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The Playboy Murder

Beautiful Dorothy Hoogstratten (better known by her stage name Dorothy Stratten) was a shy, awkward teenager when she met Paul Snider, a money hungry hustler who immediately saw the potential for fame in the buxom blonde. Dorothy had struggled with self-esteem issues her entire life, and despite her ethereal looks she did not consider herself worthy enough of a mans attention until Paul Snider came along.

The two fell in love and got married in June 1978, and soon after the wedding Snider persuaded Stratten to pose for nude photos, which he secretly sent off to Playboy magazine. Just a few months later the pair moved to Los Angeles, where Dorothy became a finalist in the Playboy Bunny Hunt competition. She met Hugh Hefner and worked as a dancer in his Playboy Club, and Snider encouraged her to audition for movie roles. To help her get roles, Snider bullied Dorothy into dying her hair peroxide blonde, and forced her to undertake a gruelling diet and exercise regimen. Dorothy’s hard work paid off when she featured as Playboy’s “Playmate of the Month” for August 1979, and she was also voted “Playmate of the year 1980”.

In 1980 Dorothy starred in her first (and only) movie, ‘Galaxina’, where she plays a beautiful robot. At the movie’s first screening, Hugh Hefner pulled Dorothy aside and warned her to keep away from Snider. “He’s a hustler and a pimp. He’s just using you” Hefner reportedly said. Dorothy made the fatal mistake of telling her husband about this remark, and Snider grew even more jealous and paranoid over his beautiful young wife.

Snider began beating Dorothy, flying into rages about the affairs he believed Dorothy must be having. He prohibited her from leaving the house without him, took away her car keys, and would stand next to Dorothy when she talked on the phone. Her friends desperately tried to seek help for her, but Stratten would always blame herself for his behaviour and make excuses for the bruises that were showing up on her body with increasing regularity.

In April 1980 Dorothy fell in love with Peter Bogdanovich, the director of the new film she had scored a lead role in. Snider hired a private detective to spy on her, and when he discovered his wife’s affair he reportedly threatened to kill Dorothy and “ruin that pretty face”. Dorothy and Peter moved in together at his mansion in Beverley Hills, and by August Dorothy had filed for divorce.

On August 14, 1980, Snider rang Dorothy and asked to meet her at his house to talk about an amicable divorce. Dorothy enthusiastically agreed and withdrew $1000 to give to Snider.

What happened next is unclear. Dorothy arrived at Snider’s house around noon, and at some point during the night Snider beat Dorothy and tied her into an elaborate BDSM harness. He violently raped and sodomized her, before shooting her in the face at point-blank range with a 12-gauge shotgun. Snider raped her dead body again, aimed the gun at his head, and committed suicide.

The landlord of the house discovered the two nude bodies the next day. Dorothy was only 20 years old, and Hugh Hefner wrote this about her in an article:

“Dorothy took my breath away. She had this beautiful inner quality about her that was so charming, so innocent, and it touched everything in the room”


Myra by Marcus Harvey - The work measures 9 by 11 feet (2.7 by 3.4 m). At first sight, it resembles a greatly magnified version of a black and white photograph printed in a newspaper. It was made using casts of an infant’s hand to build up a mosaic of black, grey and white handprints, creating a reproduction of the iconic police photograph of serial killer and child murderer Myra Hindley with bouffant peroxide blonde hair taken after her arrest in 1965

The Hand That Feeds - NSFW Negan Fic

This is my contribution for @grab-my-boner‘s 1k Writing Challenge. The song I chose was U + Ur Hand by P!nk.

This ties in with my fic “Through The Valley”, but can be read as a stand-alone. Obviously, Lilly and the wives except for Sherry and Amber are OCs. The events of this little story take place between Chapters 6 and 7.

Category: Shameless smut! And some angst I suppose?

Word Count: 2027

Warnings: Negan being a HUGE dick / Negan having a huge dick, heh / Negan’s filthy mouth / Smut (Oral with a sprinkle of objectophilia) / Mention of BDSM themes

Forever taglist: @rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts @kinkozan @redisunamused @lupienne @embracetheapocalypsewithme @lovingzombiechaos

The door to the empty penthouse swung open and Negan waltzed in with his wives following, albeit less enthusiastically. He made a mental note of the clothes, books and dishes cluttering the room before he was swarmed by hands, tits and various other body parts, dutifully rubbing against him and he braced himself for what was coming. Sure enough, the five women started bombarding him with a stream of “What did you get us, Negan?” and several variations thereof and it took all of his mental strength not to roll his eyes and just flee into his room.

“A whole lot of food, water and warm clothes that are going to benefit ALL of Sanctuary.”

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Rewatching Gavin’s Game Time with Burnie, and honestly, everything in it is prime FAHC!Gavin material.

From SMG to Rooster Teeth, it’s like he created two separate personas once he started into a different world.

SMG Gavin is quieter—almost shy—and competent, the consummate professional. He’s young, him and Dan essentially built their empire from the bottom up at an astonishingly young age, but it’s obvious he knows how to be in charge. Gavin and Dan both know their strengths, and they rely on each other for support, but Gavin’s the planner, the one to ensure things go smoothly. They run a two-person operation, and all jobs fall to them. Gavin is the hacker, more comfortable behind the screen, but he also is a frontman. He’s focused on his goal, whether that means sitting in front of a computer for 37 hours straight to verify they have the correct codes for their latest two-person heist, or setting up meetings with potential allies in the hopes of expanding their empire. His job is a projection of their ideals, of their sacrifices to get to where they are, and he refuses to let everything they’ve worked for go to waste.

Not to say he isn’t a total goofball. The boys dance around while they wait for clients and they set off explosions in empty alleys just for shits and giggles. Dan rides his motorcycle too fast through London traffic, spurred on by his B laughing maniacally behind him. They know each other better than they know themselves, and while they are well aware that the other is more than capable of defending themselves, they are insanely overprotective of each other, sometimes to the detriment of themselves.

When Gavin moves to Los Santos as the heir apparent, his new persona is sculpted and cultivated through watching Burnie and Geoff.

Burnie teaches him management, how quality is far superior to quantity, and how trust and loyalty within a gang will lead to a stronger empire than fear and money will. He shows him how to spot a bad deal, and how to retreat when there’s no win in sight. But, most importantly, Burnie fosters the creativity in Gavin, and the confidence to continue on in a city that revels in its blood-stained streets.

Geoff teaches him the ways of a frontman, how to be what people want you to be. He tells him to cherish being underestimated, because it will be all the more sweeter when you see the looks on their faces when they realize they were wrong. He teaches him the importance of remaining calm in a deal, of never showing your hand to the person across the room. As a frontman, you’re unflappable, calm, cool, and collected. It’ll help in tough situations, but, more importantly, it’ll piss them the fuck off. Geoff teaches him to enjoy the finer things in life, while not being afraid to get your hands dirty.

“Expect the unexpected,” he tells Gavin. “There’s never a dull day when you’re in a city as depraved as this one.”

Gavin embraces it. He buys $6000 designer gold sunglasses. He dyes his hair bright, peroxide blond. He gets golden plated guns, cars, and rocket launchers. He becomes the Golden Boy, the bright, shining face of the Fake AH Crew.

Gavin won’t say it isn’t taxing. He has responsibilities—to Geoff and the rest of the FAHC, to Burnie and his associates, to Dan—and sometimes it’s hard to keep it all straight in his head. But this is what he was meant to do, and he’ll do what’s needed. Infiltration, extraction, hacking, he’ll do it all. He put countless years of blood, sweat, and tears to become one of the best in his profession, and he’ll be damned if he lets that go to waste.


Blonde Dave Grohl

Dave’s mom: Well, I remember one phase, he peroxided his hair and let it grow halfway down his back (shows a photo).

Dave: Cause that was cool, mom!

Dave’s mom: Nobody else had that.

Dave: Yeah, that’s right. That’s why it was cool. Mine! I owned my bad dye job.

Hair dead from too many times dyeing it, but you're too punk rock to stop?

Well! I had this same problem. I’ve been changing my hair color every two weeks for the past three years, and a lot of people would ask how I kept my hair from falling out of my scalp. Answer is, for a while, sheer dumb luck. Then, earlier this semester, it started breaking off in huge, multicolored clumps. (My roommate must have LOVED that). After that, I devised a hair care regimen that keeps everything in ship shape and looking lovely. 

  1.  Wash with Target’s Keratin Oil Shampoo cus dear god does that shit work. It comes in a big pink bottle and smells like joy.
  2. Try the Lush Seanic or Cinnamon Shampoo. This is if you are in dire need, of course, since that stuff is hella expensive. However, if you were in my position, $10 is NOTHING to keep from going bald. Also, they come in bar form which doesn’t sound like that big of a deal until you realize that this makes it more efficient to transport by a hell of a lot, thus making it super environmentally friendly. Plus they aren’t tested on animals. I like Lush way too much for my own good. Anyway! Moving on!
  3. Kiss My Face’s Whenever Conditioner wraps you all up in healing glee. This is also made with Moroccan Oil which (my research has shown) is a sustainable and humanitarian substance. But aside from the politics therein, this conditioner doesn’t take too much to coat all of your hair and makes everything smell like citrussy goodness. Leave that on there for about 5 minutes and then rinse like a normal conditioner.
  5. When styling, Got 2 b Glued makes a new keratin formula which is great for your hair. Which is good considering that brand holds your hair in place by means of divine intervention. Like no shit, it’s awesome. Never moves. A+

Now, keep in mind every scalp is different. However, this worked really really well for me, and I think it will for you too. Keep killing fascists and be kind to yourself <3

Hyperventilate- Kyle x Reader

RequestCan u do an after death imagine for Kyle when the reader is having a panic attack and he can’t talk so he doesn’t know what to do

The click clack of stiletto heels on the glossy wooden floors is enough to make you want to run screaming from the building.  Madison, the witch bitch, just doesn’t sit right with you.  You’ve seen moments of humanity in her, but mostly she seems to honestly be a psychopath.  “Hey little girl,”  Madison calls to you in a sing song voice, waving a pointed manicured hand mockingly.  Slowly, so you can compose yourself, you pivot so that you are facing her.  Madison stands in a fur vest and red sequin maxi dress, how does she get away with these clothing choices?  Her slim alabaster arms are crossed and she is wearing a wicked grin.  You are in for it.

“So, have you gotten your affairs in order?”  Madison questions, tilting her head to the right brazenly.  You crick your head to the side and your sculpted eyebrows pull together in sincere confusion.  “You know?  Since there is no way you are going to pass descensum.  You’ll fall into a nightmare forever!  How fantastic, I bet the nightmare will be your little boyfriend Kyle breaking up with you for me.”  

There is truth to Madison’s wicked words, you are extremely worried that you will fail.  You and Madison are witches, yes, that seems impossible.  That’s what you thought until the day you woke up floating above your bed.  You were sent to a witch school to be taught how to wield your powers.  While there you went out to a frat party with Madison and your friend Zoe, that’s where you met Kyle. You guys hit it off but Madison killed him, she killed him.  Madison and Zoe helped you bring him back and you’d been with him since.  You have a gripping fear that when he is healed he won’t love you and if you don’t complete the seven wonders, a competition to determine the next leader of the coven, you’ll probably die.

She twirls on her heel, intentionally flipping peroxide blond hair in your face.  You reach out for her and grasp at the scratchy sequins, “I have just as much chance as anyone..”  Unfortunately, your voice falters with uncertainty and Madison is not the kind of person who misses those things.  Her blood red lips curl and you prepare yourself for an assault of cruel words.  “You won’t last a minute.  You are a weak little shit,”  Madison pauses, thoughtful, and then dives back in with a cackling laugh, “You have to date a boy who can’t even speak because anyone smarter than him wouldn’t want you!!”

You feel the heat behind your eyes and go blind with pain.  Spinning on your heel you dart out of the kitchen and up the large marble staircase, straight into your room.  You slam the door behind you and rush to the bathroom where you collapse to the cold tiles.  Your chest tightens and you suddenly gasp for air.  Black stars dot your vision and you clutch your shirt in panic.  You can’t think straight you just keep thinking; I can’t do this, I’m going to lose him.  I can’t do this, I’m going to lose him.  The words have haunted you but finally they were realized by Madison.

As you gasp for air, jutting your chin up as if that will help, you hear the bedroom door open.  You hear an alarmed grunt and suddenly Kyle is there.  He sees the terrified tears streaming down your face and drops to his knees, crawling quickly toward you.  He looks at you wide eyed, his chapped mouth drops open and keeps slightly opening and closing as if he wants to do something but doesn’t know what.  Kyle grimaces frustratedly and tries to get out a word, “Wh-what?”  You clutch your chest still trying to breathe and Kyle looks around as if trying to find someone else, he begins to leave, presumably to find someone to help, but you reach out and grip his hand desperately, “Stay,” You rasp between pants.  You know this is a panic attack and it will work itself out.  Shaking, you draw your knobby knees to your chest and hang your head between them.  

You feel a large warm hand settle on the small of your back.  Kyle grunts and pulls you into him, so you are between his legs and he is holding you protectively to his chest.  Kyle strokes your hair tenderly and pushes out, “Pro-protec-ct,”  You look at him with mascara streaked down your face and give him a sad smile.  “L-love,”  He sighs into you kissing your head.  Your breathing returns to normal slowly but surely.  You gaze up at him lovingly and you know you have to give tomorrow your best.  “Love,”  You repeat, tapping his nose lightly.

Trans Protip For a Smooth, Hairless Face

Things you will need~

Epilator $30-40 (hair killing machine, I got one at a drugstore for so cheap)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Coconut oil
Apple Cider Vinegar.


Disinfect your face with hydrogen peroxide and put your hair up.

Run the epilator across your face, with and against the grain of your facial hair, in circular motions. It will hurt like a bitch the first time but it kills hair follicles so they grow back thinner and weaker so it hurts less every time you do it.

Tweeze any hairs or ingrown that the epilator couldn’t get

Disinfect again

If your skin is oily, rub in apple cider vinegar

If your skin is dry and flaky, rub in coconut oil

*Sometimes you get bumpiness and redness after you epilate for a few hours. This is normal and once your hair follicles start to die off and get thinner, you shouldn’t have these symptoms anymore. If you want to cover it up with makeup, I suggest using a primer to protect your newly open hair follicles from the makeup because if you don’t you will get hella acne.

okay but imagine a version of fantastic beasts where mr graves ISN’T grindelwald but still a bad guy

imagine if mr graves is, like dumbledore only a few years earlier, someone who believes that grindelwald is right. someone who really truly believes that the international statute of secrecy (and MACUSA’s more draconian implementation) is fundamentally wrong and unfair, and that it would be for the good of everyone if they were abolished. someone who became radicalized while also being the top auror, maybe even because he was top auror, and has seen the dark side of not being allowed to interfere in no-maj affairs.

in this version his manipulation of credence is deliberate, but on orders from grindelwald. maybe he feels guilty about it (maybe his inability to help in cases like credence’s is one of the reasons he follows grindelwald in the first place), but he convinces himself that everything he does is for the greater good, that ultimately he’s helping credence by using him to find the obscurus (which, again, neither he nor grindelwald knows that it IS credence) and bring about the better world that grindelwald has promised him.

this version of graves would be the perfect foil to tina: both of them want to help credence, but graves’ idea of “helping” credence is ultimately self-serving (remember, grindelwald’s idea of a perfect world is where wizards are benevolent dictators over muggles, and as far as graves knows, credence is a squib) while tina wants to actually get credence out of his abusive situation and only used magic offensively against mrs. barebone. while graves keeps doing increasingly immoral things (starting with demoting tina because she’s interfering with his plans and cumulating with him torturing newt) in the name of “the greater good,” tina (and newt) would show that good can be accomplished by treating people with kindness and respect.

basically we could have had an interesting exploration of the limits of good intentions and how extremism can lead to evil BUT NO, WE HAD JOHNNY “PEROXIDE HAIR” DEPP DOING HIS BEST IMPRESSION OF JARED LETO’S JOKER

I made some safe homemade hair bleach and it turned out great for re doing my roots without going out and buying bleach! Mix about ½ a cup of baking soda and about 1/3 of Hydrogen Peroxide, brush over desired hair, wrap in tin foil and blow-dry every 15 minutes for an hour, wash out with lightening shampoo if desired blow dry and then dye!!

anonymous asked:


1. Name


2. Age

Dancing queen, seventeen

3. City that you live in

Not tryna get stalked here, anon! I live in the Northeast. I’m a Patriots loving girl.

4. What do most people not know about you?

I’m actually really smart at one (1) thing, politics. Always have been.

5. What do most people know you for?

Peroxide blonde hair and my six foot tall stature.

6. Hobbies

Model UN, volleyball, poetry, writing my ass off on this hellsite

7. What are your passions?

Politics, feminism, mixology

8. What do you search for in a significant other?

I like tall, foreign, probably pretty unhealthily controlling. I like a guy I can debate with too.

7. What are you most proud of?

My grades, mostly what I’ve done academically. Proving everyone who sees me as a dumb blonde wrong as fuck.

8. When was the last time you had a significant conversation with someone you love?

Ah… I talked to this guy about how boys lie. It was a bad conversation but it was meaningful.

9. Have you ever collected anything? What was it?

Yeah, I collect flags, I collect stickers for my hard trunk, I collect Vinylmations, and I collect those colorful tote bags that have the name of cities printed over and over on them.

10. List 10 things off of your bucket list.

Visit Egypt, go to the Monaco GP, jump off the Macau Tower, go to the top of the Burj Khalifa, ride a horse through Mongolia, take the Trans-Siberian Railway to Vladivostok and back, go to Martin Luther’s church, go to Ilulissat and stay at Hotel Arctic, visit Montana, go to Nordkapp.

11. What was the last thing you learned?

I don’t know, man, probably that insurance companies will pay for an Uber ride to school?

12. How many relationships have you been in?

Just one. Fun times.

13. Turn ons

Intelligence, a deep voice, an accent, blondes, tall, understanding yet dominating.

14. Turn offs

I’m very picky, literally anything could be a turn off to me.

15. Favorite food

Mac and cheese, or avocado and egg toast.

Lock-in - Luke Hemmings [FLUFF]

Not Requested

Summary~ Your Senior class stage one last hoorah before graduation in the form of a school lock-in and when your friends decide to escape moments before the doors are locked you’re left trying to find your own company.

Word Count - 1287

They were the one’s who were insistent on going, if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t even be here, in this situation. Fair enough 48 hours in school over Friday and Saturday night may not seem like a good time but it was Senior Lock-in, the last big hoo-ha before you all part ways and you all agreed to go. 

It was 2 minute before they locked the doors and everyone was in the front entrance of the school, sleeping bags and pajamas in hand, the entire senior class crammed into a small space.

“Guys this is going to suck so bad,” you sighed.

“Maybe you’re right, there’s still time to go,” your friends all agreed

The 5 of you all tried to squeeze your way through your classmates to make a break for the door, just as you saw the janitor with the keys. They squished out but you got caught behind some lanky blonde who you recognised was in your calculus class and had now conveniently fallen on the floor in front of you, probably from his spaghetti legs getting tangled. By the time you made it to the door it was locked and they were all on the other side waving awkwardly as the janitor and the keys to your exit left.

Now it’s 9pm, 2 hours in, the first thing you did was eat in the cafeteria, you sat alone, then you were given the times they’d open the cafeteria again during the day, and from there everyone split up. It took very little time for the popular girls to claim the assembly hall and the jock guys claimed the gym hall, the rest of the school seemed to be divided up departmentally, it was like a war for territory and from the water balloons, paintball guns, and water pistols brought in by various students, you’ve already guessed that’ll happen at some point. Now you’re simply roaming the halls looking for a group of people who would accept you for the weekend.

The school lights dim at around 11pm so the fact that you are still looking for a place to seek “shelter” - so to speak - worries you and when you hear the echo of teenage testosterone round one corner and the fire of a paintball gun, you run. Then round another corner you hear a higher shrill off some girls and the noise of a water pistol repowering. You have to find a way to outrun two rival forces coming from different sides without getting caught in the middle. The noise seems to continue after you as you run and then you take a turn up a corridor into a room you didn’t know existed and you’re met simply by stairs.

The noise is on the other side of the door but you hear hushed whispers from up the stairs;

“You locked the door behind you right?”
“I’m sure I did”
“No one else has a key you said”
“They don’t they let me use this for biology”

Knowing that there’s no way they can be worse than the neanderthals outside, you head up the stairs and find 4 boys laying in sleeping bags.

“S-sorry, there’s a paintball fight going on out there and I need to hide,” you mutter.

“It’s okay, you’re in my calculus class right?” the blonde from earlier looks up at you.

“And you fell over in front of me stopping me from escaping with my friends before the doors locked,” you reply with a short nod.

One of his friends throws an empty water bottle at his head.

“Well, this is basically the roof so if you want you can jump to freedom if you don’t mind a 30-foot drop,” the boy with mildly peroxide damaged hair turns to you.

They chuckle a little.

“Or you could hang out with us here for the weekend,” blondie quickly offers an alternative.

“That’d be.. actually great,” you look around the group testing the waters through they all seem pretty amenable. 

“Set up camp,” he smiles. “I’m Luke, this is Ashton, Calum, and Michael”

“No offence but, if you were planning on just camping out up here, wouldn’t you be better just camping out in a back garden without the constant fear of being paintballed,” you lay out your sleeping back and tuck your bag under a table

They all share a look before Calum speaks up, “You know the layout of the school right?”

You nod.

Then Ashton says, “So right now we’re above the…”

“Science wing?” you answer.

“Which is next to the…” Michael quizzes.

“Gym hall”

“And who is camped out in there?” Luke proceeds.

“The football guys,” you finish.

Luke smiles and stands, “Let me show you something”

You follow him through the garden, that you didn’t know existed until now, past rows of flowers and to the end where there’s a row of small windows for the next building over, the gym hall. lined up at the windows are buckets, one of water, one of feathers, one of some miscellaneous gloop and another with glitter.

“You see, this place has access to the windows that surround the top of the gym hall and this is the side where they’ve all put u their sleeping bags and stuff for the weekend, so tonight we’re going to wait til they’re asleep, dump this stuff over them, grab out stuff and high tail it over to the staff room and get in through the skylight which for some reason has the same lock as the lock for this garden,” he explains.

“I’m not going to ask how you know this, but why do you want to ruin their weekend?” you lean n a railing and turn to him.

“Because since day one they’ve made my life hell,” he shrugs. “And these other guys. I probably should have asked you first, you aren’t friends with or god forbid dating any of those assholes?”

“No, not dating, and all my friends ditched”

“So you want in on our plan,” he slides a little closer.

You smile, “sure”

“Hey Luke get over here and stop flirting, we’re about ready for it and you need to pack up your stuff,” Michael calls out and you both scurry over.

It takes a matter of 30 minutes for the guys in the gym to fall asleep, and that’s when they strike. In a series of short moments, you watch the 25 or so boys in the gym get covered in god knows what and jump up looking for answers. By the time they’ve put the pieces together and realized there must by someone on the roof you’re already running across it and making a break for the staff room.

“Come here,” Luke’s voice calls through the mess, grabbing your arm.

“What why?” you question but he pulls you round some corner of the roof and into an area hidden by a chimney thing.

You’re millimetres apart as you watch the boys burst onto the roof garden and look defeated seeing no one there.

You turn to Luke, silent laughing at the sigh and meet his eye and before you know it he’s kissing you.

“Why’d you-” you start to question when his lips leave yours.

“Sorry, I’ve had this maddening crush on you for a while, just seeing you in calculs,” he smiles. “Calum actually saw you leaving and wanted an icebreaker for us so he shoved me”

You can’t bring yourself to give him reply so you stare at the ground.

“Please hang out with us for the weekend, we’ll makesure you have fun,” he pleads.

You meet his eye again and kiss his cheek, nodding a little, “Let’s go join them”


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