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Antis: "Dany is bringing rapists into Westeros and she will let her dragons to burn everyone, and will turn in the Mad Queen and destroy Kings Landing, also she is a dictator", meanwhile, Canon Dany:- forbids the ironborns to ever rape or raid in the 7K, doesn't even mention rape in her dothraki speech, she chained her dragons when Drogo killed a child, Cersei is actually the Mad Queen and she already destroyed a part of Kings Landing, Canon Dany also offered independence whe she was asked.

I’m not going to get into that particular discourse because I’ve seen it argued a million times better than I ever could, but I would like to point out that Westeros is not some safe haven against the savage surrounding continents. They have awful, terrible people who rape and murder with impunity, many of whom are in positions of high power to perpetuate the abusive cycle. I’m talking Kingsguards, the Mountain, Tywin Lannister, Cersei, and those were just in King’s Landing. People will find any reason they can to hate on Dany even if it’s wildly hypocritical. Just have to ignore it.

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I'm a little confused... I thought liberal was the good side. Can you explain what the set of tweets is talking about?

First, I am going to refer you to an ask that I have answered previously on this topic:

When you say “Liberal” context is important. Are we talking economic issues, social issues or the amount of cheese on nachos?

The “Liberal” talked about in the Tweets is Neo-Liberal economic policies as espoused by Democrats. 

In the last ask, some people had an issue with how i “conflated” Democrats and Republicans with both being Neo-Liberal. This is a perfect opportunity to clarify how that works better. 

Neo-Liberalism is currently at the heart of both political parties, but not in the same ways. As most know, Democrats and Republicans both espouse very different economic views. Neo-Liberalism itself is a return to late 19th Century ideals of economic liberalism and laissez-faire capitalism. Just to give some greater clarity, here are a few policy positions of Neo-Liberalism. 

  • Lower taxes on the wealthy and corporations.
  • Free Trade across national borders
  • Little to no regulation on businesses or the market
  • Relative ease in immigrating across national borders
  • Privatizing public institutions

If you notice, some are Republican policy positions, others are Democratic policy positions. 

Honestly, this is the greatest coup of the wealthy, getting both parties to each support one-half of their economic view. No matter who wins, they will get half of what they want. Thay may have some things they don’t like happen, like the expansion of social safety nets, or decreases in the ease of immigration, but in the long run, the wealthy will get almost all of what they want, no matter who is in power. 

This perpetuation of a failed economic ideology has damaged both parties. The rise of the Sanders left and the Trump right are proof of this. Neither group of voters supports neo-liberalism, they rebelled against it by voting for party outsiders, people that, at least, spoke of a different way of approaching economic governance.

The point of the tweets was that if the Democrats continue to use the same failed system of economics to prop up the party people will begin to flee, looking for any alternative to the current system, even if it is worse.

- @theliberaltony

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Can you define this Great Game and what each kingdom want to achieved?

Well, the Great Game is the term I use to describe “that long epoch between the assimilation of the Andals and the coming of the dragons” when the “Kings of the Reach warred constantly with their neighbors in a perpetual struggle for land, power, and glory. The Kings of the Rock, the Storm Kings, the many quarrelsome kings of Dorne, and the Kings of the Rivers and Hills could all be counted amongst their foes (and ofttimes amongst their allies as well.)”

In terms of what the countries wanted, the prize of the Great Game was the conquest of all of southern Westeros, or at least as much of southern Westeros as possible in the hopes of becoming a continental hegemon that could overawe those parts of Westeros it couldn’t conquer outright.

No one quite succeeded in that ambition, although many tried, in no small part because one of the rules of the Great Game is that the moment anyone looked to be winning, everyone else would gang up against them. Hence when the Reach had conquered all of the Stormlands save for Storm’s End itself, “the King of the Rock swept down upon the Reach in his absence, forcing him to lift his siege and hurry home to deal with the westermen. The broader war that followed involved three Dornish kings and two from the riverlands.” Likewise, when Arlan III conquered the Riverlands, “the Dornish came swarming over the Boneway to press them in the south, and the Kings of the Reach sent their knights forth from Highgarden to reclaim all that had been lost in the west,” and eventually the Ironborn took it off them. And just before Aegon landed, it looked like Harren the Black might be the next up for the dogpile

The somewhat annoying thing about the Great Game, as I was just discussing with @goodqueenaly, is that we don’t have enough information from the sources to chart the whole 5,000 year period: we have a good bit of info about the early Great Game (from the Andal Conquest to the time of Lancel IV, Gyles III, and Torrence Teague), and we have a good bit of info about the late Great Game (from the time of Arlan III to Aegon’s Conquest), but the middle is very vague. 

How do you go beyond a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment? The most important thing is to see it in yourself, in your thoughts and actions. In the moment of seeing, of noticing that your relationship with the Now is dysfunctional, you are present. The seeing is the arising Presence. The moment you see the dysfunction, it begins to dissolve. Some people laugh out loud when they see this. With the seeing comes the power of choice - the choice of saying yes to the Now, of making it into your friend.
—  Eckhart Tolle, ‘A New Earth’

Okay, so the article on evolutionary biology and feminism is available as a pdf just by searching the title “The Evolutionary Origins of Patriarchy.” It’s by Barbara Smuts. But in the article she presents six hypotheses for why patriarchy may be evolutionary/biology. I thought they were interesting so here they are:

1. Among ancestral hominids, female ability to resist male aggression was comprised by reduced social support from kin and female allies. She suggests we were similar to non-human primates social structures with female dispersal away from kin and weak female-female coalitions as common place. It’s unknown why we have this pattern of dispersal, but it makes sense that our relationships would be more strained among those we did not grow up with.

2. Over the course of human evolution, male-male alliances become increasingly well-developed. These alliances were often directed against females, and they increased male power over females. Apparently male-male alliances against females also happen in the animal kingdom and involve groups of males ganging up on fewer or solitary females. She argues that in species where males are larger than females, even with equal numbers males would be at an advantage. With effective male-male alliances established and violence against females occurring, male power over females is reinforced. As we say all the time, not all men need to be violent to keep women afraid or “in their place.”

3. Over the course of human evolution, and particularly since the advent of agriculture and animal husbandry, males gained control over resources that females need to survive and reproduce. This increased male ability to control and coerce females. She states that in all other primates, females sustain themselves and do not rely heavily on males for resources. So one aspect in which humans differ is the extent of food sharing, which could in turn be used against females as well and in the process strengthen the formation of male-male alliances. Agriculture, animal husbandry and settling exacerbate all of these issues and give males more incentive to secure control of females. Regardless of how hard women worked, they often lost control over the products of their labor. On smaller plots of land men were more easily able to control and monitor women. With more intensive resources being invested, men had more incentive to make sure offspring were their own. And with more resources at men’s disposal, they could make it more costly to resist male domination.

4. Over the course of evolution, male sociopolitical arrangements increased the variance in male wealth and power and perpetuated family differentials across generations. As a result of increasingly unequal relationships among men, women became increasingly vulnerable to the will and whims of the few most powerful men, and women’s control over their own sexuality was greatly reduced. There is a positive association between male-male power differentials and the extent to which women are controlled and dominated. Coercive strategies of reproduction become more viable as less powerful males do not interfere with more powerful males. As powerful men monopolize control over women, several things may happen. 1) A shortage of women at the bottom, which may lead to more coercion, 2) an inability of less powerful, less coercive males to provide females with material benefits due to the male-male hierarchy and 3) inability of females to freely choose mates due to male control over females.

5. In pursuing their material and reproductive interests, women often engage in behaviors that promote male resource control and male control over female sexuality. Thus, women as well as men contribute to the perpetuation of patriarchy. Due to male control, it is not always as beneficial for females to ally with each other over males. There are strong incentives to invest in males and particularly resource rich ones. Son preference and male-biased inheritance patterns are a part of this. It is often more beneficial for a family to have a son than a daughter and therefore, this cycle of male investment continues.

6. The evolution of the capacity for language allowed males to consolidate and increase their control over females because it enabled the creation and propagation of ideologies of male dominance/female subordinance and male supremacy/female inferiority. Once language evolved, male-male alliances, male control over resources, and male-male hierarchy likely all increased. She argues that men’s use of language to subordinate women is a natural extension of our pre-linguistic history, one that allowed for further elaboration of male control over females. Although language is unique to us, male motivation to control females is not. Patriarchy is therefore a product of reproductive strategies which in humans have undergone “unusually effective elaboration.”

I’d be really interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on it! There’s definitely some things she touches on that I hadn’t really thought of before.

Blue Balled by the Blue Paladin

Characters: Pidge, Lance, Green Lion

Ships: Pidge/Lance

Rating: Explicit

Words: 5103

Summary: Five times Lance interrupts Pidge, and one time she helps herself.

Trigger Warnings: Rape, Masturbation, Drug Use, Lance Being a Responsible Gentleman, Bedsheet Bondage, Changing Perspective

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Do you guys have a member that can help me with Incan mythology/history? Well, the Inca in general.

i’m sure tripper will be delighted to help you out, but for those moments when there’s not an admin available, you should always remember that google is available and a quick search produces links like:

some of these sites may also have further resources to help you, and you can always check our resources tag or the links in the sidebar.

- alicia

I’d be delighted to help you out with the Inca! :) 

Also, libraries and history professors are your best friends when it comes to Incan, Mayan and Aztec mythology/history, or any mythology for that matter. I personally rarely use the internet for this stuff.


tacking on a quick intro to the incan empire:

the inca empire (tawantinsuyu, which means “the four parts together”) lasted from 1438-1533 and had its capital in cuzco.  it succeeded the wari empire (~500-1100AD).  

with its thatched-roofs and characteristic stone masonry, cuzco was the grandest centre of its time in south america.  it consisted mainly of temples, plazas, and housing for the elite, with satellite neighbourhoods situated nearby.  it was from the capital that the empire was able to perpetuate images of ideological power; people were made to believe most exclusive or “luxury” goods were produced and delivered straight from the capital (obviously, not necessarily true).  the incas had a complex and regimented political economy that was contingent on staple finance—that is, corvée labour: obligatory payments in kind (e.g. grains, livestock, textiles) from citizens to the state.  

major architecture within the capital include:

  • hatunkacha, the house of “chosen women” in which the most privileged women dwelt
  • amarukancha, a great hall
  • awkaypata, a central plaza which was the locus of festivals and royal ceremonies
  • qorikancha, the temple of the sun
  • saqsawaman, which is actually a bit above cuzco itself but was probably the grandest architectural complex of the empire; it was initially meant to be a sun temple, but became a combination of religious/ceremonial complex and fortress

the state religion/ideology involved worship of the sun, a line of divine kings, and sacred landmarks from the past (these narratives were, ofc, manipulated to legitimise the sovereignty of whomever happened to be ruling at the time).  incas used the term wak’a to refer to sacred ritual, the state of being after death or any sacred object.  for they believed humans shared the cosmos with the dead, the gods, and the spirits of the landscape.  inca royalty were even made to carry on in their physical bodies even after death.  several assistants were employed to make sure royal mummies ate, drank, and continued to perform official functions.  human sacrifice was a part of incan culture, but never to the extent of the neighbouring aztec empire.

some important deities of the incan panteon are:

  • wiraqocha, the creator
  • inti, the sun (a male who was often represented as a golden statue or disk); he sweated gold
  • mama-quilla, “mother moon” and the wife of the sun; she cried silver and was more important than her husband in some coastal societies
  • inti-illapa, the thunder god (and virtually all meteorological phenomena, like the rainbow); they saw him as a man in the sky who wielded a club in one hand and a sling in the other
  • pachamama, the earth mother
  • mamacocha, mother of the lakes and sea

(my reference was terence n. d’altroy’s the incas.  he is among the foremost scholars studying the incan empire, so i’d advise checking google scholar or jstor, if you can, as a starting point to learn more about the empire and state religion!)

- cristina

Don’t be an Activist

Don’t be that dirty A word: Activist
Like a viral disease
It always starts in college
took that sociology or ethnic studies class
joined that outreach recruitment center for
underrepresented youth of color
you wanted to hold it down for the struggle
at the rally for undocumented student rights
and then it happens
you become an activist
the symptoms will kick in fast and heavy

Your parents will tell you to get a real job
Fox news will tell you you’re unpatriotic
Your friends will call you too sensitive
Your family will call you too liberal
Your community will call you too communist

You’ll work at a non-profit organization
cause you said you want to make a difference
cause you certainly aren’t making any money
even though your official job title is just program coordinator
You’re really also the organization’s social media director
youth outreach manager
office technician
staff personnel therapist
grant writer
program assessment evaluator
and in-house cultural competency trainer
You’ll wonder how many top ramen will it take before you give up
on your close to impoverished 50hrs a week
$800 Americorps monthly living stipend
You will buy extra lip balm for all the future ass kissing 
you will do to potential grantees and funders
all in the name of community
…and to keep you job
…cause your grant contract ends by the 2017 fiscal cycle
way to stick to the man

You’ll feel guilty for listening main stream hip-hop
and that your favorite song is Tyga’s Rack City
even though that song represents everything that you stand against
misogyny, male patriarchy
the commodification
and dehumanization of womyn
that beat is still so DAMN good
rack city, rack rack city
I mean Sac City, Sac City…ssstitch

Don’t be an activist because you’ll just be angry
angry because you learned that everything evil in this world is rooted
from colonialism, white patriarchy and capitalism

Paulo Friere called it
when they made the matrix
once become conscious, you can never go back
and with liberation comes burden
that burden sits heavy like asthma

Ignorance must really be bliss
because it’s exhausting
looking through Facebook newsfeed
without saying “gooddammit this shit is fucked up”
without seeing white people throw peace signs and make squinty eyes in pictures with the #asianpose
without having another “conversation” with your
well-intentioned but racist ass friend
who commented on your scholarly post on
“microaggressions in the classrooms”
without seeing another fraternity throw another
cinco de drinko “cross the border” party
without seeing another newscaster blame the victim
and defend the rapist
without another black body being shot
by another gunman named officer

and feeling
like you can never do anything
ironically enough
you try to brush it off
so you can procrastinate on your 8 page sociology paper
on institutionalized racism in the California prison system

It will hurt
it will hurt because
it will come from your own people
they tell you, you too cocky
that you’re an opportunistic
that left South Sacramento for a job at UC Davis
and that you a sell out
and so you buy into their thinking
and they said you were never REALLY down
and so you tell yourself that you were never REALLy down
and they called you out for saying something problematic
so you think of yourself as a problem
you didn’t get enough petition signatures
you didn’t stay long enough at the town hall meetings
you didn’t mentor enough youth
you weren’t there for your community when they needed it most
and so you questions everything that you are
everything that you stand for
you hit this point of confusion
of what it all means
and you succumb to self-doubt
and burn out
you get tired
of being tired
and you tell yourself
“I just want to be normal
just like everyone else”

That heavy anxiety sitting on your shoulders
makes you want to scratch your skin off
but then you realize
normal is that bystrander effect
that MNC chokehold that stops you from raising your voice
and forces you to turn you head away from injustice
and face down at iphones screens
Normal is making it easier for you
to keep up with the Kardashians
than to keep up with the sake of humanity
Normal is that basic shit!
Normal is that stuff that makes people cynical
cause being cynical is always easier than critical
Normal is making society a status quota
number of soldiers pulled out
the dowe jones down
unemployment up
climate change doesn’t exist
Racist republicans still do
and so we confuse normal
for this substance that cynicism made ugly
validation, acceptance, love

and you finally realize that it was never about you
and it wasn’t about them
but it was about everybody
It was about humanness - Ubuntu
a justice that institutions are incapable of achieving
so you’ve been forced to dream
you check your privilege for low paychecks
to implement your social justice
be the monkey wrench in the machine

activism is not a sprint
it is a lifelong marathon
and your most crucial asset in your run
is the not the power in your legs
but the strength of your heart
so you must protect it
You must pace to it to give it resiliency
you will be your biggest critic
but the minute you look far too much
in your own steps
you will lose vision
so you must keep your head upright
never lose sight of your finish line

this world does not need normal
it needs relentless unafraid pursuit of compassion
every action or inaction
disrupts or perpetuates that power of oppression
but you choose
to upset the set up
disrupt the corrupt
stand against the standardization
hunger strike for the hungry

you were meant to be different
you are greater than Normal
you are more than an activist
you are deeply and truly necessary

Kishi's One Irredeemable Mistake

When it comes to the Naruto ending, even though I admit that it was very, very rushed, I’ll always defend Kishi to hell and back for all the hard work he put into the series these past 15 years. To call him “Kishimoney” and a “sellout” is the epitome of childish ungratefulness. Now, I obviously didn’t always agree with the direction the story took, but it was always at least tolerable. However, there was one thing Kishi did that I just could not tolerate, and it really just highlighted Kishi’s overemphasis on Naruto and Sasuke.

During the time skip, Sakura trained tirelessly with Tsunade for 2.5-3 years in order to become strong enough to sufficiently aid Naruto in saving Sasuke from the darkness. Sasuke has always been the catalyst for her development, from her treating Naruto/orphans with more respect, to cutting her hair and focusing on becoming a better kunoichi, to prioritizing Sasuke’s well being over his romantic affection as symbolized through her choice of flower. Her training as a medic ninja with Tsunade was no different, and that alone should have given readers a big enough indication that they were most likely gonna be a thing once all was said and done.

She subsequently becomes an amazing medic ninja. In terms of Team 7, medic ninjutsu and healing was HER field of expertise; it’s what she specialized in, it was what distinguished her from the rest of her team. Even though people still liked to call her useless, no one else in Team 7, or even the whole village (apart from Tsunade) could do what she could do. And that was brilliant because she worked so hard for it. But then Kishi went and did something which to this day, I still can’t comprehend.

Through his continuous power ups of Naruto and Sasuke into the God tier of ninjas, Kishi gave Naruto the Jesus no jutsu, allowing him to negate Gai’s inevitable death due to the use of the 8th gate, and also enabling him to restore Kakashi’s eye. Therefore, through one power up out of nowhere, Naruto surpassed Sakura in the field of healing, something which she had trained tirelessly for years in order to reach the level she had attained. Naruto eclipsed her in an instant. I just couldn’t accept that. While needlessly trying to make Naruto seem even more like a god, Kishi took a shit on so much of Sakura’s hard work. I’m sure he didn’t intend to do so, but it was careless. There was no need to give Naruto YET ANOTHER ability out of nowhere. Why not give that power up to Sakura, you know, your main heroine who’s actually an expert in medical jutsu?

What’s worse is that there was no explanation on what Naruto actually did to prevent Gai’s death or heal Kakashi’s eye. He just did so because he feels “like [he] can change everything!”. C'mon Kishi, if your gonna shit on Sakura’s years of hard work, then at least try to give some form of justification.

Again, I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, and Kishi just got carried away with handing Naruto and Sasuke perpetual power ups, and didn’t consider the ramifications they could have on even his main heroine. She got her chapter of glory in 685, and shined again when Team 7 all landed the final blow on Kaguya. Kishi will always have my support. But despite this, I still think that if he was adamant on having Gai survive and restoring Kakashi’s eye, then giving Naruto the Jesus no jutsu and not Sakura was one of the stupidest, most pointless decisions he ever made regarding the story.

But I digress, it seems that with the events after the war, Naruto’s Jesus abilities were just a one time thing. At least I hope they were.

Mayday Part 3: Easy Rider

You’ve been at the tower three weeks, training and learning to harness your power. Depressed and frustrated, Bucky finds you and sneaks you out for the night.

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mental illness, swearing, fluff, eventual violence and some smut. Rated R.

Three weeks later

I was trying to focus, I really was. I had been doing everything Bruce had told me to do. Deep breathing, altering my thought patterns, anger management. I’d been relegated to the same floor of the Avenger’s tower the whole time. Whatever I did on that floor apparently didn’t effect the rest of the building- it was lined almost completely with rubber, forming a barrier. However, I’d caused a couple of brown-outs on floor 23 (my floor) and gone through enough light bulbs to sell out a CVS. I’d also accidentally destroyed my TV. And Bucky’s arm a second time when he’d come to check on my during a particularly bad manic episode.

This particular day, I’d spent the morning in therapy with Bruce, working on harnessing my powers. The afternoon was spent sparring. Tony decided I needed to learn how NOT to get my ass kicked, and so he’d enlisted the whole team to take turns kicking my ass. So far I’d learned a few take down moves from Natasha, though I was never going to be able to to do that thigh choke-hold she was so fond of. After falling on the floor twelve times, she gave up and taught me basic punches instead. Steve had taught me blocking the next day. I felt like I held my own pretty well, considering I was up against a man who could back flip off of airplanes. Sam taught me the most- he was the most normal of all of them, and in his head still had a firm grasp on what an average human could or could not do. I was dreading going up against Thor- what the fuck a God could accidentally do to me freaked me out. Bruce refused, stating that he couldn’t get that amped up or he’d Hulk Smash everything, and Tony had been busy the last few weeks working on a new Iron Man suit. It was Mach 106 or something. Everyone had lost count.

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i am so not about the paying-to-meet-celebrity life. like - why? they’re just actors. they’re just writers. they’re just doing their job. I fully support loving art and being impressed with those who do art well, but I’m not about acting like people are better, or conceding to them some sort of self-perpetuating power elite. no thanks. we’re equals. people are equals.

Having an LGBTQ+ identity is one that very frequently lacks access to so many resources and opportunities—like adoption. There is absolutely no doubt that this community faces extreme marginalization, oppression, exclusion, and violence on a daily basis for multiple different reasons. However, in light of the recent discussions surrounding the laws that allow adoption organizations to discriminate against these folks, I want us to be aware about how we address this issue.

I’ve seen a lot of problematic framing in the tone of “How could you let these poor, unloved children stay in foster care?!” or “But there are so many LGBTQ+ parents willing to help these children!!” Getting caught up in the savior complex of adoption helps no one. We cannot subscribe to these dominant social narratives that we deserve immediate access to and ownership of children who are up for adoption. Adoption is not only about “giving a child a forever home,” but a lifelong process of empathy and listening to what the adoptee wants and needs as well.

In addition, I have seen arguments where non-adopted queer people often feel entitled to adopting simply because they hold the marginalized identity of being queer. That is, there is a belief that since they know what it feels like to be treated unfairly as a queer person, they will better understand how to raise an adopted child. However, just because we have a marginalized identity in one area of our lives does not mean that we will automatically be experts in another. By following the uncritical and dominant adoption narratives above, we are only perpetuating yet another power structure of oppression, and as queer folks, we need to question what this means given our own oppression.

To be clear, I am a proponent of LGBTQ+ adoption (as I am a queer adoptee myself), but I think many of us overlook the complexities of this issue. I’m also not saying that straight people are entitled to automatic adoption rights either. What I am saying is that no one deserves unquestionable access to a child no matter what identities they hold. We must rethink about how we talk about *and* practice adoption in general by actively educating and challenging ourselves about what being adopted actually means; the social, historical, and economic contexts of adoption; and how we can better meet adoptees’ needs.

I love Gilead’s warped-up check-and-balance system

Clearly the men, the Commanders, sit and pass decisions in perpetual power. But they allow some breach and overriding of their own powers on account of certain Wives. The most blatant example as the fate of Commander Putman and how all the Commanders muse about Naomi Putman’s total marital-ideal devotion to her husband to lobby for her husband’s amputation punishment. And it’s hinted in a meeting, where the Commanders assign the vocabulary for the Ceremony because they “need the Wives behind them on this.” So it’s evident that Wives had helped with the Gilead law, though it’s ambiguous what aspects of it did they endorsed or not. It’s likely that many didn’t even like the idea of the whole Ceremony aspect but possibly went along with.

And there’s also the case where Aunt Lydia is allowed to talk down to the police, on account that punishing the girls was her responsibility, and if they do anything, that undermines her authority. And then there’s the fact that Aunt Lydia has to defer to Serena Joy’s word at the Ambassador’s special dinner.

Men do oppress women. People are hurt by rigid sexist role patterns. These two realities coexist. Male oppression of women cannot be excused by the recognition that there are ways men are hurt by rigid sexist roles. Feminist activists should acknowledge that hurt, and work to change it—it exists. It does not erase or lessen male responsibility for supporting and perpetuating their power under patriarchy to exploit and oppress women in a manner far more grievous than the serious psychological stress and emotional pain caused by male conformity to rigid sexist role patterns.
—  The will to change: Men, Masculinity, and Love, bell hooks

anonymous asked:

I saw your post saying that Aztec deities etc were closed, but all of the blogs like this one talk about Celtic, Germanic and Nordic deities and practices as if they are open, despite people from all of those groups stating otherwise, especially in the case of the Nordic. Why is this?

Anonymous said to thepaganstudygrouppage:

you say it’s not ok for people who are not of aztec descent to start worshipping aztec gods and i 10000% agree but why is it ok for every wiccan and their dog to be groping all over celtic gods and greek gods and egyptian and norse and then even mixing them all up and nobody says anything. as someone who worships the gods that my ancestors did i find it kind of gross that ill be talking to someone and theyll say they worship eg. cernunnos and aphrodite and theyre american. is that not as bad?

Because the people from that group stating otherwise are not from an unbroken chain. The religion died off, it died, point blank. The people claiming purity are doing it partially to stroke their own ego and also as an excuse to be a racist sack of shit. The Hellenic/Celtic/Nordic/etc. religions that currently exist are either reconstructions or revivalisms of the old, dead religions. That’s why they’re open. And it especially happens in Nordic circles a lot because a lot of the Asatru are white-supremacist Neo-Nazis and they should just be shunned.


Irish polytheism is an interesting case, given the centuries of invasions and oppression.  Here’s a post about it.  The problem isn’t so much that non-Irish are calling themselves Irish polytheists but rather the times that non-Irish polytheists take paying jobs away from native Irish ones for their ridiculous ~Irish spirituality weekend workshops~.  Generally speaking, Irish witches and polytheists who are actually Irish are cool with non-Irish - regardless of nationality or ethnicity - getting involved as long as they’re respectful about it, which should really just be the baseline for everything anyway.  The Irish diaspora is weird about its obsession with its Irish heritage (and I speak as someone raised in a proudly Irish American household, so if anyone wants to argue with me about that then come to @bean-chaointe), but that doesn’t mean the American and Canadian diaspora are excluded just on principle.  Since you mention us by name and all.

The ancient Egyptians were themselves colonizers and actively spread their own culture.  So did the Romans.  So did the Hellenists.

And so did the Norse, which makes the racists that are poisoning Heathen (and other) groups that much more hypocritical.  Those racists aren’t concerned about the perpetuation of very real, very harmful consequences that come from people misappropriating the culture: they’re concerned about racial purity.  That’s it

Then the ancestors of those traditions converted to other religions, for one reason or another, and the direct inheritance of that part of their cultures was lost.  The aforementioned cultures converted more or less peacefully - they aren’t at all comparable to cases like Catholic and Christian missionaries brutalizing indigenous cultures and using ~religious salvation~ as a justification for the murder and abuse.  So, what, are you going to disrespect any of your ancestors’ freely-made choices now because you don’t agree?  Like Sparrow said, the Norse and Celtic and Hellenic polytheisms and their ilk are revivals, not continuances or syncretizations made for survival.  That changes things.

I’m not sure why you say that “nobody says anything” when closed religions and the gods themselves are disrespected.  Why do you think cultural appropriation is such a huge discussion right now?  It’s because of exactly these things.  People are talking and arguing and debating. 

There ways of practicing multiple polytheisms that are perfectly acceptable.  Saying that one worships Cernunnos in a Gaulish manner and Aphrodite in a Hellenic one is very different than saying  Cernunnos has always been the Horned God of Wicca and Hekate is interchangeable with Isis and Inanna.  As far as I’m concerned, the primary problem is ignorance - of history, of social dynamics, of interpersonal empathy, of flat-out hubris, of being wrong and learning to change because of it.

It’s perfectly understandable to be upset when you see a culture or faith that is important to you being misused.  You have to be careful when you start using that for gatekeeping, however: is your gatekeeping meant to stop the perpetuation of unequal power dynamics, as in Native or diasporic traditions?  Or is it because of racism, as in those Heathens and others yelling about blood purity? 

With the occasional exception of small, private priesthoods and groups that might have their own initiatory requirements, the Norse, Celtic, and Hellenic polytheisms are open to anyone who will respect the people, the traditions, and the gods.

ETA: No, not all Heathens are racist.  Not even the majority.  Sparrow and I use the umbrella of Heathenry as an example because it’s the group with the most visible white supremacy, but I specify “and others” because it certainly isn’t the only one.  There’s blatant racism among the Celtic polytheists, my own community, although from what I’ve seen it’s for different reasons.  So, no, we know not all Heathens.

- mountain hound

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