perry the actorpus


Normal people get “heartattacks” when they get scared, in one way or another.

I get a heartattack when I hear the Phineas&Ferb theme go off in English.

And now it’s 3 a m, dark outside, I’m up alone and all of a sudden the TV screams “There are a hundred and four days….”

I totally forgot I switched language from Swedish to English on DisneyChannel on my TV-box.

And because of that little mistake I can’t go to bed, because for some reason this theme song (only when sung on english?!) seems to be a cue. Making me go nervous and shaky and my heart races at a 110. How will I calm down. I can’t.

Why, why. WHY? I mean, it doesn’t even make sense why someone would be scared of this.

It’s Perry The Actorpus, by the way. If anyone cares.