>> Reeeeeeach out and gently try to lightly brush your fingers over the tips of his fins, or where the spines of sort meet the webbing, or maybe where they meet with his cheeks?

>> You’re gonna find where they’re ticklish, you’re gonna do it. 

>THIS IS SO STUPID AND YOU DON’T EVEN CARE! Storm into Passus’ room and kick him in the chest, potentially hard enough to crack a rib or two.
Tell me, )(ow does someone tasked wit)( t)(e super important job of making my propaganda end up releasing a grap)(ic novel in COMIC SANS???~
>You kick him a couple more times.

>> Yep he definitely just screeched in your ears ow oh geez.

>> Gingerly squeeze your eyes shut and shake your head, trying to get rid of the ringing. 

>> Crack an eye and whoa uh wait what. 

>> Your moirail is in front of you, yes. He is also visibly freaking out.

>> He also appears to be a seadweller and have cat ears what.

,,,, pASSUS? 

Tumblruser “perosus" is a beautiful writer and absolutely fantastic OOC. His muse has gone through so much development and has reacted to things appropriately, in my opinion, and he’s still a pretty great Sufferer. I think that he sometimes get’s unnecessary hate and really deserves a lot more love than he gets, both IC and OOC. {Art credit: x}

Submitted Anonymously

“You live in fear t)(e rest of your life”, wow~


Dude, t)(e only reason YOU~ were scared is because you were bad and deserved punis)(ments~

Good pets don’t )(ave reason to be scared!~

>Without warning, you teleport into Passus’ room, a broad grin on your face. Because teleporting into your traumatized slave’s room and surprising him is always a good idea. You tousle his hair and give him a kiss on the cheek.

)(ey t)(ere, darling~

I )(aven’t c)(ecked up on you in a w)(ile!~

)(ow’ve you been?~

>You decide to check up on your pet again. That little roll in the hay last time was fun, but you’re here on more serious business now, and it shows. You briskly walk up to him and open his cell door, tousling his hair with a smile.

Come, dearest~

I )(ave a nice new place for you to stay!~

>> Help your moirail get out from under the bed. Huh, he’s a little shorter than you– ohmygod he’s fluffy that’s cute. Now you two will be fluffy together. 

>> Wrap your arms around his neck and purrrr. 

“<Hi Pas.>" 

> Feferi: Be the doctor.

> But don’t be a surgeon, that didn’t really go as smoothly as you’d hoped.

> After letting your temporary guest know you were heading out for a while, you punch in the coordinates your new patient provided and teleport away, to… well, wherever they might lead you.

> And they lead you to a transportalizer. So far so good. Lately you’ve been a little more wary with accepting coordinates, considering the fact that you’ve had to jump through so many hoops to keep your own hidden. And, upon further inspection, the hive you’ve landed yourself in looks rather cozy. Tentatively do you venture out into the living block connected to the transportalizer. No one comes to greet you.

> Well, maybe it’s because they don’t know you’ve already arrived, you dingledork.

…Excuse me! It’s Feferi! I’m here!

> You announce your presence in a softer voice than you normally do, mostly because you can’t begin to imagine what’s waiting for you when you find your host. You didn’t watch the broadcast. You couldn’t even bring yourself to go on tumblr that day. It’s a fact you aren’t proud of - something tells you that it was almost your duty to watch - and you feel like a total coward for it.

> In the end, you suppose watching wouldn’t change anything. And whether you’d tuned in or not, you would have still offered to help in any way you could. Because no one deserves what happened to him.

> You turn into the next room with a light on and stop dead in your tracks when you find just the people you’re looking for. He looks awful. There’s bruising, bleeding, and he just looks like he hurts so much… And the worst part, the thing that you can’t bring yourself to look away from, is the royal symbol - your symbol - carved into his chest.

> You’ve never been more ashamed in your life.

7 New Victims Await The Lecture

Hell9 every9ne, y9u’ve caught me in a m9re f9rgiving m99d. S9 I’ll play the g99d h9st f9r n9w. Even with the header still n9t 6eing c9mpletely pr9per. Whatever, it will d9.

Welc9me. The t9pic f9r t9day’s leture is: The Hem9spectrum and it’s uses. 6ecause I realize h9w f99lish I was t9 reject 6l99d s9 easily. 6ut en9ugh fr9m me, y9u talk. Tell me y9ur 9pini9ns. 

perosus said: I can give you quite the list myself if you’d like to hear :)

Oh, yes, indeed! I would certainly love to hear. Would you prefer to type it, or to pay me a visit, perchance? If the list is as lengthy as I have heard, then it would be quite the bother to type it out.