“I was very young when I auditioned for X-Factor, I was just turning eighteen and I was doing advanced performing arts at college.  I had a job in a salon and I would wash old ladies’ hair and I used to sweep and mop and everything, and I used to get paid 20 pound a week. And I found out that my mum was paying the person to pay me 20 pound to get out of the house and get a job. I thought I was a really big woman, I thought I had a job and everything.”

Little Mix to break World Record

While the girl band have already released ‘Black Magic’ as the lead single for their upcoming third album, their could be a major record broken in terms of their album release in the states. How so?

Little Mix currently have two top ten albums in the United States; “DNA” and “Salute” both debuting and peaking at a respectable 4 and 6. If their third album happens to snatch a top ten debut, they will be the first British girl group to accumulate 3 consecutive top ten albums on the Billboard 200 chart. With streaming now included on official album sales, the girls are sure to make a splash on the charts when their third unnamed album gets released later in the year. 

Looking at past statistics, Little Mix have a firm grasp on album sales so it’s safe to say this world record will come to fruition. Bookmark me folks. You heard it here first! x