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My First Make Up Tutorial! Perrie x

Make-Up Distress - Requested (Ashton)

This was request by Anon! (“You’re the one person who can do my elaborate stage makeup so every night you spend half an hour in close proximity to my face and I am Distressed au” bc I think it looks cute idk oop haha) I will be honest i dont use Tumblr all that much outside of the page so i didnt have a clue what this was, so i THINK, i did it right, fingers crossed haha, ENJOY!!!

‘Hey’ you open your eyes seeing Ashton Irwin taking a seat next to you on the box, you smile looking away and watching the rustle of the busy people around you. ‘Its crazy right?’ he asks, you smile nodding a little, ‘I find the business comforting’ you tell him and you notice him smile a little.

‘Don’t you find it amazing?’ you ask, he turns his head to you slightly his eyes narrowing him questions and you laugh a little looking back out to everyone. ‘Just look at everyone’ you tell him softly, you notice him turn his attention to everyone rushing around, ‘The different people, personalities, styles but they all work right? Everyone is rushing around doing their own thing but it all works and makes something amazing’ you explain.

‘Like all the cogs are perfects oiled and fit together to make an amazing machine. I love the mad rush, the buzz makes me feel like everyone has a place’ you add, you can’t wipe the smile that you feel on your lips as you watch some of the hair stylists grabbing extra things, but you can also feel Ashton’s eyes on you, and although you don’t know him is oddly comforting.

‘I’m Ashton, I’m in th..’ he reaches his hand out to you, you smile taking it and shaking but intrust him, ‘I know who you are’ you laugh slightly as he nods rolling his eyes, ‘Right, of course’ he agree making you smile, ‘Which means I’m at a disadvantage’ he teases and you nod, ‘Yep’ you agree but still don’t tell him your name as you smile back out to the rush. ‘Come on’ he chuckles, ‘(Y/N) I’m one of the make-up artists’ you tell him, you glance to him when he doesn’t speak and he is frowning slightly.

‘What?’ you ask smiling a little, ‘It’s just, you don’t look like a make-up artist, your hardly have any make-up on’ he tells you making you laugh a little. ‘Well make-up to me is a statement; I’m not trying to make a statement.’ You explain, you feel the thrilling passion run through your body and swing your legs up onto the box, crossing them and turning to face Ashton, he turns a little too so your face to face and you smile.

‘It’s like you, you make amazing music but it’s for people to hear not for you to lock yourself in your room and listen too, and a painter doesn’t make a master piece or his kitchen wall he makes it to make a statement, to show off to the world and that’s what my make-up is for me, my statement, my stamp is in the make-up one my models’ you explain, you know your passion is flowing out because Ashton’s eyes are sparkling as he watches you, and his smile seems to keep growing as he shakes his head.

‘That oddly makes so much sense’ he agrees and you laugh a little, ‘Well it’s that and that I’m not a morning person and can’t be bothered to put it on’ you laugh and so does he, ‘You don’t need it’ he smiles sweetly and you nod ‘Neither do you but sometime this week your gonna be covered in it’ you tease and he laughs.

‘(Y/N) we’re up’ Ken yells over the rustle of the busy people, you nod pushing off the box, you turn walking backwards, ‘See you round’ you call waving.



‘God, they are so close, your just wanna kiss them’ I hear Michael chuckles which catches me out of my daydream, I look up from my phone that I have been staring at for the last ten minutes, ‘Who?’ I asks, ‘The make-up girls, look how close they are and hot’ he tells me, I look over to where there are four chairs, I would have looked at the other artists but as soon as I looked over my eyes wouldn’t move from (Y/N) the concentration on her face as she works on Perrie Edwards. ‘Dude you can’t say make-up girls, there is a guy’ I hear Calum; ‘Well I don’t wanna kiss him do I?’ Michael sasses making me smile a little. I manage to drag my eyes away from her back to the boys. I look to the paper I was given to try and make sense of it.

We are six days in on this week’s preparation for this huge charity concert we are doing over two days, its names ‘Freak Show’, it’s pretty much a huge two day concert with loads of different acts to raise money for SaveTheChildren. All the acts are doing a small set but the deal is everyone is going wacky, so crazy costumes, hair, make-up.

‘Michael do you not ever listen?’ Maisie asks him to which he shrugs, ‘Today you guys are getting hair and make-up done so they can sort what matches, you are in make-up first, don’t be late you have about fifteen minutes’ she explains and with the mention of make-up I find myself looking back over to (Y/N).

‘Ash’ Luke shouts throwing an half full bottle at me, I look at him shaking my head, ‘Dick’ I mutter, ‘Your drooling’ he smirks and I roll my eyes, ‘Was she in your room last night? I wondered why you were tired’ Michael teases and I shake my head, ‘No one was in my room, I was just up late’ I tell him, ‘She’s hot’ he adds and I nod humming.

Fifteen minutes later and me and the boys are getting ushered over to the make-up area. ‘Hello boys so you ready to get painted?’ Ken one of the artists greets us and I smile, ‘Defiantly’ I laugh as Michael’s face scrunches up.

‘Well, I’m Ken, then we have Willow, (Y/N) and Oli’ he introduces us to the girls and I can’t get my eyes away from (Y/N), her eyes are boring back into mine and I can feel my breathing becoming shallow. ‘So Michael your with Oli, Luke with Willow, Ashton with (Y/N) and Calum you luck, luck boy is with me’ Ken explain, I smile when I hear I’m with her and move over smacking Calum on the back as he laughs and I take my seat.

‘So Mr Irwin are you ready to become my statement?’ she smirks down to me making my laugh, ‘Make me a masterpiece’ I wink, ‘Just pump yourself up for me’ she tells me and I laugh, unable to control my thought and she shakes her head, ‘The seat perv’ she tells me, turning to pick something up, I don’t really take much notice of what she if putting on me. It’s been at least twenty minutes, ‘Okay, I’m gonna get pretty close, try and restrain yourself’ she win as she leans in and I feel my breath catch in my throat. ‘Ash’ she whispers, as she moves the brush above my eye and I hum slightly, ‘You can breathe’ she teases and I can’t hold back the smile.

‘It’s pretty hard not to kiss you right now’ my voice is hushed and I feel my chest tighten, I can’t believe I just said that, I know I’ve blown any chance with her after my cheesy and very cringe line and close my eyes so I don’t have to see her freaking out up close.

‘Well I don’t wanna ruin all my heard work, but maybe if you take me out later you can try that out’ her voice is a shock, her words even more so, I open my eyes and she is smirking, ‘Breath again Ash’ she laughs turning to pick something else up and I take the chance to look over to Calum in the next seat, I catch his eye and put my thumb up making him laugh.

From Chelsea