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The perpetual pounding in his head reminded him of his own mortality, of their mortality. His blurred vision sought but two weary forms in the haze. A laboured breath escaped his body with a guilty sigh of relief when he came to the realization that they had lived; that they had survived the torturous ordeal. Those whom he cherished the most. Those two living, breathing blessings who unknowingly calmed his restless soul. His better half and his son. In the corner of his eye he saw Michonne fighting to regain composure and Carl, enraged and seeking someone to blame in this one long night, terrifying and prolonged. Deflated, Rick kept his gaze from the carnage, crawled to his feet and sought the solidarity of his family. Though stricken and beaten down, they had to move forward. How could he ask that of them? Now, in the aftermath of such senseless and horrific violence? In one of their darkest hours? Alas, his beloved had made it through, yet his family was forever changed; broken, forevermore. The pained whimpers shook him to his core. Hauntingly melancholy; distraught, yet questioning. Pitiful and angry. Severed and torn from all reasoning; alone and plaintive. What was their next move? Could they even move? The gravity of the moment weighed heavily on them, dragging them ever closer to the blood stained earth to be buried, fighting for the blessed air that hinted at their salvation. His thoughts were scattered and scrambled. His family was looking to him to make the next move. With a heavy, broken heart Rick whispered, “Please. We…we have to go.”

Let all those indoctrinated with religious self-hatred…self-defeat…conviction in humanity’s “sinful nature”…worthy of eternal torture simply due to their being born…weekly gathering together to repeatedly declare “thou art great/I am crap”…believing in stories that a supernatural creator demanded that one tiny group of people dehumanize/murder/enslave/plunder their militarily weaker neighbors…for the glory of that creator…and that this one life is to be squandered, in exchange for a fictitious/unprovable “after-life”…and this one planet is to be unsustainably exploited, as their creator is about to destroy it…

…be kept far away from all policy and governance/youth education/ and health care…

…because they have nothing to offer present and future generations…and are simply perpetuating failed primitive ignorance and bigotries…

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Where do you publish your work?

Just AO3. I’ve only just started posting links to my AO3 on here, because real life friend followers and my perpetual struggle with shame. Miranda would be appalled. ;)

What medium/application/etc. do you write in or with?

Word for the most part, though sometimes I hand write bits. I also have a tonne of snippets and rough dialogue in my phone notes, because every time I stop writing, turn my computer off, and get into bed I suddenly immediately have ideas that I have to write down. I’ve got a bunch of sticky notes on my computer too with ideas and copies of chat brainstorming sessions.

Do you collaborate with others

Not really. I love talking through ideas and fleshing out interesting AU premises, but I think I’d struggle to actually collaborate on writing something. I’m simultaneously too finickity and too much of a push over, so I’d inevitably end up kind of stressed and unhappy with the final result. That probably sounds terrible…

How much editing do you do before you publish?

So much. It’s one of the ways I put off writing more, by obsessively rereading and tweaking what I already have. Even when I think it’s done in Word, I’ll reread it at least once more before I hit publish on AO3, and then again once it actually is published in case I’ve missed anything. It becomes kind of a problem though, because the thing I’m supposed to be working on now, which is so close to finished, I kind of can’t bear to look at any more and I’m convinced it’s utter shite. Whoops. 

Do you listen to music when you write?

Sometimes, but it can be too distracting. I can’t do songs with lyrics I can understand. Soundtracks can be good though.

How do you decide what to write about?

Generally I’ll just get a sudden idea or mental image that I have to write down and I flesh it out into something else from there. I’ve actually written quite a few prompts though, thinking about it, so they’re responsible for a lot. 

When do you write?

Evenings and late at night, usually. I spend the whole day thinking I should be writing, because I have nothing better to do right now, but it takes a while for me to get round to it.

How often do you write?

It varies a lot. Recently probably at least every other day, but before I asked for all those prompts I’d hardly written anything in weeks.

Do you take requests? Why/why not?

Ha, yes, I specifically asked for some and it went kind of amazingly, in that loads of people took me up on it, which was what I wanted, but kind of terribly, in that LOADS OF PEOPLE took me up on it, and I now have 17 prompts still waiting to be written. I promise I’m still planning on working through all of them, guys. It’ll just take a while. 

Is there any genre or type of story you want to write but are hesitant to?

Something plotty and chaptered (and not just chaptered because I waffled). Not that I particularly want to shine a spotlight on my own deficiencies, but none of my fics actually have much plot. They generally have one main focus and the story doesn’t go beyond one or two days. I’d like to try my hand at something bigger and more adventurous some time, but it’s scary.

Any inspirational quotes, videos, tricks, articles, etc. that help you stay motivated?

Not really. I just tend to whine at certain patient people who offer help and ideas and encouragement and are generally awesome. I can’t think of a specific quote, but there are lots which say something similar to what I always try to remember, which is to just write something. Even if it’s terrible. Just start somewhere, and keep pushing on, because it’s easier to go back and make something bad into something good than it is to keep staring at a blank page waiting for that perfect line to come to you fully formed.

Go to page 7 of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, and share 7 sentences.

Speaking of bad writing you want to make better… Also, I’m incapable of getting my sentence length under control, so this will seem like a really excessive quote:

It was in these dreams where she could see Thomas’s face once more, touch him, hear him, sometimes even smell him. Such dreams were often many long months apart nowadays, try as she might to induce them more often, and though they were precious to her they came at a cost. The joy of knowing that she could still remember Thomas so clearly, when she had begun to worry that the details were fading, was tied irrevocably to the dull ache of grief that came with waking up to find herself in a house in which he had never set foot, on an island of which he had only dreamt.

She pushed the covers off to the side, searching for a draft of cool air to soothe the prickling heat radiating from her skin. Some nights she longed for the sort of cold that she had known in winters in London; the sort where half a dozen thick blankets couldn’t shut out the reaching fingers of the icy chill that crept in through the windows, leaving fern frost in its wake. The sun was still far below the horizon, the sky outside her window black as pitch, but she felt wide awake. She had heard James return home late the previous evening; heard him close the front door quietly, slip off his boots, and pad towards the guest bedroom in the darkness.

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Headcanon: Sunglasses

I love to think that Nick wearing sunglasses in that formal graduation ceremony was done because a certain polar bear Drill Sergeant had ordered, in strict unambiguous words, that “YOU WILL BE WEARING THAT SUNGLASSES IN BROAD DAYLIGHT OR YOU’RE DEAD! HEAR ME, FOX?! DEAD!!”

And said Polar Bear also … impressed herself upon the ZPD Higher-Ups that Nick SHALL be allowed to wear sunglasses whenever the fox feels there is too much light or HELP ME GOD I WILL MAKE SURE YOU ALL DEAD.

I like to think also that there was an incident, in which cadets were pressed into service. He did not get paired with Judy, but he did somehow get into the Drill Sergeant’s squad… and at a critical time his night vision saved the whole squad from certain death.

And that was the exact moment when Nick became the first ever cadet/officer who earned the Perpetual Privilege of Wearing Sunglasses during Daylight.

You guys are kind of horrible for thinking that because Daisy says friendship is more important than romance (her exacts words are:“…being in love with your friends and how that is the ultimate thing…” (especially for a character like Rey)) that certain ships are dead. Guys. Guys guys guys. She said to love your friends. Daisy is emphasizing the importance of friendship, not the importance of falling in love with your friends. You’re reading waaayyy too into it, and you’re perpetuating this idea that romance is more important/more valid than friendship, which is really really shitty lmao.

For the person who wanted a photo of a bearded dragon with healthy weight: this is a wild one that is fit and healthy (Photo by Chistopher Watson) compared to a recent photo of Poncho. Note the flat line of the wild one’s spine and the lack of a large pendulous gut. Bearded dragons are robust, stocky lizards, but they can definitely be overweight on top of that. It’s incredibly common in captivity because it’s a self-perpetuating issue, pretty much because of people like YeahPoncho being role models.


phil noto’s tony is super cute and i love him so much,,,,look at this bab,,,,,a delight

In his recent sweeping and skillful Toni Morrison lectures, “Mike Brown’s Body: Meditations on War, Race and Democracy,” Robin Kelley draws an extraordinary conclusion. Kelley asserts that Michael Brown should be understood as “collateral damage in a perpetual war whose colonial roots are still alive.” He situates the police murder of the eighteen year old Black man in the suburban municipality of Ferguson in a much larger and longer history of imperial violence. In contrast to claims emerging out of security studies that locate unending warfare in the period post-2001, Kelley argues that the entire history of American racial oppression is a story of perpetual war. Kelley explicitly asserts that “coloniality and capitalism are inseparable,” and that the U.S. racial state must be understood historically and geographically as transnational imperial violence, simultaneously reliant on indigenous dispossession and enslaved labor. His approach to the problem of anti-black violence in America locates it firmly within settler colonialism, both mirroring and amplifying the exciting engagements underway between critical race theory and indigenous studies, feminist and queer theory. “War,” he argues, “begins at the point of settlement with the shipment of kidnapped Africans across the Atlantic, the enslavement of indigenous people, with rape and pillage, forced removals, not to mention religious conversion and compulsory assimilation.” Kelley’s arguments question the distinction between “internal” and “external” organized violence, and so too the supposedly foundational separation underpinning the modern state system between police and military force. In its place, Kelley offers a profoundly important rethinking of space. The “domestic situation” becomes one site in a wider cartography of imperial violence that transformed, rather than expired with, emancipation.

In light of Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day: shoutout to my wonderful Milathos corner here in Musketeers fandom. You are all amazing and unfairly talented, and reading your works is a delight. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.