Perrie in a recent LM Twit Pic wore

these hoodie(,

these shorts(,

this top(,

his headband(,

these socks(,

this wristbans(,

this necklace(

I was tagged my Marthasstyle

1. Favourite animal? Umm alpaca or Guinea pigs!! 
2. Topshop or Zara? Hmm probs topshop! 
3. Favourite haircut? i ABSOLUTELY love short hair and long straight hair!
4. Favourite TV show? Friends or the Simpsons
5. Describe your style? It ranges from grunge to boho hippie festival no joke. 
6. Favourite dish/food? i LOVELOVELOVE Italian and Chinese 
7. Style icon? Perrie edwards Lou Teasdale and my friend cx 
8. Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Audrey Hepburn ALL THE WAY 
9. Favourite makeup tool? Umm my eyelash curler BC I don’t wear makeup cx 
10. Favourite season? FALL AND WINTER

My questions:
1. Who’s your makeup style icon?
2. Style staples?
3. 5 makeup items you can’t live without
4. Straight or curly hair?
5. Fav high end makeup (must have)
6. Fav drugstore makeup (must have)
7. Flannels or oversized denim jackets?
8. Style icon
9. Free people or Urban outfitters?
10. Thrifting or outlets?

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Perrie uploaded this picture to instagram (perrieeele)

Her exact crop top is from Free People

You can get similar crops from: (great, cheap prices!)

Topshop and River Island both do similar crop tops (which Perrie already owns) also sell similar cheap versions!

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1. What/who are you currently daydreaming about?
I usually just zone in and out lol
2. What three items live in your dream closet?
Black Topshop Ripped Jamie Jeans, a plain black or white (or both) top and an oversized jean jacket! But so much more lol
3. Who’s your dream celeb look-alike?
Leigh *heart eyes emoji* or Kendall Jenner I guess
4. In your eyes who’s currently “living the dream”?
Kim Kardashian bc life goals
5. What do you dream of more: love or money?
Both are so closely related and both bring me joy lol but i’m gonna go with money love ain’t gon pay the bills
6. Your dream holiday escape?
Spain or Australia!
7. Who’s your dream youtuber collab?
With me or other youtubers? Me with danisnotonfire or mirandasings (I REALLY LIKE COLLEEN TOO) would bE LIFE but between other youtubers, mirandasings and danisnotonfire omg and then another vid with colleen omg
8. Did your childhood dreams ever come true?
Idek tbh I mean I haven’t fully grown up yet haha
9. If you could have one of your dreams come true right now, what would it be?
I have so many self centred dreams omg - bigger butt, boyfriend, money, and meeting lm nope sorry can’t pick just one bc greedy
 and actual helpful dreams would be stopping wars, poverty and terminal diseases (well diseases in general)

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Perrie in the T4 Sports Day video wore

these shorts( …),

these shoes( …),

Similar top:

alternative 1( …),

alternative 2( …)

Inspired for high school orientation

Boohoo paisley top / Monki t shirt / H M sparkly shirt / Monki t shirt / H M short t shirt / Topshop black ripped jeans / Topshop stretch blue jeans / Topshop black skinny leg jeans / Black slit skirt / KG Kurt Geiger black velvet shoes / Office strappy leather sandals  / JuJu shiny shoes / ASOS gladiator flats sandals