well-uhm asked:

You art is so good. But do you ever mix it up? I see a lot of pencil and charcoal but do you do any pen or color?

Damn you for asking this question xD Pencil and charcoal is clearly my favourite (and in my comfort zone).

I have done Gerard Way with a splash of colour, and David Bowie and Dave Grohl in full colour although they were all still chalk. I would love to try paints or oil pastels again (I haven’t used these since doing art at school about 5 years ago), but I don’t have the space or equipment anymore (or much time, I have recently moved to Thailand so maybe I’ll have more once I’m settled in a bit)

AND, I would love to do some work in copics, I might have to dip into my funds and buy some, although this will probably also just be grayscale to start with.

Basically, I just like to draw and sketch in my spare time, and at the minute doing this with pencils is the easiest and most satisfying for me. 

Thanks for the question, I like questions :)