perpetually seven~


Tessa & Scott: Episode 1
       ↳ Seventeen years later, Tessa Virtue can still make Scott Moir feel shy, her touch taking him back to their seven-and-nine days (even despite spending almost every day since 1997 being touched by Tessa).


“I mean, between you and me. I don’t think I even need to use the Veto. For one. It’d piss Mal off more than anything if I didn’t use it to shake up house politics, and for two? I mean no offense but.

Harold is the least popular of the Drama Bros. It’s an easy way to break up their alliance without pissing off Courtney or Sierra.

Plus if Harold does stay in, Heather’s gone! Considering the looks she’s been giving me since I got back? I think that’s a pretty big win for me. Or I could switch Harold for Justin. But what’re the odds he actually goes home when put up against Heather?

I’ve seen this show before, I know the politics at play here.”