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As you all know by now due to its excessive media coverage, Zayn Malik has left the band. But he has not left his contract with Modest! Management or his record label, this means all contracts are intact beside the one that bonded him to the One Direction label. As you can clearly see Zayn is very much involved with M!M just like his Fiancee Perrie Edwards.

This last month has been filled with large amounts of PR for both of M!M’s clients, Little Mix and One Direction. Little Mix said that they were going to focus hard on the publicity for their upcoming album, and they weren’t kidding. Headlines have included Perrie’s name for the last two months with mention of her new album debuting in the article and heavy amounts of how she stood by her fiance’s side. They are using the oldest tricks in the book to give Perrie and her band mates all the attention they have been craving. 

The Sex Tape Rumor… The biggest drawer of attention is a good old cheating scandal and this couple has had plenty of them and the next step was of course the sex tape rumor that will once again paint Perrie as the victim that only loved the bad boy who couldn’t be good for her. Sounds like a good song to me, Taylor Swift mastered the art of taking a love story that ended in heart break and making a million dollars.

After this we get Wedding Rumors…The Heat posted an article in a hurry claiming that Zerrie were getting married in June (same time as Little Mix’s headlining performance) They also posted an edit that a fan made of Zayn’s sister (who they said was 22 years old) posting a photo of Perrie in a dress. And used Katherine as a liable source that they were getting married in June but she is going to Disney World in California with some friends. They also used Sophia Smith but obviously didn’t do their research as this account is fake.

PR Agency’s…Company’s like Xposure or Splash have been following the couple around for years, with further research these companies are hired photographers and PR companies, they sell your photos and create hype. They are only used when hired by your managers. This photo is from Cannes in France where it is illegal for Paps to take photos of people without their consent and Xposure are their employees which means they have your consent. 

I know this is a long post but I figured that because I haven’t posted in a while it would be necessary. I hope this all makes sense, message me if you have any questions, my intent of this post was not to upset anyone and if this is the case then please ignore further posts. Have a great day.  

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in daily mail they wrote that liam will go on some gala tomorrow. and there will be a lot of celebrities there.. :/// im gonna stay away from tumblr , i dont need my dash full of sophiam. and then premiere of 'black magic; is tomorrow so it means zerrie. what did i do to deserve this:(

Oh, babe!

Don’t be upset, okay? We knew that Liam will get his punishment for that shoutout to Zaynie at BBMA. We knew. They haven’t changed their tactics. It prooves one more time that we’re 100% right.


Gala? This is so boring. Sophiam always goes to parties or shopping. So nothing new. At least we will see Liam in a suit:)

Update: Look who’s there. The Red Bull Energy Station. They’re not even trying to do something different!


Every time when lm needs promo, we get zerrie in various forms. This time:

Also we saw some break-up narrative:

Update: Perrie didn’t have her ring on Capital FM interview and immidiately was asked why.

‘It’s getting cleaned’??? No, really?? I’m speechless.

We expected this. We were ready. So, sit back and relax. It’s just same old s***. The end is near.

And we’ll be like:

Plus we got multiple Ziam articles without even mentioning Perrie:)

Zayn Malik Is Apparently Begging Perrie Edwards To Set A Wedding Date

Hmm, we’re not sure that we are entirely convinced on this one.

According to new reports, super cool, calm, and collected Zayn Malik has had a bit too much time on his hands since quitting One Direction back in March, and is begging the gorgeous Perrie Edwards to set a date for the wedding.

Because planning a wedding is exactly how he likes to unwind after dragging former bezzie mate, Naughty Boy, on Twitter, duh.

A source had a pretty mahoosive chinwag with Reveal magazine, and claimed: “Zayn wants them to set the date for their wedding so they have something to work towards.

“He’s not saying it has to be soon, but he believes if they set a date then they have to get things done. Having it all drag on means neither of them is motivated to organise because there’s no deadlines.”

The 22-year-old babe popped the question to the Little Mix star back in August 2013, with the pair recently moving into a swish London pad together, so although we can understand that it has been a while and you might want to get the ball rolling, we just can’t imagine that the ever-chill Zayn is climbing the walls for a wedding date. 

Still, the insider insists: “He’s tired of the waiting and has made his feelings on the matter pretty clear. Zayn quit the band to live life a bit more and Perrie and their future did factor into that decision.

“He thought, with more time together, they’d start planning the wedding. Neither of them thought they’d still be engaged with no date set two years later.

“Zayn is not being interviewed constantly like when he was in the band but Perrie is, especially with their new single out, and every time he hears her say there’s no date it gets to him.

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“He doesn’t get why they haven’t set one yet.”

N’aww babes.

Whether this is true or not, we just hope Zerrie give us all plenty of notice when they do set their date - after all, we’re going to have to buy a hat.