perrie interview


Lots of new interviews with the Riverdale cast and they’re all being asked about Season 2! Haha it’s expected that their replies are all gonna be..

And OMG! They might be pairing Reggie with Josie….and Cheryl might be Bi! Man Season 2 is getting even more exciting hehe

Plus lots more scoops shared on Season 2, especially now that Jughead’s in SouthSide, Fred nearly died, Betty’s got a brother, Cheryl left with her mother, Veronica got back her dad, Kevin will be sad xD


Haha….Lili is just so done with the “Daddy” competition. Us too, Lils, we feel ya lol. It’s hilarious how they all unanimously chose Lili, well most of them. Even Roberto who doesn’t even know what Daddy means haha…dorks. Plus, Lili just ain’t buying it when Cole gave her his vote lol…. dumping all the recent interviews with Lili and Cole and the cast in one post. In case you missed it.  

The Riverdale Cast with  Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and more reveal what they thought of the murderer reveal….. Notice when Madelaine casually use to the phrase “Drive her off the Cliff” xDDD *wink*

Cole sharing his outfit choices lol, and what he enjoys getting from the fans (cash and freebies haha) and his spot on guesses on which Riverdale cast tweeted….

Haha this is a good way to catch the Riverdale cast off guard by accusing everyone of them as the killer xD  Alas…i’m gonna miss all the Jason Blossom killer theories… the speculations actually stimulate your brains and make you think. xD

  Plus, Lili and Cole talking about Bughead’s relationship in the remaining episodes and also about the love triangle ~

And the Riverdale parents playing the game of Who Tweeted That. As always, Luke is a riot lol. Say what you wanna say, I personally love the parents of Riverdale…they’re like the older versions of the Riverdale Core Four hehe..