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HAPPY, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY, NIEL! I can’t believe how fast you’re growing up! I hope you have a wonderful day because you truly deserve it! I am so incredibly proud of the amazing young man you have become. You are the one of the most talented, positive, sweetest, silliest, and hardworking people I know and I am so thankful for your birth! Thank you for always inspiring me and making my days brighter than the star you are yourself! Wherever life may take you, I hope you are always blessed with all the happiness, success, and health in the world, lil’ fishie! :) Take care and have fun celebrating your special day! I will love and support you always and forever! 

-Lots of love, Hadley

Saiyan Arc Vegeta is a badass motherfucker

Know why? Because he breaks Goku. And you say “so what, other villains beat goku to a pulp”. Well, you’re mistaking me. Vegeta doesn’t just beat Goku, he breaks him.

There is no super shounen bullshit. No “everything i’ve got!” last-ditch ultimate move, no “~share your energy~” everybody-contributes malarkey, no suddenly-relevant legends, no self-sacrificing heroism, no miracles. Hell, most of those come up and Vegeta just beats the shit out of them.

The main character spends half the fight in a crumpled heap with Vegeta occasionally jumping over and kicking him in the ribs. Mr. Hidden Powaaaaahhhh gets his shit wrecked no matter how mad he gets. All their Super Special Mystical Twaining is useless. The Everybody Helps technique fails completely. Even Oozaru doesn’t work - Vegeta cuts off his tail before the beast really damages him. It’s only the pure dumb luck that Gohan happened to land on Vegeta that finally brings him down.

It’s a beautifully brutal fight that outdoes everything before and after, and it’s completely dependent on who Vegeta is: the complete opposite of everything “shonen”.

I love this. Really. Always the most brutal, desperate fight in all DBZ to me, for both sides, completely different from anything else. Putting aside Vegeta’s own short-sighted judgements, genocidal sado-masochist behaviors and shortcomings which is partly the reason he was brought down, from a viewer’s overall perspective, from “the good guys’” perpectives, this awesome fan from Kanzenshuu summed it up in the sense of plot, power and techniques for me.

In my view, he does not just break him in that sense. In DB you have power and guts double or tripple or x10 some guy’s,  of course breaking him and all his friends is easy. If Buu wanted, he could make Goku and co. worse than that.  Andto a guy like  Goku, physical pain and death is nothing, can be even a chance to get stronger.

But Vegeta breaks him in an entirely different way. He breaks Goku psychologically and thoroughly. He put Goku’s moral grounds and way of fighting to test, challenge them, and breaks them. 

 Now Goku was always a fearless manchild who was innocent enough to think he could try to fight anyone regardless of their power and evil. He got excited when the “master of power and evil”, Frieza was mentioned, stood fearless and bold in front of Cell who he himself thought “had no weakness”, loved fighting with the evil Kid Buu, when they DID break him, make him fearful it’s because he realized their power is too overwhelming for him to protect the Earth LOOONG into the fight. Vegeta breaks him when they are just starting.

External image

Goku had always fought out of instinct and enjoyment, and the REAL thrill of fighting itself without the need to win. He’d always been the strongest of all Earthlings, but at the same time, always willing to put aside his ego and been willing to learn, to empty his cup and taste the other’s tea like a real martial hero.  But in this fight, he kinda showed a mighty need for WINNING - he gave it his all, trippled his power irrationally, not caring about his teacher’s words and his own body after the attempts. "Anything is better than dying" I remember being shocked at this change in his attitudes, completely different from his other fights both before and after. 

External image

Goku in this fight does not care about his own body and rationality. He lost BOTH his calm head and his serene, peaceful heart. He fights for his pride, fights to WIN, and this caused his downfall - just as Vegeta’s his own in EVERY fight in DBZ ever, may i be reminded. (OMG did Goku actually BECOME Vegeta?) 

One would think if he had kept his calm head, he would not have crumpled so easily. For the first and only time, appeared THIS error in Goku’s part.  A good question to consider is, what caused this difference in Goku’s way of fighting? Why is he so..broken? Well, Vegeta went crazy as fuck during the fight starting from when Goku punched him. He would kill Goku right there. Tripple your power and kill him or lose the Earth. Also realizing he was as much as a killling Oozaru as Vegeta must have caused a turmoil.

But hold it. 

Vegeta breaks Goku BEFORE the fight begins. 

When Goku was done with Nappa, he says this

I wouldn’t say Goku do this thing every time because of mercy. He just doesn’t need to kill. Here Nappa could not fight anymore, he wouldn’t push it. If anything Goku is being high and mighty here, thinking Vegeta would run for his life or at least , if he really was powerful enough, leave Nappa there and get it on with him. Nappa even said thanks in hope and grate that Vegeta would help him. But what does Vegeta do? He kills Nappa because Nappa was useless. With this big grin on his face (in the anime a liplick is added to make it worse) He does not just kill him out of humiliation that the Saiyan Nappa let himself be wasted, he fucking RELISHES the thought of killing him. 

Poor Nappa had no idea. 

Goku was scared shitless right there. Of the power. yes, but did Goku show a fear such as THIS in front of powerful Frieza or Buu? I don’t think that’s the only reason. Vegeta is a creature unlike anything he had known and will ever know.

The first time Goku did this, Piccolo accepted the senzu and ran away. The third time on Namek, Jeice would run away to call back Ginyu. The forth time, Frieza would beg for mercy. With Vegeta, it’s a huge “YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG BITCH, BITCH” to Goku.  He kills Nappa so he can look good standing ALONE in this battle field against three of them. That’s the most horrific thing about him that even Frieza doesn’t have when fighting with Goku, or haven’t had any chance and minions to kill thanks to Toriyama, idk, but the point still stands. Goku never had his own shit back fired at him, EVER. 

And so the fight begins and Goku was broken both in and out - IN because of Vegeta’s input, OUT because of Vegeta’s power and Goku’s own fault.  After he lay beaten completely, Vegeta just went on and destroyed every attempt they three made on him. They are so heavy Even Vegeta thought he reached his limit.  However, he just kept being a tenacious bastard.

His “explaination” for this brutality: 

PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE. Whatever he lacks in intellects, smarts, power, talents and perceptions that the other villains possess, he makes up for in pride aka undestructible madness. 

It’s always his pride.  Pride causes all of his downfall (defeated by Goku’s Kamehameha and EVERY main villain later on), but it’s also pride that keep him fighting on and on and standing tall like this without begging or fighting cowardly. After being whooped head-on by the Genki Dama, slashed by Yajiobe and brought down by an Ozaru, AND near killed by Krillin, he wouldn’t beg. He tried to escape not because he’s scared of them, but was pissed because “forced to retreat” in humiliation.  Even Frieza begged for his life in the end. Vegeta was broken both mind and body (look at that) and soul (HE KILLS HIS OWN COMPANION OUT OF FUN) but his pride was not, ever. When it comes to Vegeta’s pride, break it and you break Vegeta. if you don’t break it (i mean break it. not just wound) , it breaks you.

In the end, the only reason Goku could unbreak himself and calm down and ask to fight Vegeta again is because he had his friends to help and Vegeta got his pride wounded and couldn’t fight anymore. That’s dirty of Kakarot. Vegeta was a shortsighted idiot to lose this fight, but Goku never won, either. Goku has been BROKEN long before we can talk about any victory and defeat.  

 Krillin says it best about Saiyan Arc Vegeta : 

(Krillin says EVERYTHING best when it comes to whatever arc Vegeta, really) 


ok niel i got it. you are PER-PECT GUY

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HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!!  ,。・:*:・゜ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ ・:*:・゜’i could not be any more proud of you, my precious lil fishie! you’ve accomplished so many amazing things this year…. from your solo debut, 2 solo music show wins and teen top’s comeback! you’ve worked so incredibly hard and deserve all the recognition in the world! it has been an absolute joy to watch you grow, not only as an artist/performer, but as an admirable and gracious young man, whose personality shines through as much, if not, even more than your amazing talent. despite what others say about you, your kind heart and optimistic attitude will always speak louder than anyone else’s opinions. i hope you take the time to celebrate life and always remember how much you are loved and bring happiness into so many lives. thank you for being the beautiful and humble boy you’ve always been. you will always have a special place in my heart, always and forever~ ♡  HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY HANDSOME AHN DANIEL! I LOVE YOU!  ♡


so im watching that mnet 4things show right now and im just so incredibly proud of niel i could cry. looking back at his lotte world audition compared to his immortal song performance just last week, the amount of growth he has made as a singer, performer and artist is too amazing for words.. but what i love most about him is that he has always stayed the ever so humble and kindhearted kid who endures quite a lot. i really appreciate everything that he’s done for teen top. i will wholeheartedly support niel forever in whatever he does. he’s such a good, down to earth guy who also happens to be talented as shit and passionate about what he does. he will always have a special place in my heart.. i can hardly wait for him to slay everybody with his solo debut that he’s worked so hard for.. everyone please kindly support niel this february! this kid’s gonna do tremendous things, i know it!