“Sempai! I made this for you.”

4am on a thursday night is the perfect time to post doodles instead of sleeping or working like I should be

while I love souyo, I do wish there was more soukan available (I completely blame P4 new days for my hype for this ship)

Here’s my page that I did for Another Day, a TWEWY zine! Before doing this, I made a joke that the “Hot Stuff” scene would be hilarious however I didn’t have any inkling to do it, but after tossing a few ideas around, I couldn’t think of anything that would be better! I’m not the only person who gave a pair of minor NPCs some love, everyone deserves it just as much as our favorite player group. 

Anyway it was exciting to be a part of this, and I hope everyone who ordered the zine enjoyed it, and I hope to be part of more zines to come!

PS, last post of 2016, have a good New Year!

Warmup from the other day. I’ve been trying to draw different characters without going to the shading step so I can focus on color balance, poses, and form, since I feel like I’ve gotten shading as good as I can get for a while?

Being stuck at an art plateau for years has really killed my confidence and output though = m=a