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On December 6, 1927, Velma West went to a bridge party and spent the night at her parents home after a dispute with her husband, Edward West. On the following day, Velma and her mother went Christmas shopping in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. When they returned home, the police were waiting for Velma. Edward West’s dead body was found in their home in Perry, Ohio. He had been beaten to death. She was taken into custody and confessed to the murder after three hours of interrogation. Velma stated that she had hit Edward in the head with a claw hammer following an escalating conflict. She tied his feet together at the ankle and his hands behind his back before covering his body with a quilt. Then she put on another dress and burned the dress she was wearing during the murder. Following this, Velma left the house and went to a bridge party. Edward reportedly beat Velma during the argument and threathened her with death if she woud leave the house. The press blamed the murder of Edward West on an alleged affair Velma had with another woman and her extroverted and outgoing personality. On March 6, 1928, Velma West pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. In 1939, West escaped the Marysville women reformatory along with three other prisoners and was on the run for 36 days. She and the other women were captured in Dallas, Texas and sent back to the reformatory. Velma explained that the reason for the escape was to have one last adventure due to her deteriorating health. Velma died of heart condition on October 10, 1959.

This is Missy, she is a boxer and she ran away today during the fireworks. If you live anywhere within Ohio, Perry County, please… Contact me. My friend is worried sick about her and he recently just lost his other dog… He never got her back and he can’t lose another dog. She is wearing a pink collar and she is very friendly. She is well trained as well.

And no, it is not my friend’s fault… we only knew she was gone after the fireworks ended… Which was 20 minutes. We spent til now looking for her… We drove all over town and walked. We made two rounds.. His dad did this to my friend again… He knew she ran off and he did not do what he should of… to make sure she did not get far…

My friend misses this old gal.. He is in my room now… crying about his baby.. Please, contact me… This dog means a lot to my friend and all his friends… Please… Just a share even… Just please, spread this around…


shawnee, ohio by Craig Brown
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