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Day: 1556
Shirt: Kurt Vile and the Violators - A Philly Wedding
Color: White / Red
Brand: Tultex
Source: (10/14) this kinda shirt was the whole reason I started this whole project. When rad people who make art team up with musicians you love the music from it just makes for a great final product. Went and saw @kurtvile last night, great fucking show but his new album is fucking good, so it was much like this shirt. Just a good marriage of the two. Stoked for my man and fellow shirt hoarder @perryshall who did the art for this hoagie of a winner. Great unique design. I can honestly say it’s the first musician sandwich shirt I have ever seen. Perry is a great illustrator and also takes amazing shirtless photos when he is not at home drawing. Good stuff
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I Shall Be Released
The Heptones
I Shall Be Released

The Heptones - I Shall Be Released (1976)

No time for church? Me neither. Well, here’s your religious experience for the day! I’m gonna go out on a limb and insist that this is the best version of I Shall Be Released.  Better than the Band?  Yep, though it should be noted I’m not a big fan of the Band. Give me Leroy Sibbles and group, with Lee Perry producing any day.
For a Change

The distinctive smell of smoke was every where, she wasn’t surprised, she knew that this where all of the “badasses” from school hid to be able to smoke with no problem. Everyone knew about it, she was pretty sure that the principal knew, they had all just given up on kids like that, she didn’t care though, she wasn’t scared there was no reason to give this awful group an special treatment. She kind of liked having all of the eyes on her, she was used to it, but this time she knew that it wasn’t the kind of attention she was looking for, she wasn’t in her territory, not at all, her shoes could be heard easily because this place was mostly silent and nobody ever wore high heels in this place. Her eyes looked slowly around to find the person she was looking for behind the school building, she suddenly saw her, blonde hair around this place wasn’t hard to spot. She took a deep breath and prepared herself to face the blue eyed girl, she knew the rumors, nobody messed with Perrie Edwards, she didn’t seem to be all that scary at first sight, but she had broken a few noses around the school and she was famous for skipping every single class. She walked fast towards her, but the blonde was too involved in a conversation to actually listen to the steps that everybody else had heard, when she was right in front of her that’s when Perrie turned to face her, she was smoking slowly putting the cigarette on her mouth.
She raised an eyebrow at the sight of the small brunette, she knew who she was, everybody knew who she was, Jade Thirlwall, probably the most spoiled girl in the whole school, she was admired by pretty much every girl on school, every girl but her. She was beautiful, but her attitude killed what was on the outside. Jesy had stopped talking and everything was silent, she kept looking at Jade expectantly though, she could see that she was nervous but her arms were crossed in her chest and she was standing straight in front of her, after a few seconds Jade realize that Perrie was waiting for her to speak, “You missed english class today,” she said, her tone was a little weak which only highlighted her nervousness towards Perrie so she smiled, “Yeah, I don’t like english, or any other class, thanks for noticing my absence, but if you wouldn’t mind I’m in the middle of a conversation here,” Perrie’s tone was different, she wasn’t nervous or scared, she didn’t feel intimidated by her, she was just another rich girl that got whatever she wanted from everybody and she didn’t like that type of people. The brunette was suddenly angry and she snapped at the blonde, “I don’t care if you like english or not, I don’t care if you go or not, okay? But the teacher set a project in pairs and apparently I have the worst luck ever because it turns out that you are my partner in it. Now I would do it on my own if it wasn’t such a big project, so I don’t care if you like it or not, but you’re going to help me, okay?” She was practically screaming now and if there was something that Perrie didn’t appreciate from other people it was screaming, she actually couldn’t stand it, so in a matter of seconds she had the brunette against the wall with her arms above her head, “Listen Jade, if you want me to do something for you ever, you’re going to ask me to do it nicely. You may be used to having everyone doing things for you and being okay with you speaking to them like that, but I’m not one of those people, if you want me to help you with the project I will, but you won’t ever raise your voice to me again, do you understand?” Jade was scared, the blonde was stronger than she had expected and the way that she spoke was scary, but she wasn’t going to let Perrie get to her, so she used her whole force to push her away, she barely manage to, but she was free, “I will see you in the school entrance when it’s over and we will go to my house to get it started,” she said as she turned around and walked away, she tried not to walk too fast so the blonde wouldn’t know how fast her heart was actually beating, but she wanted to get away as fast as possible.

When the school was over she walked ready to go home she had a lot of work, so much that her books didn’t fit in her bag anymore and she had carry many of them with her hands, she was almost sure that Perrie wasn’t going to show up, so she was surprised when she saw the blonde girl in the entrance, waiting for her. She didn’t say anything she just gestured for the blonde to follow her outside of the school, she felt her books leave her hand and she was kind of scared that somebody was going to bother her, because no one ever did, especially when she realized Perrie had taken them, she looked at her confused, “You have enough with the ones on your bag, I can manage this,” she smiled a little and nodded, “thanks” was all she said. She grabbed her key and opened her car as soon as she saw it, Perrie opened the passenger door and let herself in immediately, she soon followed.

The ride home was silent, she thought about starting a conversation, but the blonde was looking at the window lost in her own world and she didn’t want to distract her and get her angry.
Once they got there she got out of the car and waited for Perrie to do the same before closing it, she pulled her house key out and opened the door to let the blue eyed girl in. Perrie looked around the house curiously, it was exactly what she expected it to be, really high ceilings with extremely glamorous decorations that seemed to cost more than her whole house, everything clean and almost perfect as if everything was a huge puzzle that had been solved so all of the pieces were in the perfect place to match the other, “My room’s that way,” Jade said pointing at the staircase, “interesting” Perrie said nodding slowly and following the brunette towards her room, she stopped on a door and opened it, gesturing for her to come in first and she did. The room looked just as perfect as the rest of the house, just as big in proportion as well, again she looked around, there was one thing that caught her attention, a big poster of her own favorite band that broke the environment of the rest of the room, she pointed at it curiously and looked at the brunette, “you know who they are?” Jade rolled her eyes at that and shook her head, “No, I have them there because I have no idea of who they are, they just looked pretty,” Perrie raised her eyebrow again, “Coming from you it wouldn’t be a shock,” Jade got angry again, “You know absolutely nothing about me okay? So just stop acting like you do and treating me like an over spoiled girl,” Perrie just looked at her and laughed, which got Jade even angrier, “What’s so fucking funny?” Perrie looked at her smiling, “The only things that you talk about at school are your new manicure and how daddy just got you a new car for your good grades and how fantastic your new shirt is even though it was expensive. If you don’t want people to think that you’re an over spoiled girl then stop acting like one. I don’t care about how much money you got in your pocket because that’s not how much you are worth, you know?” Jade stayed silent then and she sat on her bed slowly, nobody had ever told her things like that, she knew they were true long before the blonde told her, but nobody thought about her like that, they admired her for her clothing and car. Perrie was the only person to see her and not her possessions, she should’ve been angry, but she was for some reason surprised in a good way. Of course, she wouldn’t let the blonde know because that would mean letting her in and that wasn’t going to happen, she was okay in the school that she had entered three years ago and she wasn’t going to ruin that. She just looked at Perrie and spoke, “let’s get started on the project shall we?” Perrie nodded instantly sensing the change of attitude, she knew there was more to it, but unlike other people she respected Jade’s thoughts, it was none of her business. She nodded and they started talking about what to do since it was a free project and you could do whatever you wanted related to english, except that the written work was a nightmare and surprisingly enough for Jade, Perrie seemed to actually care and the ideas that she had were extremely smart, she knew a lot about many things that Jade could never imagined, she kind of felt stupid sometimes because Perrie knew A LOT. However, she was not the only one surprised Perrie had thought of Jade like a superficial girl that had her projects done by others in exchange of money and that knew nothing about stuff because she was more worried about the color of her shoes, but Jade was a smart person and right after she started talking she was surprised about the knowledge that the brunette had.
After a long while they had agreed on what they were going to do and their part on it.
Jade offered to take the blonde home, but Perrie immediately denied the offer, she didn’t want to be judged by the way her house looked, especially after seeing all of the things Jade had, so she had to say no a hundred times, because the brunette just wouldn’t stop insisting, “look I really appreciate the offer but it’s better if it just stays like this, plus I don’t think it would be safe for you to go in your pretty little car. People around there would just steal from you or something,” Jade looked at her confused, because Perrie seemed to be nervous so just decided to let it go, she had made an advance with her relationship with the blonde and she didn’t want to ruin it.
That same week they met up in Jade’s house every single day from Monday to Thursday because both girls had agreed to take a break on Friday since they both had social lives and Friday nights were social nights.
While Jade liked going to house parties drinking and dancing with lots of guys, picking one and hooking up with him, sometimes girls too. Perrie liked getting into bars with a fake ID and drinking, no dancing and no guys, people in school believed that she made out with a different person every single night but she wasn’t like that, she didn’t mind those rumors though, they were good for her reputation.

That Friday night was different for Perrie, Jesy was in her house practically begging her to come with her to this party in the house of some kid from school, “For the millionth time no Jess, I don’t want to have to deal with all of those jerks. Have you seen the address of his house, he’s one of those rich kids that knows nothing about life and it’s going to be surrounded by millions of those, why can’t we just go to the bar?” Jesy rolled her eyes, “because we go to the bar every single week and there’s always at least four of us, it’s just you and me tonight and we both know better than going to the bar alone. Come on just this one time, for me,” Perrie bit her lip and thought about the situation carefully, sure one night surrounded by assholes couldn’t be that bad, “Just this one time,” she said and she saw Jesy practically jumping and hugging her, she had no clue as in why her friend was so determined to go. As soon as they go to the party she found out Jesy ran to the side of this guy named Jordan who has in her math class, she wouldn’t shut up about him and although the blonde girl had no problem with the guy she was sure that Jesy would want some alone time with him, so she looked around the house in the search of alcohol to let the night pass quickly. She found a table full of bottles and grabbed one of the glasses helping herself, she noticed some people dancing to the music, most of them drunk and she recognized Jade, she was dancing with this guy and she was surely drunk, so drunk that she was barely able to stand up, she was just laughing at how sloppily the brunette moved around. After a little while she watched as the guy grabbed her hand and practically dragged her to one of the rooms, normally she wouldn’t interfere, but Jade was way too drunk she was probably going to pass out right after hitting the bed and she was sure that the guy was not going to stop. She practically ran to stand in front of the guy and he looked at her, “Could you excuse me, please,” he said, Perrie’s mouth formed a smirk as she shook her head, “I just came here to take Jade back home, I mean she’s barely able to stand,” as soon as Jade heard her own name she turned to face Perrie and took her arm from the grip of the guy, “Hello Perrie,” she said joyfully she was stumbling in the few steps that she took, so she placed her arms around the blonde’s neck for support. Perrie instantly grabbed her waist to keep her balanced, the brunette’s face coming to rest in her neck. The guy looked pissed, as he tried to get closer to Perrie she stepped back taking Jade with her, “Come on I’ve been with her all night long and I can tell that she wants me,” Perrie laughed, “she doesn’t even know who she is right now, let alone who you are. I don’t care if you want her or not, you’re not having her. She’s not your freaking toy for the night.” The guy rolled his eyes, he was drunk too, but not in the same state as Jade, “she wants me why don’t you ask her,” Perrie nodded and guided Jade’s waist carefully apart from her, Jade move her head from the blonde’s neck, with her arms still around her she looked at her, smiled and spoke up, “you’re really pretty, did you know that? I mean sure, you’re a badass and all, but you’re a pretty badass,” she said as she slowly touched Perrie’s face with her finger, from her lips to her chin and then she let her hand fall, her other arm still around Perrie. The blonde was extremely confused because Jade was drunk, but boy, she looked beautiful and her words and touch made Perrie feel something that she had never felt before so she looked at Jade with a confused expression and was brought back to reality when the guy spoke up, “Fine, you can have her,” she watched as he left, still really confused and trying to wrap her head around her own feelings. Jade rested her head against her neck once again, she soon stopped being so confused as she felt the brunette falling to the side, she wrapped her arms around her waist firmly once again, “Jade did you bring your car?” She asked and she felt the brunette nodding, “where is it?” Jade laughed loudly and shrugged, “I have no idea,” she rolled her eyes and moved through the crowd searching for the exit and Jesy, once she got there and didn’t see Jesy she assumed that her friend hooked up with that Jordan dude, so she stepped outside, practically carrying Jade. She looked around, there were a lot of cars, but she could soon find Jade’s since it was the best car there by far, “Jade, can I have the keys to your car?” She asked as she made her way to it, looking down at Jade she saw that her eyes were now closed and she cursed herself for getting involved in the situation, mainly because she still found the brunette beautiful, even if she was drunk and her make up was a huge mess, she slowly searched in Jade’s jacket for her keys and breathed in relief as she found her keys and cellphone there, she took both of them. She opened the passenger’s door and carried Jade to the seat, setting her seatbelt, closing the door and getting into the driver’s seat, she looked at the messages that Jade had received all from her friend saying she was leaving, good friends Jade had, she thought. After that she turned the car on, she had only had a few sips from her drink so it was safe for her to drive, she remembered Jade’s house, but she didn’t know the brunette well enough to take her there. She would have to take her to her own house and she didn’t feel too happy about it.

Jade woke up with a huge head ache and a dried throat as she opened her eyes she looked at the place that surrounded her, it was unfamiliar, but she was used to that on Saturday mornings. She was in a small, but cozy room, there were some pictures of a couple of bands she didn’t know and some with bands that she was really familiar with. As she heard steps coming closer to the room she sat up, she was surprised with the person that was there in the door, “Perrie?” She whispered, the memories of the night coming back to her mind, well the little pieces of the night that she could remember, “Here, have some water and I brought you an aspirin,” Jade drank the glass of water in a second after putting the aspirin in her mouth, then she looked at Perrie, who was sitting in the bed, “Can you tell me what happened last night? I mean I have a few flashbacks of being with a guy and then seeing you and you walking outside with me,” Perrie nodded, “Well a guy tried to hook up with you but you were barely able to stand you wouldn’t have stayed awake for long, you wouldn’t remember him so I just made sure it wouldn’t happen,” and Jade felt kind of sad, because if that had happened it wouldn’t be the first time, but nobody ever cared. She suddenly remembered Perrie telling the guy that she wasn’t a toy, an object, her friends never did that. They would let any guy take her and by the third time that it happened she didn’t care anymore, what was the difference? She felt a tear leave her eyes and she was about to wipe it, but she felt Perrie doing it first, “You shouldn’t cry because of that, nothing happened and because I’m assuming that it has happened before you should know that it was not your fault you didn’t know what you were doing, just try and learn from it, don’t drink that much next time or call me if you do,” the blonde really didn’t know what she was doing because she was only this caring with Jesy and that was because they were friends since forever, she tried keeping people as far as possible, but ever since the night before she was making a fool of herself mainly because she knew that Jade didn’t feel the same way about her, she was sure of that. Jade smiled lightly, “How drunk was I?”
“You told me I was pretty, that should give you a clue,” Perrie said, tasting the waters, this was her chance of getting a little bit more out of Jade, the brunette turned to face her, “you are pretty, beautiful even, you smell bad though, cigarettes do that,” Perrie smiled, something not a lot of people got to see, “Can I ask you a question Jade?” She asked and saw the brunette nodding, “Why do you concentrate on hiding this smart, funny girl from the rest of the world and make yourself an image of a stupid superficial girl? It just makes no sense to me,” the other girl looked down and took a deep breathe, “I wasn’t like this, you know? In my old school I was a mess, I mean people saw me as nerdy and stupid and I used to be bullied all the time, beaten every once in a while. They even threw me to a trash can once, so when I came here I changed my wardrobe completely. My parents are too occupied in work to care of what I do so they give me some money to get what I want and I can be the stupid superficial girl for you and the queen b for the rest of the school, it’s funny though,” Perrie frowned, “How is it funny?” Jade smiled, “I don’t know why I focus so much on impressing the wrong people and disappointing the right people. It makes no sense, I’m not that smart,”
“Oh but you are,” Perrie said. Jade smiled and looked at her, “I’m not the only one that pretends to be something I’m not though. You are smart as well and not a badass who gets a bad grade in every class, the whole week I’ve been watching you and you didn’t make out with anyone and the most surprising thing, you do care,” Perrie nodded, “Well I don’t go to class because I have people to tell me the projects, I can get all the information I need by reading the book, something that I like much better than listening to some adult who thinks I’m an idiot for a whole hour and I do attend to the exams. I don’t like most people, most people are either stupid or not trustworthy so I just stick to the one friend I have and make sure everyone’s too scared of me to even try and get close,” Jade nodded, she really liked Perrie, they had met less than a week ago but the blonde seem to know her better than anyone else, she seemed to care more about her as well. She liked this Perrie, the one that gave her water and wiped her tears, she could become her friend, she could stop pretending, the thing was that her experience in her past school had left her traumatized and she was too scared to let that happen again, plus at school nobody ever saw them together and that would be really weird for people around, in school Perrie too pretended to be someone she was not.
Over the next week they worked hard on the project as well, this time in Perrie’s house and not once did Jade made a bad comment about it or seemed uncomfortable. On Friday, they decided to meet in Jade’s place, apart from the week before this was the first time that they met in a social environment and not a school one. They were watching a horror movie and the power suddenly went off which wasn’t surprising given the huge storm that was ragging outside, Jade was a bit scared of the dark and Perrie could see that, because every time that a thunder would light up the room she would jump, “Hey I have some battery in my IPod and I also have earbuds and I know that you know some of the bands I like, but I was thinking about showing you new ones,” Jade nodded at the offer of the blonde, she got a blanket and sat in the sofa close to Perrie, using the earbuds as an excuse because the blonde made her feel safe and unlike other people she actually knew who Jade Thirlwall was. That night Perrie stayed over because of the storm and she had the chance to cuddle with Jade, the thunders of the storm being the best excuse. On Saturday they spoke about the future, it came up because of a song, Perrie said she wanted to be a singer, something a bit hard to accomplish, but after listening to her Jade knew that she was going to make it and Jade told Perrie that she wanted to be a writer, surprising Perrie a lot, that led to talking about their favorite books, that were actually almost the same, which led to talking about those books, which led to them talking all day long about things that they liked and agreeing on most of them.

On Monday they finished the project, it wasn’t supposed to be delivered until the next Monday, but given the fact that they were both smart and in a sense responsible they did it, because of the fact that their friends were still busy with the project, they still met everyday of the week. Perrie took Jade to a park and they sat there for hours, some hours talking and some just enjoying the view. There was a lake in front of them, but that wasn’t the view that they were both enjoying, Perrie looked rather beautiful looking at the water, her eyes were almost the same color and Jade decided that blue was her favorite color. Jade’s skin and eyes looked beautiful reflecting the light of the sun and the way she looked at the water with so much thought drove Perrie almost crazy. To say goodbye Perrie walked the brunette to her house and she even got a kiss in the cheek.

Thursday was a complicated day, because at school they were still Jade Thirlwall the popular girl and Perrie Edwards the badass and that was a huge problem because the popular girl couldn’t like the badass, she couldn’t speak to her in the hallway, or invite her over to her house just because. It was a problem, because Jade wanted to be with Perrie and Perrie only, she even considered for a second leaving her friends and everyone else and going to the badass place in school and staying there with Perrie for the rest of the school year and then going to New York with her to try and achieve their dreams and maybe even marrying her and then she cursed herself, because being with the blonde was a risk and one that as much as it hurt her she was not going to take, she had suffer too much in the past. When Perrie asked her what was wrong she shook her head and when the blonde parted she gave her a small peck on the lips and closed the door as fast as she could.

On Friday Jade didn’t answer her phone and Jesy convinced Perrie once again to go to a lame party. Perrie looked around the house and looked around for Jade and she was extremely shattered when she found her, because Jade was once again with a guy, but this time she wasn’t that drunk and she was a hundred percent sure that Jade saw her when she walked past her to get to one of the rooms of the house with this guy.
The next couple of days Perrie got extremely drunk and Jade cried herself to sleep, because she was sure that she had fucked up, big time. She just couldn’t lose everything that she had achieved in the years at this school, she wasn’t ready to give up everything. She couldn’t handle another endless year of bullying, losing all of her fake friends or facing her parents, telling them that she was not so into boys. Being with Perrie was just too hard.

On Monday Jade went into english class slowly, the printed work in her hands. She was somehow expecting Perrie to show up and turn the paper in with her after all they had done everything together and the teacher would want to know where Perrie was if she had really done this with Jade. After the first half an hour of the class though she gave up. She assured the teacher a hundred times that the blonde had done her part and after class she walked down the hallway, the books in her hands and her face low, suddenly she felt someone hitting the books out of hands, they fell to the floor and she looked up and expected to see Perrie, but it was not the blonde, it was Jesy, “That shouldn’t be a problem right? After all you like hurting people too,” after saying that Jesy turned around to leave and instead of picking her books up she followed her, “Jesy! Wait! Please!” She was really hopping for some response for the other girl, but she kept walking carelessly so she had to run to reach her and she grabbed her wrist to stop her, instantly regretting it because of the death stare in the girl’s eyes, “I’m sorry, I just want to know about Perrie. I haven’t seen her and I’m worried,”
Jesy rolled her eyes as some people walking by gave Jade her books back, “You don’t care about Perrie, what you did to her was heartless. Perrie doesn’t ever, ever get close to people because every single time they hurt her and she doesn’t deserve that, she really doesn’t,” Jade was broken hearted as well, Jesy left and she turned around to see all of her friends looking at her with a confused expression in all of their faces. She simply shook her head walked into her next class, she didn’t feel like dealing with them, not today, not ever, she just wanted Perrie, that was the cure for her pain, for her loneliness, she didn’t want to be surrounded by people that couldn’t love her because they didn’t know her, she didn’t want those people to know her because she knew them really well. She just really wished that the blonde would forgive her and accept her, because after getting to know Perrie there was no way that she would go back to pretending to be something that she wasn’t.
The distinctive smell of smoke was everywhere, she wasn’t surprised, she had been here before and her life had changed last time, this time she hopped things wouldn’t be different. Everyone knew about this place and they would definitely wonder why she was here, she didn’t care though, she wasn’t scared because her desire to be happy was so strong. She didn’t like the attention that her fake self got anymore. She wasn’t in her territory, not at all, she had never confessed her love for anyone before, she had never loved anyone before. Her steps could be heard easily because this place was mostly silent, her converse were loud against the floor. Her eyes looked slowly around to find the person she was looking for behind the school building, she suddenly saw her, blonde hair around this place wasn’t hard to spot. She took a deep breath and prepared herself to face the blue eyed girl. She walked slowly towards her, but the blonde was too involved in a conversation to actually listen to the steps that everybody else had heard, when she was right in front of her that’s when Perrie turned to face her, she was smoking slowly putting the cigarette on her mouth.
She felt a like she had been punched in the stomach, because Jade was beautiful, but after the pain that she had cause her the blonde girl wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to forgive her. She did her best to pretend like she didn’t care, she was an expert at it by now. Jesy had stopped talking and everything was silent, she kept looking at Jade expectantly though, she could see that she was nervous but her arms were crossed in her chest and she was standing straight in front of her, after a few seconds Jade realize that Perrie was waiting for her to speak. “Listen, I know that I hurt you and that is something that I will never be able to forgive myself for, even if you do forgive me, but I know now for sure that I don’t want a life without you, I’m nothing without you. I choose you over everything, because it turns out that what I thought was everything is nothing, you are everything. I’m not asking you for anything, but your time so we can listen to music of the bands that we both love and talk about our favorite books. Maybe I am asking you for a lot because I’m asking you to trust me with your heart and I know I don’t have a good record with it, but I’m sure I can improve.” Jade had tears in her eyes now and she watched as Jesy left them alone. Perrie slowly reached to wipe the tears from the brunette’s eyes and smiled, “one chance, I give you one chance, but if you hurt me, even if it’s for an incredibly small thing I won’t forgive you,” Jade looked up then with a huge smile in her face and nodded, she reached out to hug the blonde, “I won’t ever hurt you again, I promise,” Perrie smiled held onto Jade as well. When they let go of each other Jade spoke, “I have plans for us tonight, I’ll pick you up at 8:00,” Perrie just nodded, knowing now that she was never going to be able to be apart from Jade, it was useless to even try to get over her.

During that night Jade had taken Perrie to that same park where they had gone before she downloaded all of Perrie’s music to her Ipad and some movies too. They were sitting on a blanket all night long, they didn’t get to see the movies or listen to the music though, they mostly talked and after Jade apologized for the millionth time they kissed, soon Perrie felt Jade’s tongue across her bottom lip and she slightly parted her lips, the brunette’s hands moving to Perrie’s waist bringing her closer. Jade’s lips left hers slowly, finding her neck afterwards, “Jade,” Perrie whispered, “Let’s go, I don’t want to this here,” her heart has beating fast and she was sure that her cheeks were red, Jade looked at her nodding and soon stood up.

As soon as the door in Jade’s room was closed she was pushed against the wall by Perrie, air leaving her lungs as she was kissed passionately, their tongues fighting for dominance and as Jade brought her hands down to rest against Perrie’s bum causing her to moan she got it, she pushed the blonde girl to her bed and laid down on top her, never breaking the kiss, Perrie broke away from the kiss to speak again, “Jade, I have never done this before,” Jade looked at Perrie in shock, she was nothing like people at school thought, not at all “do you want to stop?” She asked worringly, Perrie shook her head fast, “No, I want to do this with you, just thought you should know.” Suddenly Jade got up Perrie sat up to watch as Jade slowly opened her shirt and took it off, afterwards she opened the button of her jeans and pulled the zipper of them down, before taking them of completely. Perrie was extremely turned on, she was mesmerized by Jade’s body, she thought that she was definitely going to lose her mind when Jade got on top of her again, both of her knees on both sides of Perrie’s waist, she lent down slowly to kiss her. Perrie immediately opened her mouth to let Jade explore it, she gave her all of the control. Jade’s hands traveled to the edge of her shirt and went slowly under it, Jade’s hands on her skin felt amazing, every single touch giving her goosebumps. Jade was touching her abdomen slowly exploring every bit of it, when Perrie felt Jade tugging her shirt she sat up briefly, allowing the brunette to take her shirt off and throw it to the floor. Perrie was absolutely beautiful, her skin seemed to be glowing, making her room seem dark. Perrie’s breathe was starting to be uneven, Jade was once again touching the skin of her abdomen and she moved her lips to Perrie’s chin, slowly moving down to her jaw, after that her neck. She kissed all over it until she found Perrie’s weak spot, once she found it she started to slowly suck on it and Perrie moaned lowly. Jade’s hands moved to the straps of the blonde’s bra pulling it down, the blonde arched her back and Jade unclasped her bra and took it off. Perrie moved her hands to cover herself, this being her first time in this position. The brunette took both of them and placed them above her head, “Don’t be insecure, you’re so beautiful,” Perrie smiled and nodded. Jade’s hands moved slowly to the blue eyed girl’s boobs then, massaging them gently, Perrie moaned once again arching herself to the brunette’s touch. Jade’s mouth moved slowly from her neck making a trail of kisses to one of her nipples and she started sucking, her hand giving attention to the other one. Perrie moaned loudly moving her hands to hold onto Jade’s back, she was feeling better than she ever had, Jade was overwhelming and she was being really gentle. After some minutes of that Jade began going down on her body kissing, leaving Perrie breathless and extremely needy. When she got to the waistband of her pants she slowly pulled her pants and underwear down and she looked at Perrie lovingly, “I can’t believe how beautiful you are, it seems unreal. Every single part of you is perfect,” Perrie blushed and smiled, feeling a little bit exposed, but the brunette’s words gave her the reassurance she needed to feel good about herself.
She felt Jade spreading her legs slowly, she knew she was wet, Jade was giving her just what she needed to feel pleasure. She felt air hitting her and lifted her hips slightly, Jade leant to kiss her, positioning herself between Perrie’s legs. She kissed her passionately, after the kiss she took Perrie’s earlobe between her lips to whisper softly, “Are you ready?” Perrie nodded frantically at the words, being extremely aroused. The blonde threw her head back and moaned loudly when she felt Jade’s finger between her folds, going up and down slowly and then stopping at her clit rubbing her gently at first, harder when Perrie began moving her hips, “You’re so wet,” instead of giving Jade a reply she threw her head back and grabbed onto the sheets, her eyes closed in pleasure.
After a while of the same treatment Jade suddenly moved her hand down moving a finger into Perrie, who screamed and opened her eyes, Jade was now a hundred percent sure that she had never seen something this beautiful in her whole life, Perrie looked so good like that and she was completely in control of the blonde’s body, but she was being gentle and caring, “Is this okay?” She asked carefully, Perrie nodded her breathing being a complete mess, but she managed to speak, “Please don’t stop, it feels amazing,” Jade smiled and nodded at the the blue eyed girl’s words, moving her finger in and out of Perrie, causing her to close her eyes again and moan Jade’s name repeatedly. After a little bit Perrie started moving her hips faster, Jade got the hint and moved her finger at the same rhythm and soon added a second finger into Perrie who screamed in pleasure again. Jade began thrusting faster and harder when she saw that the blonde was comfortable enough, “Jade, I think I’m about to…” Perrie’s words being interrupted as she felt herself clench around Jade’s fingers and a huge wave of pleasure hitting her, making her feel like she was not in the world anymore, the sensation invading her entire body. It was indescribable, she had never felt something as good at that before and she tried to get her breathing pattern back to normal and after a while she was able to do so. She looked at Jade tiredly smiling, as the brunette smiled back and laid next to her, putting the sheets over their bodies, she caressed her hair slowly, the blue eyed girl manage to speak after a while, “Thank you, that was a mazing,” Jade blushed and shook her head, “No, thank you,”
The next school day Perrie didn’t know what to expect, because she was extremely scared about the fact that Jade could still pick her fake friends over her, even though she trusted the brunette. Her fears soon disappeared though, as the brunette walked through the hallway, with no heels, a normal outfit and almost no make up. She smiled at the blonde and went straight towards her, ignoring all of the eyes on her and the invitation of her old friends to join them. Once she was in front of her, she slowly leant in and gave Perrie a quick peck in the lips making her smile, “We have english first, wanna come with me for a change?” Perrie just smiled like an idiot nodding and holding her hand as they walked through the hallway together. Still being incredibly different, yet feeling like the same person, in a certain way.

Nick Grimshaw: ‘I need to go to parties so I can do my day job’
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    Pixie Geldof, Nick Grimshaw, Peaches Geldof, Thomas Cohen and Jack Guinness Getty Images
Lucy Cavendish The Times Published at 12:01AM, May 21 2014

This is the thing about Nick Grimshaw; he is not just party party party. I know we all think he is. After all, every time I pick up a magazine, there he is with his trademark quiff, wearing a sharp suit (his style ranges from Topman to YSL) surrounded by his celebrity friends. It’s what he is known for — going out, being seen, being papped and hanging with Kate Moss, Pixie Geldof, Sadie Frost, Rita Ora, Agyness Deyn, Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne — shall I go on?

Yet here he is, aged 29, looking slightly tired and a bit worn, telling me how hard he works. He is wearing a baggy T-shirt, baggy trousers, no socks, trainers. “I’ve just come from the radio studio,” he says. “You forget there’s anyone out there in the real world.” The “radio studio” is, of course, BBC Radio 1 where he hosts the Breakfast Show. He replaced Chris Moyles two years ago and has had mixed fortunes. He lost half a million listeners. He put a load back on. In October last year the Rajar figures gave Grimshaw’s show just 5.58 million listeners a week, the Breakfast Show’s lowest audience for a decade. On the day I meet him he is waiting for the latest listening figures to be revealed the following day. Is he worried about them? He runs his hand through his famous quiff.

“No,” he says. “There’s no point in worrying. I was brought in to bring the listening demographic down and I’ve done that.” It is apparently his strong point, the wooing and capturing of the elusive and fickle under-24 market. The new figures are going, he hopes, to show a rise in the younger audience figures. (It turns out they do. The bad news is Grimshaw has lost 510,000 listeners from the previous quarter’s figure of 6.29 million, but the show gained 130,000 under-24s.)

So what does he think his appeal is? “I work very hard,” he says. “I go out and do things people want to do and then I talk about it. I am honest. I’m just me.” And he is obviously very likeable — as his celebrity friends are always quick to point out. Fran Cutler, the party organiser, always says Grimshaw is the best guest ever. “Grimmy’s [everyone calls him Grimmy] funny and witty and he is always up for a dance and he makes a party go with a swing,” she says. His penchant for hanging out with the world’s most-photographed people also gets him talked about, which in terms of his job is no bad thing.

But the person who has got Grimshaw most talked about is the bouffant-haired One Direction lothario Harry Styles who at 20 is almost a decade younger than him. They are close friends and seem to spend as much time as possible together. “He’s on tour now,” says Grimshaw grimacing. “I haven’t seen him for a bit but we’re friends, yes. Right now he has a manic life. It’s madness. He is on tour with thousands of girls screaming at him and it’s insane.”

Gossip columnists have tried to make something more of the friendship — presumably because of the delicious unlikelihood that a heart-throb like Styles, with his string of famous girlfriends, would be anything but heterosexual. Both Grimshaw and Styles have denied the rumour of a relationship. Grimshaw, of course, is gay and came out in August 2012 (“Well, I was hardly in was I?” he says).

When I bring up Styles, Grimshaw makes a face. “Oh who cares? So much is written about me that isn’t true. I’m supposed to be moving to LA. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to live somewhere hot but … I am not moving to LA as far as I know. Then I read I was giving up smoking and that’s not true because I hardly smoke anyway. I have loads of friends. Harry is one of them.”

They will be reunited at this weekend’s BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow. “Yes, the Big Weekend,” he says, drawing out the vowels in his slightly flat northern voice. “It’s going to be fun. I love things like that because I sit in a box five mornings a week and I don’t really see who listens to us and I love it when I meet people who love the show. It gives me a real boost, although goodness knows what I’m going to do all the time.” He is bound to have fun. Lots of his celebrity mates will be there, including Styles, Katy Perry, Rita Ora and Tinie Tempah.

For Grimshaw it will surely feel pretty normal. He seems constantly to go from one event to another, being endlessly papped with his famous friends. “But I hate being photographed,” he protests. “I really do. It’s not my fault I know all these people. If you spend an hour interviewing someone on the radio then you get to know them and they become your friends.” Then again, I point out, other DJs interview pop stars but they aren’t constantly photographed with them at parties. “It’s my job to go to parties. I’m on air for hours every morning. I have to have something to talk about — that’s why I go out. I have hours to fill every morning and I can’t just go on about the colour of my socks or whatever.”

I ask him if it’s a problem that he is seen as being the permanent best friend, so busy being out and about with his bevy of chums that he hasn’t quite carved out a life of his own. After all he has been there for so many of them. He is a godfather to many of their children, including Sadie Frost’s son Rudy, and he has been a shoulder to cry on for Pixie Geldof since the death of her sister Peaches. The pair were photographed together at a Miley Cyrus gig, the first time Pixie was seen in public since the death.

Grimshaw says he doesn’t want to comment on Peaches but what he will say is how it has affected him on a more general level. “It has made me re-evaluate my life and what I am doing with it. It makes me stop and think. I have had a healthier lifestyle for quite a while now. I eat better food and drink less and I am trying to be fitter and part of that is because I have to get up very early and I need to function.”

He is in truth very professional, absolutely committed to the job. Kate Moss, another friend, once told him when he was offered the Breakfast job that he should be like her. “She basically told me that unpredictability was good. She said, ‘Chris Evans was like that and everyone loves him.’ But, as I told her, he got sacked.” Does it worry him that now Evans is on Radio 2 he seems to be piling on listeners while he, Grimshaw, loses them? Does it make him worry about his job? “No,” he says firmly. “I have always wanted this job. It’s my dream come true. I just cannot think of it coming to an end.”

He is clearly very focused and has worked hard to get his way out of his home town of Oldham to Breakfast presenter via the route of MTV, E4 and T4. “I told my parents when I was young I wanted to do radio and they thought I was mad.” He says he was a flamboyant child, always putting on shows for his parents and his older siblings Andy and Jane. “I wore dresses all the time and I liked to show off I suppose.” He came to London after he met DJing duo Queens of Noize when he interviewed them for student radio at Liverpool. He studied business and media. “I failed the business part. I couldn’t tell you now what macroeconomics is even if you offered me a million pounds. But I loved the media part. I only did business to stop my dad from worrying about my future.”

He came to London when Mairead from Queens of Noize (he is godfather to her child) told him it was where he needed to be. “I was terrified and excited at the same time.” Somewhere along the line, by hanging out in trendy pubs in Camden and going to every event he was asked to — “mainly to get free alcohol,” he says — he hooked up with Daisy Lowe, Jaime Winstone and the designer Henry Holland. “None of us was famous at all then. I shared a flat with Henry before anyone bought his designs. He was just churning out T-shirts.”

But now he’s up there with all of them, going to Miley Cyrus gigs and partying in her dressing room afterwards. “She’s just the same off-stage as on. She’s just having fun, twerking away in her dressing room. She’s enjoying herself and she came on the show and stayed for an hour and was great.” One person who he didn’t warm to was Angelina Jolie. “She was very cold. I went to interview her and she was looking at me as if to say, ‘And what are you doing here asking me questions?’ when she has a film to promote.”

But what about him, the private “Grimmy” who goes home and gets a takeaway? He shudders. “Hate that, hate that, hate that. I cannot sit at home and eat alone. It makes me very miserable.” So why not have a personal life? Does he have life away from the cameras and the friends and the high-octane rollercoaster world he lives in? “Hmm,” he says. “Well I do see my friends and they’re not all famous. I’d like to have a relationship at some point. I rather fancy James Franco but I fell flat on my face in front of him at a film screening which is embarrassing. I also have the hots for that Irish actor, Jamie Dornan.” But they’re both straight, I say, so … “You mean that makes it safe? I know. Hopeless isn’t it?”

Maybe it says more about him than he wishes to think about. At the moment he says he doesn’t have time. His schedule is packed: photo shoots and filming the panel show Sweat The Small Stuff for BBC Three and the Big Weekend and his job and parties and dinners and … it’s much easier to just not get involved isn’t it? “Yes,” he says sighing. “You’re right.” He pauses. “Then again, it won’t last for ever will it? Richard Branson told me no one should spend their life doing things they don’t want to do, so …”

Then he gives me a cheeky grin. “But he’s a multimillionaire so it’s easy for him to say that isn’t it? I mean, what does he know?” Then he almost falls off his chair laughing.

Nick Grimshaw is part of BBC Radio 1’s One Big Weekend 2014 in Glasgow, Fri-Sun. He also hosts Sweat The Small Stuff, Tuesdays at 10pm, BBC Three