peroxide hair

A couple of nights before the Olympics, my girlfriend was dyeing her hair peroxide blonde and I just said, ‘It will be funny to shove a bit of blond in my hair at the front!’ So I just did it for a bit of a laugh and made this big massive blond streak. Then I realised the Olympics in a couple days and I was like, 'What am I gonna do?!’ I tried to style it out but it wasn’t happening, so in the end I just left it. Part of me was singing on that truck and thinking, I hope people don’t cuss me for this blond streak! Turned out people liked it. Then, bizarrely, Marvel Comics said that my look had inspired the new version of Ghost Rider. The blond streak is the fire that ignites from him, which is mad. I’m a big comic book fan - when I was a kid I was pretty geeky about all that. Obviously, I also have my 'Zap!’ tattoo on my forearm, so when I heard about the new Ghost Rider that was pretty cool. I’ve since been to the Marvel Studios, which was an amazing experience.
—  zayn malik, who we are autobiography

Blonde Dave Grohl

Dave’s mom: Well, I remember one phase, he peroxided his hair and let it grow halfway down his back (shows a photo).

Dave: Cause that was cool, mom!

Dave’s mom: Nobody else had that.

Dave: Yeah, that’s right. That’s why it was cool. Mine! I owned my bad dye job.

Taylor Swift Style - 2016 Met Gala

With the theme for this year’s Met Gala being “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” it’s certain that attendees will either go the route of the obvious (lots of silver and metallics, things akin to robotics), dramatic (large, avant-garde gowns commanding attention but that don’t necessarily adhere to the literal idea of the theme) or the authentic but subtle (fashion created using new technologies as fitted to the theme that don’t necessarily look like an out-of-the-ordinary garment unless you know the story behind it). 

While it’s probable that Taylor’s gown this year will be a custom, I couldn’t resist pulling these gowns as inspiration for her look. And yes, you’ll note that I did not include a certain French brand with the initials YSL ;). The reason being that Anna Wintour herself said she had seen sketches of Tay’s gown and wouldn’t be wearing YSL due to the departure of creative director Heidi Slimane. 

So, here we go!

  • Giles Spring 2016
    With Taylor’s affinity for dark, gothic-esque clothes and her new peroxide blonde hair, try and tell me that she wouldn’t style this with a dark berry lip and her tousled bleached tresses. This gown has so much going for it and perfectly fits the drama, the hugeness, and the “if you’re going to go there, go all out” approach that should be taken to Met Gala fashion. 
  • Alexander McQueen Fall 2011
    I personally would have been remiss if I excluded an Alexander McQueen confection from my predictions list. A pioneer, an adventurer, and a fearless designer in fashion I wanted to dig through the archives of the late designer to find something that I think Taylor would look fantastic in. The latest Sarah Burton-led collections have erred on the side of dreamy goddess more than techno deity, but I found this old pull from five years ago to be the perfect mix of dainty China doll made tough. 
  • Iris van Herpen Fall 2016
    This was my attempt at including an actual designer that truly embodies the theme this year. Iris van Herpen would be the perfect fit for this year’s Met and if Taylor doesn’t wear designs by this house, somebody should. Well known for their affinity for 3D printing and incorporating technological advances in machine fabricating techniques, this designer belongs at the 2016 Met Gala and who is to say that Taylor won’t bring their designs to life. She already did in the “Bad Blood” video, after all. 
  • Armani Privé Fall 2015 Couture
    This was my personal indulgence in the “dramatic but not authentic” category I mentioned above. While there’s nothing technologically advanced going on behind-the-scenes with this gown, I think Taylor would absolutely slay it. It would also be a rare opportunity to actually incorporate colour with her new style - which appears to be leaning more towards “ALL the black ALL the time!”

So! What do you think of my choices? Do you have a favourite? Do you have other ideas for what she’ll wear? Do you think I’m insane for not including Yves Saint Laurent? 

Signs as songs from get weird by little mix
  • Please check also your moon and venus
  • Aries:Hair | Okay, gotta bleach him out, peroxide on him / Hair on the floor like my memory of him / Now I feel brand new, this chick is over you
  • Taurus:Love Me Like You | I tried to find somebody new / Baby they ain't got a clue, can't love me like you.
  • Gemini:A.D.I.D.A.S | Since I met you I been thinking all day / I been Googling ways to keep you entertained / It's been 3 weeks since we started to play / Now it's serious babe cause what you do is crazy
  • Cancer:The End | I won't be missing, missing you, And no one can love you, The way I used to do,
  • Leo:Black Magic | Take a sip of my secret potion,I'll make you fall in love. For a spell that can't be broken, One drop should be enough.
  • Virgo:Love Me or Leave Me | You can take this heart / Heal it or break it all apart / No, this isn't fair / Love me or leave me here
  • Libra:Secret Love Song | We keep behind closed doors / Every time I see you, I die a little more / Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls / It'll never be enough
  • Scorpio:Lightning | I'd cross a desert and an ocean / To get away from the pain of your storm / But chase the sun light, been running from your shadow
  • Sagittarius:OMG | Oh my gosh, I did it again / He said I broke his heart, it keeps happening / I don't know why they always fall for me
  • Capricorn:Grown |
  • It's funny how the tables turn / I'm sitting back baby watching you burn / No regrets, it's a lesson learned / 'Cause what you think ain't my concern
  • Aquarius:Weird People | When I was just a little kid, I was sitting on the garden wall / Well, I must've bumped my head cause I don't dance the same no more
  • Pieces:I Love You | I got this hole up in my heart baby, baby / And it doesn't matter what no one say / Even though it's broken, I love you anyway

“Back in the Kent Uni days, a folkie is exactly what she was. Note authentic un-peroxided brown hair and (gasp) tell-tale woolly cardigan ! She’s a great kid. It’s a little strange, however, to see someone you know being hugely famous… this photo is from Keynestock, the University’s summer music fest.”