Dan Howell - He Admires You

When you first started your job you loved it but after a stressful day you  find your way to your boyfriend Dan’s house, just wanting a hug from him you throw yourself through his door but at first he is no where to be seen. You kick your shoes off and walk towards his room, you fling it open and see him editing a video but when he looks up and see’s your face he takes his ear phones out and walks over to you wrapping you in a hug.

After what seemed like the shortest hug ever Dan goes and sits back down at his desk.

“What’s wrong?” Dan asks

“What’s wrong?! What’s wrong?! My day has been terrible, I woke up late this morning, then a car drove through a puddle and the water sprayed all over me, not to mention my boss has been on my case all day and I just wanted a hug from you and you barely even touch me! Now I sound like a perpetulant teenager!” you sigh flopping down onto the bed

You prop yourself up on your elbows and look over at Dan who is trying to hide a smile with his interlocked hands.

“What?!” you winge falling back down onto the bed again dramatically

Dan gets up and jumps onto the bed beside you and hugs you tightly. “Is this good enough?” Dan jokes hugging you to his chest super tight and rocking yoside to side.

“I was smiling because you’re cute when you are angry” Dan explains with a  laugh as you snuggle into his chest

“I’m glad you get amusement from my terrible day” you mumble sticking your tongue out

“Oh shush” Dan smirks kissing your forehead “You have me and I love you and tonight I will order us dinner, put on a film and give you a massage” Dan smiles kissing you.