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any random peggy headcanons?

In 1973 she and Stan moved to California when they both got a job offer to work at an agency in San Francisco but they ended up coming home a year later(Stan fit in very well but Peggy’s Peggyness just didn’t jive with California).

She’s not particularly political, but she tends to vote for Democrats for president(“I love Bobby Kennedy”), but she voted for Reagan(she was Ted Kennedy or Bust in 1980) and Bush in the 1980s then switched back to Clinton in 1992(Stan voted for Ross Perot #FeelTheRoss).

Her son tracked her down in 2009. They had an awkward conversation over lunch and have maintained Facebook contact ever since.

I am honestly sincerely confused and bewildered about what the motivations are of self-proclaimed liberals/progressives and folks who claim to be “woke” of actively fighting against a Hillary Clinton presidency when the alternative is literally a fascist. I agree the two party system is garbage but if you’re just now trying to fight it in a presidential election year you’re already too late. 

As someone who is old enough to remember Bush v. Gore and the Nader effect, and enough of a political junkie to know about Ross Perot and his effect on the 1992 election between Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, it is obvious that a non-vote or a vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton is a vote for Trump–an actual fascist. 

The things I’m seeing on this website in regards to the election are downright terrifying and infuriating. People refuse to fact check, much less check for context and since so many folks on here have already decided that Hillary is the equivalent of Satan, it’s all too easy for people to see something slanderous about her or completely taken out of context and twisted and automatically believe it because “Hillary is the anti-Christ don’t ya know!” It’s gotten to the point where folks are praising President Obama and saying they’re going to miss him and in the next breath saying Hillary is a terrorist because people assume she will do things President. Obama. Is. Actually. Currently. Doing. And. Has. Been. Doing. For. Eight. Entire. Years. Not to mention constant accusations of voter suppression when the real culprit was the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act in 2013 and Republican legislatures rushing to disenfranchise minorities–the very Supreme Court that will likely have at least 2-3 vacancies that the next president will need to fill. 

It’s not reasonable. It’s not fair. 

I didn’t say much during the primaries because emotions were high and I know what it’s like to be caught up in the demagoguery that sweeps the nation every presidential election cycle. And while that usually turns into unflinching allegiance to one candidate and passion and fervor because you feel like voting for them will make you part of a revolution, it seems this time folks are more caught up in hating Hillary than supporting a candidate, as if destroying her will somehow be a political victory. This is not only irrational, but downright dangerous. It’s gotten so bad I’m honestly worried that even Bernie Sanders saying what he’s been saying all along–that y’all need to vote for Hillary if she’s the candidate–will just result in handwaving and folks saying “oh he has to say that.” When he actually has to say it because it’s true and in the best interest of this nation and much of the rest of the world given the potential of a Trump presidency. Some of y’all have been lucky and only really remember an Obama presidency…but eight years of George W. Bush was a nightmare that Obama spent most of his time trying to fix, and Trump will be infinitely worse. 

I don’t know if people were just too caught up in the Democratic Primary to notice Donald Trump–the literal fascist–rising to power, but defeating him needs to be our collective focus as liberals, progressives, and people who claim to care about the lives of the marginalized in this country and others. 

Trust me, I know it’s hard when your chosen candidate doesn’t get the nomination, especially when you put so much effort into electing them and you were so vocal and passionate about it. But at this point, Hillary Clinton is the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. And the reality of that means that continuing to tear her down and actively campaign against her by saying things like “this country can’t afford to have her as president” is playing right into Donald Trump’s hands. 

Literal lives are at stake. However terrible you think Hillary Clinton is (and I urge y’all to read her policies and get your info about her from somewhere other than the posts that cross your dash or other social media), Donald Trump is quite literally 1000x worse and more dangerous. 

You can actively campaign for someone to challenge her renomination in four years as the incumbent, but the goal now needs to be preventing a Trump presidency and the ONLY way to do that is to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

A ‘matryoshka’ in the interstellar medium

As if it were one of the known Russian dolls, a group of astronomers, led by researchers at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, (IAC) has found the first known case of three supernova remnants one inside the other. Using the programme BUBBLY, a method developed within the group for detecting huge expanding bubbles of gas in interstellar space, they were observing the galaxy M33 in our Local Group of galaxies and found example of a triple-bubble. The results, which were published yesterday in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, help to understand the feedback phenomenon, a fundamental process of star formation and in the dissemination of metals produced in massive stars.

The group has been building up a data base of these superbubbles with observations of a number of galaxies and, using the very high resolution 2D spectrograph, GHaFaS (Galaxy Halpha Fabry-Perot System), on the 4.2 m William Herschel Telescope (WHT) of the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma), has been able to detect and measure these superbubbles, which range in size from a few light years to as big as a thousand light years across.

Superbubbles around large young star clusters are known to have a complex structure due to the effects of powerful stellar winds and supernova explosions of individual stars, whose separate bubbles may end up merging into a superbubble, but this is the first time that they, or any other observers, have found three concentric expanding supernova shells.

“This phenomenon -says John Beckman, one of the co-authors on the paper- allows to explore the interstellar medium in a unique way, we can measure how much matter there is in a shell, approximately a couple of hundred times the mass of the sun in each of the shells”. However, if it is known that a supernova expels only around ten times the mass of the sun, where do the second and third shells get their gas from if the first supernova sweeps up all the gas?

The answer to that must come from the surrounding gas and in the inhomogeneous interstellar medium. “It must be -says Artemi Camps Fariña, who is first author on the paper-, that the interstellar medium is not at all uniform, there must be dense clumps of gas, surrounded by space with gas at a much lower density. A supernova does not just sweep up gas, it evaporates the outsides of the clumps, leaving some dense gas behind which can make the second and the third shells”.

“The presence of the bubbles -adds Artemi- explains why star formation has been much slower than simple models of galaxy evolution predicted. These bubbles are part of a widespread feedback process in galaxy disc and if it were not for feedback, spiral galaxies would have very short lives, and our own existence would be improbable”, concludes. The idea of an inhomogeneous interstellar medium is not new, but the triple bubble gives a much clearer and quantitative view of the structure and the feedback process. The results will help theorists working on feedback to a better understanding of how this process works in all galaxy discs.


CINESTILL 120 ii / Speed Graphic Edition

Proud and happy (being a relative thing in my case) to support, shoot test rolls for, and lend my tonsils to the Indiegogo campaign to bring CineStill – my favorite 35mm hands down – to medium format shooters. The initial goal has almost been reached, but should they surpass it,  and “stretch goals” are met, the opportunity for production of 4x5 CineStill and their 50d stock (my favorite favorite) in the 120 format will open up. You gotta do it. Just do. Gotta do. It.

This batch shot with my Speed Graphic, Aero Ektar lens,  and Graflex “23″ 6x9 back. But still aint no Cinestill 4x5…please do it. If not for you, then for me. I need it. Need is a strong word, but yeah, need, yeah need. 

Crack baby myth goes up in smoke
A Philadelphia study found no gap in health and life outcomes for babies exposed to crack versus ones who weren’t

March 10, 2015

PHILADELPHIA – From the moment she was born, much of the country assumed Jaimee Drakewood was doomed. Her mother had her in the throes of a crack cocaine addiction. She was, as the politicians dubbed it, a crack baby.

“I immediately get defensive,” Drakewood, now 25, says about hearing the term. “It’s another stigma, another box to put me in. It bothers me, because it feels like I already had my life written off before I was able to live it.”

Drakewood was born when the war on drugs was in full swing, and the crack baby was the poster child.

“Go to a neonatal unit, if you can get in, there are between 100 and 200 percent capacity up and down the East Coast, and the reason is crack babies being born,” Independent candidate Ross Perot declared during a presidential debate in 1992. “Baby’s in the hospital 42 days; typical cost to you and me is $125,000. Again and again and again, the mother disappears in three days, and the child becomes a ward of the state because he’s permanently and genetically damaged.”

“Like Mr. Perot,” then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton intoned, “I have held crack babies in my arms.”

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