Perrin Mle1865 revolving rifle

Manufactured by Louis Perrin c.1873~80′s in paris, France - based on his Mle1865 revolver design - serial number 413.
11mm73 six-round cylinder, double action, side-loading gate with manual ejector rod, leaf sight, military foregrip and buckles
Originally presented in its prototype stage along with its handgun counterpart to the French army as concurrents to the Chassepot rifle and Lefaucheux revolver, the Perrin Mle1865 was rejected on both occasion. It was however a very popular private purchase for French officers, especially in the Army where the service pistols were still percussion designs. I doubt that the prototype carbine presented by Perrin was in a serious military rifle caliber, which might have been why it lost to the Chassepot despite arguably using superior technology.
This particular example was manufactured well after that however, since it is chambered for the same round used in the MAS Mle1873 revolver.


Perrin Mle 1859 revolver

Designed and manufactured by Perrin & Cie in Paris.
11mm centerfire proprietary cartridge, double action only, six-round cylinder, captive ejector rod and loading gate. Smooth af finish.

Thought up as a competitor to the Lefaucheux Mle 1854 and 1858 pinfire revolvers, these guns failed to achieve quite the same popularity due in part to their heavy trigger pull but also because of their modernity. In the mid-1850′s metallic cartridge revolvers were still quite uncommon, and with not much in the way of standardization of calibers, it was extremely difficult for new models to leave a mark on the market. The Lefaucheux in comparison was in itself a household name by the time the namesake revolver came out, and its pinfire rounds were the fruit of a joint development with Gévelot, at the time probably the most successful metallic cartridges manufacturer. This led to an abundance of ammunition for the Mle 1854 with which no contemporary revolvers would be able to compete.

Lefaucheux Mle 1854 revolver

the green Gévelot box of 12mm pinfire cartridges ‘for the Lefaucheux system’

The Perrin revolvers nonetheless saw some use in the major conflicts of their time, including the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War.


Perrin Mle 1859 revolver

Manufactured by Perrin et Cie in Paris c.early 1860′s, sold by Alexis Godillot of the military boots fame to the Union during the American Civil War - serial number 174.
11mm centerfire six-round cylinder, double action only, side loading gate with pivoting manual ejector rod.

One of the rarest revolver of the Civil War, with only 550 guns being shipped off to the United States.


Perrin’s whistling “Send Me on My Way” for Juni.

She could not possibly care less.