what biromanticism is, what genderqueer is, what nonbinary is, what pansexuality is, and basically everything else that’s not the LG in LGBTQA+
The day should be used as a day of education, because it’s obvious to me that too many people don’t know ANYTHING about sexuality other than that some people aren’t straight, and that’s not okay.
The day shouldn’t be used for straight kids writing on whiteboards and laughing about who can make it to the end of the day.
I recognize that the original intentions in creating the day of silence are very meaningful, but the silence no longer means what it did.