Friday Again already?

Wow So somewhere this week I lost a whole damn day. It just disappeared….Now it’s already friday. I got a lot accomplished this week and am feeling really busy, a lil stressed, but really fulfilled. I don’t necessarily want it to be this crazy busy all the time but it seems that just this whole month of april has been most excellent! At least for me, seems there’s quite a few people in my circle and such that it’s been disastrous. 

Tonight is let off steam night, and Dennis has to do homework which get this actually makes for a reason that he “has” to go to get his homework completed, so we’re going to Disneyland! He has to do some paper on peoples reactions and such while he rides with them in an elevator that goes more than 3 stories….parking structure has 6 and there’s so many different people getting off and on all the time that it’s should be a snap for him to get it done. I possibly see more stripper pole carousel….

Got at least 36 bows completed this week, which looking at the number on my screen and thinking it out loud to myself that’s actually not very many, :o/  But I also got 5 pairs of hair falls done, which is pretty big deal. I just hope there’s enough merch by Bats Day…

I got my photos edited and narrowed down to 5 choices that I liked and thought were purdy groovy and got those sent off to for the tutu contest I’m in!

I think I like this one best but everyone I have showed all 5 to like

I like this one only bc I love the purple glow of the black light that snuck into the photo

It’s almost like a light saber…..Help me Obi Wan!

only like a week, maybe two till Bats Day Black Market…

Oh. oh and I was asked to Zombie Prom this week!!! How exciting this will be. Never went to a prom when I was in Highschool since I went to a lousy private school, Dancing is sex with your clothes on!, so this will make up plus be better bc I’m sure there will be alcohol, it’s at a college, and it’s all adults dressed as zombies….now I need to figure out what to wear!?!

Well till my next ramblings Happy Earth day and Good Friday! :o)