Things I love right now

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One song:  From Eden by Hozier 
Two films:  Fight the Future :), ummmm I just saw Bad Words, it was good (can you tell I’m not a movie person lol)
Three shows: X-Files, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Suits 
Four people: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler
Five foods: pesto pasta, watermelon, perogies, raspberries, s’mores (this was torturous, i have hardly any food in my house rn uhhgg)
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Last year around October we were selling these recipe calendar things that had coupons in it. Each coupon is valid for one month of 2015. So like there’s one that’s valid from May 1st to May 31st to buy our store brand perogies, stuff like that.

This lady comes in today and tries to use like six of them for her purchase, none of which were valid for July.

She says ‘Aren’t you going to honour them anyway?’

I said 'I can’t accept expired coupons.’

She says 'Well, you’re supposed to honour them anyway because I have them’ as she puts them back into her purse.

Big thanks to Jeff Welch for reppin’ the TARG t’s #wizard style while shredding some serious gnar in the bowl :) send us your TARG wear pics #TARGinthewild TONIGHT - night one of FYJS fest celebrating July babies/births feat SPREE KILLERS, GAG ORDER, ALCOHOL FUELLED and LINDBERGH BABIES!! Open at 5pm for #familyfriendly dinner service and games, show at 9pm. #ottawa #perogies #Pinball #arcade Photo credit - Frank Krul (at House of TARG)

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One Song: Uhh age of consent by new order
Two Movies: inglorious basterds & but im a cheerleader 
Three TV Shows: greys anatomy, scrubs, and fringe 
Four People: michael, kale, chloe, and my dog lola who we Had to give away 
Five Foods: guac, sushi, pasta, steak tortas, and perogis

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Ooooo hehe- I love these! (I would legit pee if gubler did it bc you tagged him quite-weird-still-lovely )

one song: bad romance by 30 seconds to mars
two films: v for vendetta and suburban gothic
three shows: spn, criminal minds, and glee
four people: matthew gray gubler, jensen ackles, my mom, jared padalecki
five foods: gummy bears, chocolate, spaghetti, brioche bread, perogies
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Six things

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One Song: Girls Night In Galway - Gaelic Storm

Two Movies: Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Star Wars: A New Hope

Three Shows: World’s Dumbest Criminals, Say Yes to the Dress and Duck Dynasty (going with trashy tv this time, heheheheh)

Four People: My landlords who are nothing but lovely, my brother and my sister in-law.

Five Foods: crème brûlée, tostones, pernil, perogies and brisket dinner

Six people: uuuuhhh I’m so bad at this part, whoever wants to can do it!

alluvion-sea asked:

20, 54, 82, 89?

20. Are you starting to realize anything?

uhh idk i realize that i need to do laundry and wash my hair today

54. Ever eat a pierogi?

wtf is a perogi

82. Favorite type of cookie?

this bakery by my house has these heath bar cookies and idk what a heath bar is but theyre like big chocolate chip cookies with caramel in them and theyre amazing

 89. Which are better black or green olives?

neither??? idk the only olive thing i like is olive oil (especially olive oil on popcorn) i dont like to just eat whole olives ya know 

((((I’m all stressed out, and bored and unmotivated to do any useful work (although I did cook perogies for dinner, if that counts as productivity).  Anyone want to RP?

Pick a character from, or just ask for Lightfast, send me a link to your character info and let me know if you want to send me a starter or if I should make one up.

Right now I’ve only got Transformers to play with but I’m easy on what universe we use.  I know the most about the Rescue Bots/Prime and Animated universes but I’m open to new ideas.  Also, if you’re interested in cross-genre stuff, just lemmie know.  

Meanwhile I’ll go back to stuffing perogies in my face and picking away at drawing book covers for some handmade sketchbooks.  Have a good evening everyone!))))