perpect guy


ok niel i got it. you are PER-PECT GUY

fav cut hahahahha

so im watching that mnet 4things show right now and im just so incredibly proud of niel i could cry. looking back at his lotte world audition compared to his immortal song performance just last week, the amount of growth he has made as a singer, performer and artist is too amazing for words.. but what i love most about him is that he has always stayed the ever so humble and kindhearted kid who endures quite a lot. i really appreciate everything that he’s done for teen top. i will wholeheartedly support niel forever in whatever he does. he’s such a good, down to earth guy who also happens to be talented as shit and passionate about what he does. he will always have a special place in my heart.. i can hardly wait for him to slay everybody with his solo debut that he’s worked so hard for.. everyone please kindly support niel this february! this kid’s gonna do tremendous things, i know it!