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Scrubs, 6x19 - “My Cold Shower”

As I looked at all the relationships around me, some that have gone on forever, some that were re-ignited and some that had just begun, I realized something: It should have been me.

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Choose five OTPs, then tag five people.

  1. Perry and Jordan from Scrubs - it doesn’t matter how much they fight they always come back to each other;
  2. Chandler and Monica from Friends - they don’t need explanation. They’re sweet, and trust eachother with everything they have;
  3. Lucius and Narcissa from Harry Potter - because they love each other, and I know a lot of people love each other. But you look at a family like the Malfoys, born from an arranged marriage (probably…) who hurt and kill people like they do, and you think they’re just evil, but they aren’t - there’s love, trust and respect;
  4. Targaryen Princes in Disguise and Lannister Bastards from ASOIAF - Yes… this is my way of including two OTPS in one - cheating… So it’s JoJo - Joy Hill and Jon Snow - blame sandyd94; and Myrcella and Aegon!! There is so much potential in these couples, Joy and Jon can understand that part of each other that always felt left behind and ignored. And Myrcella and Aegon have a strenght in them and qualities (and the name) that could make them rule Westeros, besides all the family conflict would be awesome;
  5. Mark and Katie from The West Wing - the last one was a hard choice, even in this same show I could have CJ and Danny or Toby and Andy as an option, but I went with this one because not many people ship them and I want them too. This is all based in my headcanons, found in the series of fics I wrote

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