perrie sport

as much as i’m laughing at the coincidence of taylor releasing her music to streaming on the same day as katy perry’s album launch bc it’s an easy target i don’t for one second think that this is the reason that taylor made the jump to streaming at this point. this is all part of a bigger plan people. taylor swift is 100 steps ahead of the rest of the industry and something f*cking huge is coming katy perry is just getting swept up in the swift storm

i’ll be alright:
A peppy mix to keep chins up – you got this, you shining star (◡‿◡✿).

[ l i s t e n ]

1. Gonna Get Over You Sara Bareilles 2. Radio Matchbox Twenty 3. Accidentally In Love Counting Crows 4. These Streets BASTILLE 5. Our War Neon Trees 6. Alive the Daylights 7. Roar Like Heaven Coldplay vs Katy Perry 8. Slide the Goo Goo Dolls 9. Ready to Go (Get me Out of my Mind) Panic! at the Disco 10. I’m Not Your Hero Tegan & Sara 11. Hard Way Home Brandi Carlile 12. The Sporting Life The Decemberists 13. On Top of the World Imagine Dragons 14. I Feel Better Gotye 15. Dance Anthem of the 80s Regina Spektor 16. Dog Days are Over Florence + the Machine 17. Carry On f.u.n

Happy 21st Birthday Perrie

Guess who’s legally to drink in America?

If you guessed Perrie Louise Edwards…then you are correct

Oh how she’s grown!

Now let’s take a closer look at hair, make up and clothing

I refuse to forget about the piercings


But I digress. Let's continue talking about Pezza who is a secretly good drawer

Us girls love the Mix Men

And her relationship with the rest of the group

Especially Jade (Jerrie)


Enjoy the day w/ friends + family