Perot Theatre - Texarkana, USA 

Built in 1924, the Perot theatre, previously named the Saenger Theatre, is a fully restored Italian Renaissance theatre. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Much of the money raised for its restoration was donated by the local community, with the remainder being donated by the family of former American presidential nominee, Ross Perot.

Initially built to also project films, the theatre solely hosts live theatre today. 

I got some bad news from my editor last night about my latest novel. She enjoyed the story and its characters. She even added how much she loved my voice–which is one of the biggest compliments a writer could get.

But she went on to say that–as the story is currently written–the book would be impossible to market. It’s too heavy to be a thriller, and too violent to be contemporary fiction. Also–and this is probably the biggest issue–the book isn’t quite youthful enough to be YA fiction, but also, too childish at times for the adult market.
She ended the message telling me I had a great story–In fact, I had four of them. Unfortunately, they were all in the same book.

I’ll be honest here–I wanted to quit. I wanted to burn the story and go back to writing crappy poems about horses or pen some more letters to Ross Perot. I wanted to write anything but fiction for the rest of my life.
But then I woke up early today and said, “Alright, let’s do it again.” And so here I am–Rewriting a book I thought would be finished a year ago. And maybe I’ll have to write it again ten more times–I don’t know. But I have a story to tell, so I’m gonna try my best to do that.

Last thing: As I write this today, I can’t help but notice some of my friends here beating themselves up about messing up on New Year’s resolutions already, failing Fall courses, or dealing with breaks-ups. In fact, it seems just about all of us have failed at something recently. 

But guess what? We don’t go down that easy!

So, (if you’d be so kind to lift your coffee mugs, water bottles, or morning whiskey,) Here’s to Chapter 1: A New Beginning

A ‘matryoshka’ in the interstellar medium

As if it were one of the known Russian dolls, a group of astronomers, led by researchers at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, (IAC) has found the first known case of three supernova remnants one inside the other. Using the programme BUBBLY, a method developed within the group for detecting huge expanding bubbles of gas in interstellar space, they were observing the galaxy M33 in our Local Group of galaxies and found example of a triple-bubble. The results, which were published yesterday in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, help to understand the feedback phenomenon, a fundamental process of star formation and in the dissemination of metals produced in massive stars.

The group has been building up a data base of these superbubbles with observations of a number of galaxies and, using the very high resolution 2D spectrograph, GHaFaS (Galaxy Halpha Fabry-Perot System), on the 4.2 m William Herschel Telescope (WHT) of the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma), has been able to detect and measure these superbubbles, which range in size from a few light years to as big as a thousand light years across.

Superbubbles around large young star clusters are known to have a complex structure due to the effects of powerful stellar winds and supernova explosions of individual stars, whose separate bubbles may end up merging into a superbubble, but this is the first time that they, or any other observers, have found three concentric expanding supernova shells.

“This phenomenon -says John Beckman, one of the co-authors on the paper- allows to explore the interstellar medium in a unique way, we can measure how much matter there is in a shell, approximately a couple of hundred times the mass of the sun in each of the shells”. However, if it is known that a supernova expels only around ten times the mass of the sun, where do the second and third shells get their gas from if the first supernova sweeps up all the gas?

The answer to that must come from the surrounding gas and in the inhomogeneous interstellar medium. “It must be -says Artemi Camps Fariña, who is first author on the paper-, that the interstellar medium is not at all uniform, there must be dense clumps of gas, surrounded by space with gas at a much lower density. A supernova does not just sweep up gas, it evaporates the outsides of the clumps, leaving some dense gas behind which can make the second and the third shells”.

“The presence of the bubbles -adds Artemi- explains why star formation has been much slower than simple models of galaxy evolution predicted. These bubbles are part of a widespread feedback process in galaxy disc and if it were not for feedback, spiral galaxies would have very short lives, and our own existence would be improbable”, concludes. The idea of an inhomogeneous interstellar medium is not new, but the triple bubble gives a much clearer and quantitative view of the structure and the feedback process. The results will help theorists working on feedback to a better understanding of how this process works in all galaxy discs.

Vista de la fachada principal, Casa de Lomas de Barrilaco, Cofre de Perote 119, Lomas de Chapuletpec, Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México 1952 (destruido)

Arq. Antonio Pastrana

View of the main facade, House in Lomas de Barrilaco, Cofre de Perote 119, Lomas de Chapuletpec, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico CIty 1952 (destroyed)

US presidential election results by county, 1992.

The counties Bush won are in red, the counties Clinton won are in blue, and the counties Perot won are in green, with the color shades indicating the degree of support for the respective candidates: the darker the shade of red, the greater the support for Bush, for example.

I can't help but wonder ...

Why exactly did Perot and Lapis decide they need a vegetable army?
Like, I would kill to hear the dialogue that led to that decision.

How frequently does Steven lick stuff he finds on the ground?
It must be quite frequently if Garnet felt the need to explicitly tell him not to.

When did Peridot make attack drones?
WHY did Peridot make attack drones?
WHY did Garnet recommend Lapis and Peridot get a guard dog?
Is the barn in a bad neighborhood, or something?
What the heck is making
these *superhuman* beings want protection out there?

What *is* the legal status of the Gems?
Do they get to vote? Can they be sued? Do they have bank accounts?
Do they have legal custody of Steven, or something?

I was right about Steven being born in bastardy!
That’s … Just something I had thought about,
and am mildly pleased to see I was right.
That doesn’t matter or anything. I just think it’s a funny detail to include.


Does heat normally pass through Steven’s Shield,
or could he only cook with it because he willed the heat to pass through?

Where did the Gems get a tombstone?
Did they buy that? Did they steal it out of some random cemetery?

Soooo … What *are* Lapis’ feelings about the Earth
(and tables) these days?

What is Lapis’ top flying speed?
To reach Homeworld in the course of a few months,
she must have a very high one–like faster than sound.


in unrelated presidential race trivia, you know my whole life i’ve never really questioned the fact that when i think of ross perot i can’t not picture that girl who did a regular impression of him on nickelodeon in all that’s “earboy” sketch for reasons i never fully understood

Dovid Bowe fun facts

Dooke actually talks with his mouth shut.
Perot and Dooke don’t feel pain.
Zaegy’s thighs are a little thick.
Perot only walks on his tiptoes.
Dimmd Dawg is a little borkster.
Aladen Saen is a duplicate of Zaegy
Halowen Jac, Yung Muricans, and Dimmd Dawg is a rebellious trio of Hunger City.

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