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if your dear heart is wounded, my wild heart bleeds with yours.

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu Carmilla 

quite appropriate for the last episode 

Carmilla Ending?

Now that I think about it, rather than the movie’s trailer, I wish we got an aftermath scene. Can you imagine?

Hollstein walking around the campus - they’re talking about what happened, Carmilla telling Laura every detail of what happened while she was dead and Laura telling Carmilla how weird it was to be dead for a couple of minutes.

But then they manage to find LaFontaine and Perry who are on the grass, Perry nursing LaFontaine, and suddenly the anger of LaFontaine destroying the sword boils up in Carmilla and then she realizes that both LaFontaine and Perry did not even help them after Laura sacrificed herself for them. LaFontaine is sort of mad as well because before they got there, they were planning to kill Perry. But Laura stops Carmilla from tearing their arteries out and says that it’s fine, saying that LaF was just like them, desperate for a way to save their best friend - plus, they needed to be looked after - and Perry would always put them first. Of course, Laura would understand but she does feel kind of hurt. LaFontaine and Perry apologizes. Laura’s says ‘It’s good to have our floor don back’ and Perry pats Laura’s shoulder, grateful. LaFontaine sighs and tells Laura that 'it’s great to have you back as well, Frosh’.

Carmilla’s brooding, still somewhat mad at LaFerry. Perry then thinks that maybe the campus infirmary is still intact so LaFerry goes there and they’re now off-screen.

Finally, Kirsch speaks from behind the cam saying that he made sure he got all the footage but he really was shocked about everything (because he HAS FEELINGS and he should have been reacting while the whole Laura’s heart was ripped out her chest and the whole dying thing) and Laura tells him that he’s done a good job and thanks him for what he’s done. After all, he and Mel definitely navigated in the pit to help Laura and Carmilla track the Dean.

Laura then asks 'where did Mel go?’. Kirsch tells them that while the dialogue with the Dean was on-going, Mel just couldn’t sit there and watch. But she definitely can’t just jump in to the scene so she did what she should be doing, she went to her people and helped them. As if on cue, a few miner-looking students walk by, Mel and Elsie with them and all. She saved a bunch of people down there. What a hero.

But then he proceeds to wonder about Danny and they would all look sad because so far, no signs of Danny. But it will be Carmilla who will cheer him up, saying that Danny’s probably redeeming herself somewhere after all the thing’s she has done this semester. By now, Kirsch puts down the camera on a bench table, keeps it steady, then Laura and Carmilla tells him to sit down or lie on the ground for a bit to rest. He’s immediately asleep when he does.

So in the screen, now you have Carmilla and Laura on the bench, at the background you see Kirsch sleeping on the grass.

Danny then enters the scene. Somehow she’s not the angry baby vampire that looks as if she’s going to kill anyone. She’s calm, she’s fine. Except she has blood on her mouth. Laura asks what happened and Danny simply replies with a 'Revenge happened’. Then, she walks over to sleeping Kirsch and she says she’s really thankful that Kirsch still believed in her because she wouldn’t have a reason to feel like she has to stop destroy everything. Kirsch wakes up when Danny pats his head and he’s really happy and excited - kind of like a puppy. Danny then tells him to get some rest somewhere with a bed and they’re now off screen.

And so, Laura does her adorable vlog intro where she says 'Hello, gentle viewers’ and Carmilla says 'Really cupcake, after all that you’re still going to vlog?’

“Posterity, Carm! Plus, I bet our lovely audiences wants a recap of all this. Just to wrap it up!”

Carmilla’s whipped so she goes along with it.

Laura addresses that the Dean’s gone. And she also asks if Betty’s alright. She makes 10 references in 3 sentences probably. And she imitates the Dean twice.

And finally, Laura looks at Carmilla. “And now that that’s all over. What do you say about a vacation? I mean, we’ve always wanted to go to Paris, right?”

Carmilla smiles, finally able to answer Laura’s question of assurance. “Right.”


I think, for me, it’s significant that Laura’s last words is 'Right’ and that Carmilla should answer it this time because in Seasons 1 & 2, she couldn’t assure Laura of the things she asked. Btw, when Danny said 'revenge happened’, Theo’s dead. I really wanted him to die this season after what he did lol. As for Zeta Society, idk if I want them to be together. Obviously, Danny cares about Kirsch now but maybe it’s just as friends or something? Idk.

So yeah… I wish we got closure for the other characters too.


144 years ago this year, j sheridan le fanu published a novella. a homophobic novella. fast forward to 2016, this novella has been adapted into a show so full of love and acceptance, a show that has saved so many people and helped so many people come to terms with their sexuality. a show that has been a safe haven for young LGBT people who have time and time again watched their fictional counterparts get hurt and killed the way they are in real life, a show that teaches them they can have a happy ending. a tale that used to be so full of hate has been completely transformed into a beautiful thing that has helped so many people and created a community. this show may now have come to an end, but the family that it has built will live on.


Carmilla Character Posters Part I

1 Carmilla the Broody Giant Black Cat
2 Laura the Tiny Popculture Nerd
3 LaFontaine the Mad Yet Awesome Scientist
4 Perry’s Neat and Orderly Orange Room
5 Danny the Tall Arrow
6 Kirsch the Human Puppy

Part II

Laura Hollis taught me persistence. That the fight will keep on going and sometimes you just have to be the one to hold up the mantle. That even if you’ve already given up, you can pick up the reigns yet again. That sometimes it’s not fair on you but if you don’t fight who will?

Carmilla Karnstein taught me its okay to fight just for your own reason. It’s okay to be selfish. If the only reason you’re fighting is because revenge or an annoying midget, and you love her, that’s enough.

Danny Lawrence taught me that just because I don’t ‘get the girl’, I’ve been through hell, or I’ve literally been stabbed in the back doesn’t mean I can’t make the right choices. Even if I’ve made some bad ones already.

Lafontaine has taught me that making the ‘right choices’ has consequences. That to act with apathy for the greater good is not always good. And you should never forget the little people.

Lola Perry has taught me friendship is the most important thing. That you may not understand where someone is coming from, but ultimately if you love them you accept them. Just because they don’t fit into your box doesn’t mean they don’t fit into your heart.

Wilson 'Brody’ Kirsch has taught me not to give up on my friends in their dark times. (Not that I’m chill with how Danny treated him) He also taught me that some guys do know what 'I’m not into you like that’ means. Also that Dbear is an awful nickname.

William Luce has taught me that it really sucks to choose the losing side. That just following orders doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. Like dying.

J.P. taught me that a little research goes a long way, and its easier to categorize in a computer rather than on the shelves. Also that people can come through after a massive body transformation.

“Uh, no we haven’t seen any vampires, right guys?”

Laura looks like an overly earnest kindergartner. 

And, oh man, LaFerry. Those faces. They look like toddlers pretending they hadn’t just been fingerpainting on the walls. Criminal masterminds, they’re not. 


Silly little creature couldn’t have loved you. The second she knew what you were, she spilled your secrets like an idiot schoolchild. She was a cockroach. A wretched, crawling thing like this one. And you, my glittering girl, are a diamond. Stone cannot love flesh.