perrie exact


There must be a book about this ?? what to do when your friend turns into a big pinkish cat ?

Thank you ! It was a good excuse for me to draw Peregrïn’s cat form. She has a reflex of turning into it when she’s startled. Even when not in battle. Like… don’t wake her up with big noises and stuff.

On the shipping front, I’ve always maintained that the Bawson action fell mostly on Mike. Ginny may have had a crush on him, but the majority of the season it has been Mike with the lingering looks, the meddling, initiating late night phone-calls, the sincere moments, and let us not get into the long list of things he knows about Ginny from studying her a bit too long; a list he added on to.

All I’m saying is, maybe people wouldn’t ship Bawson so much if Mike didn’t look at his rookie like she hung the moon. So, by the time we got to the intimacy of their bar scene, and of course the tension between them in their near-kiss final moment, it felt well earned. Even if you aren’t a shipper.

And some moment that was, wasn’t it?

I liked their almost kiss, because somewhere between Mike’s speech about Grape Soda, Cilantro, and Katy Perry, and that exact moment, Mike knew he had feelings for Ginny. And he spent the time in between being genuinely sincere, pushing her away and shutting her out, or making confessions shrouded in light-hearted humor and banter, to that fact.

I also loved the way they physically stepped back the second they got the news that the trade fell through. Both of them, immediately putting as much distance between them as possible. It was awkward and yet, not.

I’m dying to see where they go from here. Will they avoid each other for a bit? Neither of them are the type to talk things out much.

—  TV Fanatic