The wedding

[My May the Fourth story for the lovely @hanorganaas]

[The prompt was “Jyn and Cassian’s wedding night”; I got a bit carried away with it and did the whole wedding]

“On Perralt they drink salt water at a wedding,” Bodhi says.  Cassian looks up from his data pad and wrinkles his brow in distaste.

“Drinking salt water causes insanity and hallucinations in humans.”  K-2 sounds intrigued. “Perhaps it’s symbolic.”

“It says here it’s supposed to make the bride and groom thirst for one another forevermore.”  

Cassian turns to look across the cabin at Jyn as she moves about in the aft section, bending and stretching as she checks on the stowed shipment.  As if cued by his silence, Jyn glances round and meets his gaze.  

Her eyes go dream-swept for a moment and her lips curve. “That’s hardly a problem we need worry about.”

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