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Oneshot: Platypus Onesies For All

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“Zonian4life is online now! Finally!” Candace exclaimed, sinking into a mound of pillows as she prepared to chat with one of her favorite Internet friends. She opened a private message box. 

Canducky: Hello! What’s up 2day?

Zonian4life: Donating mom’s clothes. Said u had a platypus right?

Candace groaned at the reminder of the meatbrick. He wasn’t home at the moment, but he’d arrive soon and start shedding everywhere. 

And shedding season was annoying. She was still finding blue hairs in the carpet at the foot of her bed from the last time he’d snuck in her room. 

Canducky: Yes. Y????

Zonian4life: What do u think of this? 

A picture popped up. Candace tapped it and zoomed in, raising an eyebrow at the existence of teal platypus onesies. It was a perfect likeness of Perry, right down to the vacant stare. 

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Awards Chatter with Alexander Skarsgård and @scottfeinberg @THR #BigLittleLies

Listen to the hour-long podcast here on iTunes

Quick summary: Alex discusses his life growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, and his projects that lead up to True Blood and finally Big Little Lies. So please give it a listen (or two) and hear him discuss cinnamon buns, his family, Åke och hans värld, The Dog that Smiled, the Swedish Marines, Marymount Manhattan College, living in NY in his twenties, Zoolander [“I was Meekus, thank you very much.”], Generation Kill and Brad Colbert, True Blood [“I owe it all to True Blood, it definitely changed my life.”]

Parting thought from Alex: “I do make a damn good macchiato.”

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