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if you're feeling alive and well, how about a fic where Lance is talking to Pidge but suddenly he freezes up because she looks so much like his younger sibling that he get teary eyes and runs towards blue. there, he talks about his feelings in Spanish. Pidge finds it weird but thinks nothing of it until when shes looking over the video footage in the castle she hears Spanish coming from the blue hanger from hours ago. She then translates it after an hour and freaks out

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This was the most detailed of my remaining asks, and also one I was excited to do, so I had to make sure to take my time with this one.

I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever been out somewhere, whether it be school, the grocery market, or just hanging out in general public, and you see that person?

That person that looks so much like or sounds so much like someone you knew, but under whatever circumstance you just knew that it wasn’t who you thought?

A voice.
A facial expression.
Maybe the way they walk or hold themself.

It reminds you of someone and for a split second your brain believes it and you go into either good or bad panic.

‘Oh shit, it’s them.’
‘It’s them!’

A sister, a brother, a crush, a parent, they trick you out for the slightest moment and leaves your heart racing.

In this situation, Lance went into bad panic. His heart racing with anxiety and the pain of his mind tricking him like that.

Pidge looked at Lance, scrunching her nose and tilting her head, “Dude, are you okay?”

They had only been talking, Pidge was tinkering a little bit they had just been having a fine conversation until.


She looked to much like his little sister for a split second, just the way she had smiled and the angle Lance was at.

He froze up and the ‘Fight or Flight’ instinct took over his system. Bad Panic.

His breath caught, he teared up and stood, shaking his head quickly and leaving Pidge to sit alone in the room.

Lance just ran.

The blue paladin knew it couldn’t have been his sister, it was Pidge clearly, but this stupid head of his let him believe for a split second.

Just one sec was all it took.
He hadn’t even seen his sister in over a year now.

As he did when everything went wrong, Lance ran to Blue and hid himself away inside her.

The blue eyed boy took a moment to let his tears fall, and succumb to the wave of homesickness that left him shaking.

He missed them so much.

An unpracticed language slipped past his tongue as he murmured to Blue, letting his thoughts and feelings out.

He only spoke Spanish to blue.
Occasionally he’d let out a Spanglish phrase around the team, but no fluent talk.

It was relaxing.
Lances didn’t have to think about translations or if he was making sense or speaking correctly.

“Se veía igual que ella. A veces me asusta cuando veo a mi familia en el equipo.” Lance murmured, feeling comforted by Blues purring despite his words.

He went on to explain what had happened, why he was here and why he had ran. Pidge was probably back there now, worried.

Lance had made her worried.

A shaky sob left him, and he wiped his eyes as he talked to Blue and emotion took over.

“A veces quiero dejar. Ir a casa. Pero sé que el universo necesita ser salvado, y…” Tears slipped and he took a breath, “…a veces pienso que no soy apto para el trabajo.”

His heart clenched and Lance let his words sink into the two of them. Blue hated to have her cub so distressed, willing him to sleep.

Pidge sighed, laying on her bed in her room and messing with her computer.

“Lance was acting weird earlier…” She stated to open air, flipping through camera feed from over the past few hours.

Lance got upset sometimes, which was fine and completely human, but today was something different.

She just had to ignore it, check the feed and then get some rest. Pidge could talk to Lance about it in the morning.

The green paladin flippe through some more footage, silence and just dull clicking as noise, until she stopped at the camera on the Blue lion and heard noise.

Who was talking?
It was definitely Lance but it’s nothing she could understand, and he had an accent to him, speaking different.

She blinked, staring.
Lance had been in Blue, nothing wrong with that, but why was he saying to her?

Pidges nosiness got the est of her and she cropped the audio from the camera and into the personal translator she used for when she was learning Altean.

He was talking about Earth mostly, describing his family and things of the like, but it got darker as Pidge listened on.

'She looks just like her, sometimes it scares me when I see my family in the team.’ The translator spoke back to her in choppy English.

Pidge frowned. Who was 'she’?

'Sometimes I want to leave. To go home. But I know that the universe needs saving and…’

The green paladin felt her heart drop, and her hands shook as she continued the translation.

’…sometimes I think I’m not the right person for the job.’

She shook her head, hopping up and closing her laptop. How could Lance be thinking such a thing?

Was he going to leave?!
He couldn’t!

The smallest paladin was at Lances door in minutes, knocking loudly before allowing herself in.

Lance was sitting up in bed, a bag of some of his things packed. The boy looked up quickly, trying to hide the bag.


She was frozen to the spot, tears in her eyes now and eyes big. He really was leaving.

The green paladin ran over and tackle hugged Lance, holding tight and started to cry.

“Lance, I heard what you said. I’m sorry you miss home and I’m sorry I reminded you of someone, but please. You can’t leave!” She had figured out who 'she’ had been.

It was her.

Lance stood in absolute shock, looking down at the younger girl and he felt his tears returning.

“Lan! Lan! Pwease don’ leave, what if aliens get you?”

His little sister cried as he stood in the door way with his family and bag of things to take to the Garrison with him.

Lance smiled and crouched in front of her, wiping her tears. His look was loving.

“Then I’ll have to kick their butts, and tell them I have the best little sister waiting for me back home.”

The little girl smiled, seemingly happier hearing that. “Can you bring me back a star?”

Lance grinned, “I’ll bring you a whole sky full of stars! Promise.”

Back in the present, Lance ad sunk to the ground with Pidge, holding her and rocking her.

How could he have thought so selfishly?
Pidge was just as much as his little sister as his sisters back on Earth were.

He could never give let them face the pain of his departure again. What sort of big brother did that?

The blue paladin hugged Pidge close, keeping her safe in his arms and calming her.

“I won’t, I promise.”

Diabolik lovers Lunatic parade Ayato Sakamaki [Care For Vampire] ~translation★traducción~

This translation was made by @vampiretsuki

*Knock Knock*

*Opens the door*

Ayato: Chichinashi, you’re late!

Ayato: The grand Ore-sama is suffering from a stomach-ache, and even so, why did take so long!!?

Ayato: Ha! …So? Did you ask Reiji for the medicine?

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(Note: This post consists of text in both Tagalog and English considering that I’ll be talking about Philippine universities)

Normally, when your high school years are about to end, you’d think about what college would be like. But of course, it all starts with passing a test. But before that, dapat alam mo kung ano course kukunin mo.

Sure, nung elementary ka gusto mong maging doctor, gusto mo maging chef. But as time flies, our decisions change. Long ago, I wanted nursing, then HRM, then Tourism, it’s a long never-ending list. Hindi yan maiiwasan: yung marami kang gusto kaya nahihirapan ka pumili ng course. But there are those people who look straight forward with the just one course on their mind. Pag fourthyear, syempre aayusin mo na decisions mo. Pipili ka na talaga ng siguradong course na gusto mo. I can’t say it could be absolutely final because more or less 20% would shift to another course. But that depends on the person.

Minsan yung course mo wala sa school na gusto mo. Dahil dito, may dalawang uri ng tao: Yung pumipili ng course based sa school at yung pumipili ng school based sa course. Ikaw na bahala kung ano mas gusto mong paraan but more or less, no matter what way you choose, you would still end up with one decision. Pressured? Nah. Don’t be. We haven’t got to the part yet.

UP. UST. ADMU. DLSU. Do they sound familiar to you? I guess they do. I believe you’re going to take at least one entrance test from the top four universities? Well, I did the same. Though, I can only narrate to you my experiences in three tests because I wasn’t able to take the DLSUCET after the typhoon. 


University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT).

Ito. Ito yung pinakaunang entrance test na makukuha mo sa simula ng senior year nyo. We took the UPCAT on August 3-4, 2013. Yes, it comes that early so you should brace yourselves.

During your summer break, buy some time to review. In my case, I took UPCAT review classes with Smart Science (formerly St. John Student Development Center) in Marasbaras. The same review center I went to for Philippine Science High School’s test back in Grade 6.  They offered a two-week review from Mondays to Fridays. They gave us reviewers and made us do drills and tests. One big advice na pwedeng kong ibigay sa inyo pag magrereview kayo? PAY ATTENTION. Una sa lahat, sulitin mo na yung bayad. Binigyan kayo ng chance magreview para sa college entrance tests, gawin mo na ang lahat. Besides, yung review nyo parang advance study na din nyan para sa senior year nyo. Fourth year ka na. Wag ka nang umasa na may kokopyahan ka sa test. May iba kaming teachers na mabilis magturo. Try your best to catch up. Pag di mo man makuha, you can always come back to that question when you have time. Pag magreview ka ng maayos, siguradong papasa ka. IF the school is meant for you, remember. Kaya wag mong ipagyabang yung fact na nagrereview ka ngayon summer. Review palang yan. The real test still awaits.

Last summer, I didn’t use just one reviewer. Try answering online reviewers and mock tests. Marami kang mahahanap. Most of them come with an answer key and if I were you, don’t cheat. Dati, ginagawa ko yan. Pasimpleng titingin sa answer key habang nagrereview tutal wala naman nagbabantay sakin. Self-review naman to. But it didn’t help, wala akong natutunan. If you plan to review on your own, discipline yourself to not cheat. Because if you do, masasanay ka nyan. Walang papasok na information sa utak mo. 

Good news, there are apps, too! Wag mong gamitin phone mo para lang magtext, magTwitter or kung anu-ano pa. Try mong magdownload ng review app. I found one that focuses on the four university tests. And you can choose what section to study: english, science, probability and satistics, etc. If I were you, try mong i-jot down yung mga question na di mo pa alam. It’ll help. Balikan mo lang ng balikan.

Eto na. Yung test. Sabi nila wag daw mag-aral the night before. Pero dahil nagpanic ako, nag-aral pa din ako. Di naman ako namatay haha pero I suggest don’t overwork your brain too much. You’ve studied a lot for the past 13 years and that’s already enough knowledge. Kahit konting refresher lang sa umaga, okay na. Oh yeah, be sure to fill your stomach. Life’s better with food. Just like my sister’s board exam, my mom prepared hotdogs and eggs for breakfast presented nicely to form the number 100. My test schedule was at noon. So I got two full meals: breakfast and lunch. Then we went to the testing center (UP Tacloban) an hour before. My parents brought me to the site and as soon as I got out of the car, I didn’t look and wave facing them anymore. My sister did the same during her board exam years ago. She says it denotes “no looking back” or something like that. The same with wearing something red for luck. 

So the first thing we did was line up. There was a long line outside because the first batch didn’t get out yet. So we had to wait. While waiting, be sure to check if you have everything ready. Hold on to your permit. Sharpen your pencils. And your food and water!

Yun! Gumalaw na yung pila! Batch 1 already left the building and they banned us from talking to them before the test. Pagpasok mo sa lobby or whatever, kukunin bag mo tapos bibigyan ka ng number para makuha ulit after. Kaya ilabas mo na kailangan mo and, no phone, btw. 

Bago kayo pumasok sa testing area mismo, tatawagin nila yung mga left-handed. After that, dere-derecho na kayo papasok. With the help of the ones in charge, of course.

Nakaupo ka na. Wag ka munang mapressure. There’s enough time to relax. Ididistribute pa nila ung sheets tsaka test booklet kaya chill ka muna dyan. I wont tell you what you’re supposed to do in writing or whatever, though. Common sense lang. Tsaka meron naman magsasabi kung ano sunod nyong gagawin. 

Yung UPCAT, right minus wrong. Not completely. Mga one-fourth lang. Sabi nila, leave it blank nalang kasi yung blanko, hindi kasama sa right minus wrong na yan. But I say, make an educated guess. What’s better, have 50 blanks or make 50 guesses with at least 20% of them correct. It depends sayo, actually. Ako, di na ako nagleave ng blank putting in mind na I might have a chance to get at least 50% of my guesses correct. Ikaw bahala. You can balance your guesses and blanks.

Don’t take too much time answering one number. Alam nyo yung feeling na nag-effort ka masyado sa isang bagay pero di mo nakuha. Ganun lang yun haha. If you’re really having a hard time figuring out the answer, skip it. Then get back to it later. I did the same during the test and I was surprised that I got the correct answer when I came back to it. Sometimes it takes minutes for the mind to process so skip mo muna yan. Malay mo, on the way, makahanap ka ng solusyon.

Find an inspiration hahaha. Wag kang mapressure pag kung katabi mo, marami nang nasasagot. Keep in mind that if he can do it, you can, too. Positivity lang kailangan mo to keep you going.

Eto. Problema ng lahat. Time pressure. As long as you know how to budget your time in real life, what more in a test like this? Don’t answer too fast. Don’t answer too slow. Kaya nga may mock test kayo sa review para mapractice nyo na mag-answer in a given time. During the test, may countdown yan na nakalagay sa board. Time left: 16 minutes, etc. Friendly tip, wag na wag kang magpapressure diyan. Kasi pag nagpapanic ka, bigla mo nalang napapansin na di mo na nasasagutan ng maayos. Like what happened to me. I was in reading comprehension, the last part, and there are like 10 more questions left in 4 minutes. Di lang yan tanong, ha. May babasahin pa. Ayun. Nagpanic. Nadisappoint. Nasira yung mood. Umiyak pauwi. We’ll get to that later. Make friends with time. Don’t see it as a threat. Just go on and answering but make sure you speed up even a little bit but don’t make that an excuse to shade the wrong answers. Answer accurately padin.

Sa reading comprehension ng UPCAT, may tagalog, may english. Sa tagalog ako nahirapan kasi ang deep masyado haha. You’ll be reading a lot of selections and trust me, don’t take too much time reading just one. You can read the questions first and scan the selection for the answer. It’s easier that way. If you do, you wont worry about time pressure at the end.

The test was chill at first but at every end, patindi ng patindi. Nafefeel mo na yung “pressure” na yan. But don’t think about that. See pressure as a treasure, not a threat. Tsaka mas maganda nga yan. Mabilis yung oras para makakain na kayo after haha.

It’s weird how I’m putting the most important thing at the last. Idk I felt like putting this here for a save-the-best-for-last feeling. So, yeah. DON’T FORGET TO PRAY. I got my pencils blessed the night before. You can bring a rosary in the testing site. They wont take it away from you. In every challenge you face, put God first and the rest will follow.

Don’t worry about the test. It wont kill you. Sure, you’ll get butterflies in your stomach considering it’s the first university test you’ll be taking but that’s fine. “There’s always a first.” Ahhh yes. I’ve been saying that line the whole night. So I didn’t do my best in some parts of the tests. I guessed a lot. I panicked a lot. I cried at the end. But on the way home, after eating a full Japanese meal in Rai Rai Ken that pleased my stomach as well as my thinking, I realized that what just happened wasn’t ‘just a first’, it was a 'great first’. Don’t worry about getting disappointed in the end. At least you tried your very best. It’s better to end a test with exerting 99.9% of your effort than finishing one without lifting a finger. As long as you did your best, there’s a chance you’ll pass.

The date on the release of results is usually written at the back of your test booklet or in the website. It’s going to be a long wait. But in my case, it came early. December kind of early. Masarap yung feeling pag pumasa ka sa UPCAT. Promise. I underestimated myself, actually. I thought I wouldn’t pass. I thought about us just because I didn’t get one part of the test right? Just because of ONE, my spirits went down? You see. At the end, you’d just laugh about the things you “thought would happen”. Don’t let small things take your happiness. You can do it!



Sa tatlong entrance test na kinuha ko, ito ata yung pinakamahirap. In my point of view of course. But who knows, it’ll seem like a piece of cake to you.

So we had our test on the 21st of September so there was more time to study. Well, we got busy with schoolwork and didn’t find time to. But, luckily. Our teachers offered review sessions a week before the test.

Again, we went to the venue an hour before. It’s better early than late. Plus, if you’re early, you can get to talk with the people who’ll also be taking the test. Conversing lightens up the mood. You forget about the pressure. Sometimes if feels like you’re just about to take a mid-quarter examination. But of course, those feelings are just temporary. When you get into the room, it’s a different feel.

The moment you get in the venue (ours was in Sacred Heart School, Tacloban City), the first thing you do is check your names and what room you’re supposed to be in. Later on, they’ll raise up placards that show the room number and from there, you form your line, and it’s up to them to direct you to your room. Your seating arrangement’s done in alphabetical order by the way. So you can’t sit anywhere else.

Ngayon, medyo chill ka na. Di ka na first-timer. You already took the UPCAT so I guess nasanay ka na. Sanayan lang yan. The test wont seem new to you anymore kaya wag na magpanic. 

There was a wall clock so it was easy to keep track of the time.

ACET was challenging. There were some questions you’ve never encountered before. Just take note of the UPCAT tips. More or less, they also apply with this. Again, no pressure.

Unfortunately, September 21 was not my day. They released the results sometime in January and I didn’t pass heh. But that’s okay. I didn’t do my best then. And so, let this be a lesson. ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST. There’s a better chance to pass.



Sa tatlong test na kinuha ko, ito yung pinaka-worth it. And I was confident with this.

I didn’t review that much weeks before. But I had a little bit of a refresher the nights before. As always. This was the only test when I actually didn’t feel the pressure. Plus, I was confident that my luck from the day before didn’t wear off. What luck? Well, we had our test on October 5, the day after my birthday. October 5 was a good day

So, the test’s almost the same as ACET. I mean, the process of getting in. You don’t get to pick a seat. It depends on what’s written on the list.

I got the last seat in the room and I always believed in “save the best for last” hahaha. I’m sorry. I had to motivate myself to pass.

Sa test, may ibibigay yan sila na folder ng UST na may prayer. Linagay yan for a reason. Pray mo yan. 

The test was fine. It was easy to make guesses and btw, if you find that some questions are the same, kopyahin mo nalang kung ano sinagot mo sa tanong na yan dati haha wag ka nang magsolve ulit. Sayang lang ng oras. Pero wag mong isipin na lahat ng questions identical. Meron iba na parang pareho pero iba pala yung numbers na given. Watch out. Keep your eyes open.

I guess I have nothing else to say about the written test kasi sobrang dali talaga yun. As long as may laman utak mo, ayos na yan. Mapapasa mo yan. All you need to know are the basics and you’re good.

But there’s one thing I’d really like to talk about. The extra test for those who want to take up fine arts and architecture. Akala mo hanggang Test IV ka lang haha may V pa tsaka drawing test. We’re that loved. Kaya nga sulit yung bayad kasi hindi lang written haha. So test V is sort of abstract. Space something. I forgot the term. Both fine arts and archi have to take test V. Let’s just hope your brains aren’t worn out yet. More or less you’d enjoy this test. But the enjoyable part was the drawing test (only for fine arts, though). There are four fine arts courses: Advertising, Interior, Industrial and Painting. I don’t recall what they did for painting but if you’re taking one of the first three, they’d make you draw something. In my case, my first and second choices are advertising arts and interior design, respectively. So I had to take two sheets of paper for the two. Don’t worry. They’ll provide the paper. May header pa kasi na susulatan. Yung sa advertising, dalawa actually yung pinagawa. So it’s like I made 3 (include interior’s test). They might seem many pero kinuha mo yan dahil passion mo yan. Wala naman akong narinig magreklamo about sa drawing test. I guess we’re all contented.

Wag mong madaliin yung drawing test. Yung feeling na gutom ka na kaya binilisan mo nalang pagdrawing mo. Masakit pag malaman mong pasa ka sa lahat ng area, sa drawing test lang bumagsak.

Just like the UPCAT, masaya yung feeling pag makapasa ka sa USTET. Lagi naman ganun. Actually, sa lahat ng test, ganun. Especially pag pinaghirapan mo. And you know what’s better, when you pass the school you really want to go to. UST was my first of all the first choices after all. 

The results can be checked online. Don’t lose your permit. You’ll need your applicant’s number to check the results. Unlike sa UPCAT at ACET na name lang malalaman mo na agad, the online USTET results can only be accessed with the applicant’s number. But there’s a long list in the campus with all the full names. Well, let’s just say I lost every single admission material because of the typhoon so I had to guess my applicant’s number. Luckily, my classmate still has hers so I based it from there. I still remember our seating arrangement anyway. And the number was based on our seats (and surnames).


Actually, the tips above apply to any entrance test. I just chose to specify what I used them for. But no worries, you can use this anytime.

Three tests worth three thousand memories. Bat andami kong tinake na test? Tatlo lang naman to haha. Madami na ba? Well, we were told na magtake lang ng magtake hanggat kaya namin. After we get the results for all, dun na pipili ng school. Why don’t you do the same? It actually helps. Don’t worry about the university and the tuition first. It all starts with the test (and your graduation lol) Sa huli ka na pumili kung ano gusto mo. Ito pa. Wala akong stable na target. I chose to do this para hindi ako masaktan pag di ako pumasa. It’s not bad to have a 'first choice’ school. Sure, it keeps you motivated but just don’t expect too much. Don’t keep your target in one place yet. Worry about that after the test. After you’ve passed the test. There’s time for everything.

What if you chose the wrong course? Well, there’s no such thing as a wrong course. All of your choices are right. Just because the course is not meant for you doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Minsan pinili mo yan dahil gusto mo pero di ka magaling. Hindi magaling? I heard that from everyone but at the end, sila din naman yung magaling. That’s why we study. To explore ourselves. To develop. Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Choose a course you love. Wag mong hayaan na pilitin ka pumili ng course na di mo kaya. I chose fine arts because, well, I love art and it’s my passion. Ikaw? “Wala nang choice e.” Anong walang choice? You’re human. You’re breathing. And as long as you’re still on Earth, you do have a choice. Put your heart and mind together and MAKE. THE. BEST. CHOICE. Something you wont regret. Something you think you can handle. Something you believe you can pass.

What if hindi pumasa? Well, yung tanong, mamamatay ka na ba nyan? Hindi diba. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I’ve been told. Wag mo yan iyakan, girl. Sabi pa nga ng friend ko. Di ka pumasa sa gusto mong school, ayos lang yan. Marami pang paraan. Pwede ka naman magtransfer. Pwede ka naman magpa-reconsider. I heard of one who was only reconsidered but topped her batch at the end. I’m talking about cum laude kind of top. See? Hope. Sure, sometimes the school’s not meant for you. But there’s always a reason behind that. If you don’t get what you want, it doesn’t mean everything’s over. Don’t blame God for that. He didn’t make you pass because he believes that there’s something better for you. Something BEST for you. Don’t feel bad about failure. There’s nothing wrong about it. Test palang yan! Marami ka pang mararanasan na ganyan. Sanayan nalang yan. The reason why there’s failure is for us to realize that there are times we can succeed. It’s just like saying, you can’t see the beauty of something unless it’s tampered or gone. There are a lot more schools out there.

Before I end this post, let me be the one to tell you FOLLOW YOUR HEART and make the best choice. STUDY HARD to pass all the tests. DON’T LET FEAR TAKE OVER YOU, move on and start again. PUT GOD FIRST and the rest will follow.


Remember, before you go to the end, you have to go through it. And it all begins now. Your first step to college. The test. Treat it well. Pass it. Never regret. I didn’t experience all this just for my sake. I wanted to share what helped me pass, too, because I know, someday, somehow, this will help you, too. Good Luck and God Bless!

Every Grantaire.  Ever.

The follow-up to the Every Enjolras Ever and Every Combeferre Ever posts before it.  But is this even worth doing?  They’re never ugly enough to fit Hugo’s Grantaire, so.

^^^1925 silent French movie.  The earliest comic relief Grantaire I’ve seen.  He’s absolutely amazing, that is all, and everything you would expect (and hope) a clownish silent film Grantaire to be.  I don’t have a picture of him, unfortunately, because this version isn’t yet released on DVD.  I do hear that the time for that release is drawing, near, though, and it’ll be well worth a watch when it is finally released–this thing is long, ambitious (especially for a silent film!), and very, very interesting.

^^^1934 French movie.  He’s like Courfeyrac, but creepier.  This right here is some seriously demonic-looking still-shot, too, with the lighting of a horror film.  Still not ugly enough.  This Grantaire is one I like to call “Sell-out!R.”  He has everything he ever wanted–he gets to hang with the guys, Enjolras trusts him to take care of barricade missions, heck, he’s pretty much treated like a second-in-command at the barricade (sorry, Combeferre!)–but he also had to give up everything that made him him in exchange.  He doesn’t drink to excess or be cynical or annoy Enjolras, which should already send up red flags.  If anything, as I said, he’s like a weirdo Courfeyrac.  Does the world really need more of those?

^^^1948 Italian movie, I Miserabili.  Yes, he exists.  And yes, like the Enjolras from this version, he is difficult to screencap.  So get used to blurry people from this version.  My favorite part is when the final battle in Corinthe is raging, he’s totally awake, and he’s hiding under his table plugging his ears, like, ‘what’s all this battle and noise and backflipping off the second floor and shit???’  He’s approaching ugly enough, but he’s also very old (like, looks like Mabeuf!), so that’s perplexing…

^^^1957 French movie.  He’s pretty cool, and this version includes one of the best interpretations of his death scene, despite not actually using the dialogue from the book.  Not ugly enough.

^^^1964 Italian movie/miniseries, I Miserabili.  Grantaire (left) getting cozy with captured Javert (right) at the barricade.  This picture explains everything you need to know about why this Grantaire is amazing and rocks this movie.  I can’t express how likable this guy is, despite (or because?) he is such a devout cynic, and the fact that he is awake to witness and be traumatized by the Le Cabuc scene makes one feel all the more sympathetic towards him.

^^^1971 Spanish (Castilian) telenovela.  The scene of “Enjolras and His Lieutenants” plays out pretty true to form in episode 12 of this TV series, so in response to Enjolras’ disdainful “Pero tú no crees en nada,” Grantaire gets to speak his immortal line “Creo en tí, Enjolras!”  Other than that, he doesn’t get to do much.

^^^1972 French miniseries.  Total goofball.  I actually really like him: like the best Grantaires, he really knows how to put the “pathos” in “pathetic.”  He’s schlumpy, but not really ugly still…

^^^1982 French movie.  A more cranky Grantaire than funny.  His introductory scene is the best, in which Grantaire boasts to Marius that he believes in nothing, then Courfeyrac cheerfully declares (in front of Enjolras) that no, in fact, Grantaire believes in Enjolras, to which a mortified Grantaire snaps, “De Courfeyrac!”  Also, he later flings a glass of booze in Laigle’s face, which seems somehow appropriate. 

^^^1998 American movie.  Not his finest moment, admittedly.  Oh.  Oh, sorry, hold up.  It says here in these credits that this character’s name is “Grantier.”  My mistake, I thought we were talking about a guy named “Grantaire”…

^^^2000 European miniseries.  According to the credits he exists, but um………Look, I shouldn’t have to play “Guess Who?” to pick a Grantaire out of a crowd.  He should be the guy in the corner with a wine bottle glued to his hand, period.

^^^1985-present, British stage musical.  A lot of how his character is portrayed depends on direction and on his actor’s individual choices.  As for myself, I preferred him before the Grantaire/Enjolras UST started getting ridiculously unsubtle.  In the past five to ten years, I feel like the productions (esp. the London one, ahem) keep trying to get them dry-humping during “Drink with Me.”  Cuz that’s totally what Victor Hugo had in mind (and not a tragic unrequited love story).

^^^2007 Japanese animated series, Les Misérables: Shoujo Cosette (レ・ミゼラブル 少女コゼット).  He’s actually cool, I dig it.  He acts like Grantaire and his character design’s pretty good too: I think they worked a good balance between Hugo’s “astonishingly ugly” and their own shiny kawaii style: I guess giant sideburns is what “astonishingly ugly” translates to in animeland.

^^^2010 French bande dessinée.  Hm…I really don’t have an opinion one way or the other.  I guess he looks okay…?  For himself, anyway?  But that look Marius is giving him from the background kinda says it all.

^^^2012 American-British musical movie.  It goes without saying that Blagden is a million times too hot to be playing this role.  Most miscast Grantaire since…ever.  Also, he sings like an angel.  I buy him as a Marius or a Courfeyrac or even a Combeferre, but most miscast Grantaire since ever.

^^^2014 American manga.  Essentially a non-character with exactly two appearances in this manga: 1.) at the café Musain, saying he’s drunk; 2.) at the winehall Corinthe, dying with Enjolras.

^^^2014-2015 Japanese manga.  So far so good.  Perhaps the ugliest Grantaire on this list, so he must be doing something right.  He’s kinda funny too, because like book!R, he actually has a life outside of making Enjolras’ life miserable.  He goes out with the guys, they go to guinguettes or whatever with Marius–like, he’s not spending every waking hour sitting around lurking in Musain getting wasted and thinking of new ways to torment Enjolras.  This Grantaire has friends.  Just so you know.  So there.  :P  

So yeah, there’s some variation in Grantaires, ranging from “at least a little ugly” to “haha no, unbelievably hot,” and also from “drunk cynical asshole” to “weird Courfeyrac.”  In other words, some are more canon than others…In other news, I was shocked and thrilled to remember that the 1992 French animated series didn’t have a Grantaire at all, which meant that I didn’t have to go back and actually suffer through any bit of that version in order to screencap his sure-to-be-hideous ass.  Anything that keeps me away from 1992FrenchAnimated is okay by me.

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Shin Tsukinami (Vampire end) ~Translation/traducción~

this translation was made by @vampiretsuki~

*Vibora Castle*

Carla: …Come here.
Shin: Eh…..
Vibora Man A: O-Oi! Do you even know what is done in this place!?
Vibora Man B: Something like neglecting our “agreement” is….!
Zweig: …..But, wait. The First blood king must have a plan, right.
Vibora Man A: But….!
Zwein: I wouldn’t mind finishing the agreement later. Just remain silent.
Vibora Man B: …. I understand.
Carla: Shin …. hurry up.
Shin: ……?

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MAC Ruby Woo

People asked for some AZ AH.. and I’m here to deliver. Halos one year na rin since nagsulat ako ng AH so.. I’m sorry if medyo magulo. All mistakes are mine!

Inspired my that Adriana Lima gif (which you can find in the middle of the story).

WARNING: This contains adult content. If you don’t like reading stories with explicit sexual, kindly skip this one. You’ve been warned so don’t blame me okay hahaha

Title: MAC Ruby Woo
Pairing: Andreau x Zade
Notes: contain oral sex & some Horny!Andreau for you

Looking back, Andreau swore he’d been so irritated that he almost kicked Zade’s bedroom door.

Ilang oras na siyang inis na inis (borderline galit) sa girlfriend niya. Tonight’s a big deal for him: he’s accepting a Best Director award para sa short film niya last year. Ilang linggo na nilang pinag-usapan ang event, at siya pa nga ang pumili ng gown na susuotin ni Zade. It’s been a while since he won any directorial awards kaya sobrang excited siya sa event na ‘yon.

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At Musing’s End (2/?) - Hoping Everything’s Not Lost


“Anak, okay na, I’m comfortable.”

She smiles at him as he leans over to fluff her pillows up one more time and he climbs in beside her, holding her hand and kissing it.

“Just making sure my best girl is okay.”

She laughs at him, letting him rest his head on her shoulder and tapping his hand with hers.

“Sasabihin ko yan kay Nadz. Ako yung best girl mo.”

“Siyempre naman mommy.”

He covers her hand with his, trapping her hands in between his, and massaging her knuckles.

“You scared for later? If you want I can stay the night… until Naddie gets here.”

She shakes her head at him tapping his cheek 

“Ikaw naman James, hindi mo naman ako kailangan bantayan. Sabi ni Nadz, lasing na lasing ka kagabi.”

“She’s lying, I wasn’t that drunk!”

“Sure anak, as if hindi pa kita nakita.”

“Mommy… kalimutan na yan.”

She chuckles and rests her head on top of his.

“Thank you anak binantayan mo ako. Kung wala ka mag-isa lang ako dito nakakatakot din…”

And it was true. Her husband had work and he had no more available absences so he had to go, and besides no one would take care of the kids especially when they still have school to worry about. 

And Nadine had to go to work too, and her siblings were also scrambling around work and family. And she understands that life was busy, but it took something else… for someone to go out of their way and take care of her.

“Ma, it’s no matter. You’re like a mother to me… I would always have your back.”

She feels the tears sting her eyes and she pats James’ cheek as he opens up the TV so they’d have something to watch.

“Ikaw talaga kaya ikaw yung favorite kong anak eh. Malambing.”

He chuckles, settling on a channel with her favorite cooking show and resumes patting her hand.

“I’ll tell Nadine you said that.”

“She probably knows.”

They have a laugh over that but when their laughter died down, her diagnosis weighed them down once more, like the elephant in the room James had been trying so hard to fight.

“Ma. You’re going to be okay. It’s just a disease.”

“Alam mo, thankful ako kay Lord, kasi binigay ka niya kay Nadine. Alam ko na… okay na siya, kahit wala ako.”


His tone sharpened and she knew he hates it, when she says that there’s a possibility she won’t win against this, but he had to know. She had to say it. Especially now as she feels the burn of the Doxorubicin run through her veins. And talking distracted from the pain.

“Anak, bibilin ko na sa’yo ha. Huwag mo sasaktan. Huwag mo iiwan. Pasayahin mo lagi… James. Bawal umiyak, rule number one ko yan.”

She held him close as she felt his tears drip through her soft cardigan and she heard him sniffle, and exhale on a ragged breath.

“I’m not crying.”

“It’s going to be okay. Take care of her for me okay.”

“You’re going to be okay. I believe in it.”

He gripped her hand tight in his and with a sigh, she let him be the optimistic one for the both of them.

August 2014


“Ma, she’s not even using it!”

“Nadine ibigay mo na, matutulog si James!”

She held back a chuckle as James stuck his tongue out at her and she threw her pillow at him huffing and puffing in her chair. 

Nadine turned accusing eyes at her mother and scoffed at her. “Minsan mommy iniisip ko sino ba talaga anak mo eh.”

“If you start acting like a better child than James, then maybe I’d favor you too.”


She grinned as her daughter huffed at her and her other child settle in to sleep in his chair. 

Over the past year James had become somewhat of a son to her. He didn’t have anyone on the set, and at first it was Nadine who tried to mother him. 

He didn’t have food, he’d always be sick and he didn’t even have a pillow and a blanket. And he’d always look so thankful whenever Nadine would take care of him, as if he’s so used to having no one care for him that the smallest acts from Nadine has him so touched.

Maybe that was the reason why her daughter who was so adamant she would not be prey to JC’s needs when he started demanding it of her, gave her all for the first time to the boy who never expected anything in return. 

She ruffled James’ hair and took a seat beside Nadine’s recliner wincing as her sudden movement hurt her cheek.

“Ma… you should get that checked out.”

The thing is she did, and she did not like the diagnosis and she had to come back for more tests. And she knew what more tests meant, but she didn’t want to burden Nadine… she already had so much on her shoulders…

“Anak, magiging okay ka lang ba kung hindi muna ako makakasama sa’yo sa tapings mo? Kaya mo nanaman mag-isa diba?”


She can see the worry immediately come over her eyes and she immediately waved her off.

“It’s nothing anak, I’m sure, pero just to be safe and sa totoo lang nakakapagod yung schedule mo and besides, okay nanaman kayo si James. So, hindi mo na ako kailangan diba.”

Her daughter looked at her with eyes that saw too much at such a young age and finally… she nodded.

It didn’t escape her eyes that Nadine turned away from her and pushed her chair closer to James, placing her face so near his that her forehead almost touched his, or how she snaked her hand under his as she just lay there wide awake.

The news came  on summer, while everyone was at home, and no one was filming anything. JC was at their house just visiting and she thought that was the support her daughter needed… so she broke the news. Sitting around their dinner table she took it in for a while, her laughing daughters, her sons… a moment when all was still right in her world.

“Kids. Mommy needs to tell you something.”

And suddenly everyone was silent, because they could all see how she’s been getting progressively tired and the frequent trips to the hospital…

“It’s cancer. Isn’t it?”

It was her son who piped it up, always the brainy one, he’s probably been reading up on it, as he’s been watching her closely for the past weeks.


And it wasn’t the sudden chaos she expected, it was a silence, that was so deafening because everyone was waiting for someone to say April Fools! or it’s just a joke but when it didn’t come the silence shattered.

Mimi started crying, and her husband had to immediately comfort her. Her son just nodded and started telling her every single thing they could do, her other boy just sat there, looking at her in shock, but his resolve firmed and he told his dad that he’d quit school to watch over her.

But it was Nadine she was most worried about. Her eyes glazed with tears that she refused to let fall, and she was shaking, just staring at her and gripping the table hard with her hands.

“It’s my fault. it’s my schedule.”

“Ate hindi.”

JC tried to wrap an arm around her but she shied away from him, instinctively and she was so focused on her that she didn’t notice how much that hurt JC.

“Bakit hindi mo sinabi agad?”

“I didn’t want you to worry.”

She let out a hysterical laugh and rose from the table.

“Okay. I won’t.”

“Nadine!” Dong gave a sharp warning which their daughter ignored and went up the stairs, slamming the door to her room.

The resounding echo of it reverberated throughout the suddenly silent house.

“Tita, susundan ko lang po.”


She stopped JC, casting an apologetic look towards him before sighing and turning to her husband. She wasn’t going to break. She was going to try to shoulder this on her own, her Nadine, always fearless, always trying to be strong. But today is not the day. Today she can’t be alone, and she knew none of them could be the comfort she needed.

She was a mother after all. And she loved her daughter. She knew her very well.

“Dong. Tawagan mo si James. Sabihin mo emergency.”

It was awkward when he arrived, because he looked ready to go to a party, and JC, with his prim and proper preppy politician outfit looked like a stark contrast to James’ white shirt, ripped jeans and black boots.


He scooped her up in a hug and rested his cheek against her head.

“Anak I’ll be okay.”

“I’m here okay, whatever you need. You’ll get through this. You can fight this.”

She patted his arm and tried to smile up at him. Always the optimist her James, always trying to find the Silver Linings even if there were none.

“Right now I need you to go get our girl. She hasn’t accepted it…”

“Has she been up there all along?”

She nodded her head and James cast a sideways glance at JC.

“You think I should really…”

“Jamie… you were the only one who ever could.”

She sees JC flinch at her words but right now her daughter was more important. 

James makes his way up the stairs and they all follow him to Nadine’s door.

He knocked softly and had no response from the inside.

He tried again and this time Nadine threw something against the door.


He sighed and laid a hand on the door knob. Looking at her and she prodded him to go on.

“Naddie. It’s me.”

She was silent for a while, and she thought she must have been mistaken, maybe even James couldn’t…

But then the door opens, and there was Nadine, her eyes still glazed with tears, but she knew not a single one has dropped. She wouldn’t let herself cry.

JC sucks in a breath beside her, realizing for the first time that this was something beyond his control.

“It’s just cancer right? It’s not deadly.” Denial. Nadine holds the doorknob tight with her hands her eyes so focused on James she wonders if she could see anybody else. 

James says nothing but he keeps his eyes on hers and Nadine seems to drink in his presence.

“Why her. Why is it always like this? What kind of a God does this?” Anger. James says nothing, he merely lifted a hand to Nadine’s cheek, softly stroking the arch if it, and she takes in a ragged breath, her voice starting to quiver.

“I have money. We can do this. Anything to save her, we can right?” Bargaining.

James nods his head at her, still saying nothing but now he pries her hand off the door, letting him open the door wider so he can step into her room and Nadine grips his hand with hers.

Her breathing growing harsher, her chest visibly growing up and down as she tried to gulp in each breathe of air beyond her rising hysteria.

“Why do bad things always happen, James? Why do bad things happen, I don’t… I can’t…” Depression.


Her name on his lips broke her and she watched as the first tear made it’s way down Nadine’s cheek, then another, and another and then she’s in James’ arms, her arms wrapped tight around his neck, her face against his chest as the sobs wracked her body and James held her tight, saying nothing, just holding on to her. Just holding her close.

“My mom has cancer James.” Acceptance.

“I know. But she’ll get through it. You’ll make sure she will.”

And despite her sickness she could breathe now, because her daughter was crying, and she had someone to hold on to her, to keep her together. 

She didn’t know how long they stood there, just listening as Nadine wailed in James’ arms, until her sobs quieted down to whimpers and finally she sagged against James, and James was whispering in her ear and he was lifting her into his arms and laying her down her bed, but Nadine grips him tighter around the neck when he tries to stand up and away from her.

“Please stay.”

Her daughter’s voice sounded so small, and so broken that with a sigh she looks to her husband.

“Jaye anak, okay lang ba, dito ka muna matulog? Ikaw na muna bahala, kasi… ayaw kami kausapin eh.”

“Okay po tito.” James murmurs awkwardly as Nadine keeps tugging him into bed with her, and he rests his back on her headboard and she rolls into him, burying her face against his chest once more and James wraps an arm around her, just rubbing her shoulder up and down.

I know you… I’ve walked with you… once upon a dream…” James’ soft voice filled the room and Nadine all but melted against him. She closed the door on the both of them and turned to face JC.

He simply smiled at her and turned to leave.

He never came back.

And as far as she saw Nadine didn’t care.



Nadine entered her hospital room with balloons and she grinned at the happiness in her daughter’s face and motioned a quiet with her lips gesturing to James who was dozing beside her on her bed.

Nadine’s eyes softened when she saw James and placed the balloons on the counter and went up to her and gave her a big hug.

“Kamusta ka today ma?”

She asked with a soft whisper mindful of a sleeping James and she raised her thumb up to indicate that she was okay.

“Getting better anak, don’t worry.”

Remission, her surgeries were okay and she was getting stronger each day, but still, she was fighting and these two with her were reason enough to keep on going.

“That’s good. You can do this ma, we believe in you!”

She laughs at her daughter’s chirpiness, she was getting to be more and more like James each day.

Nadine presses a kiss to her head once more before going over to the other side and pinching James nose close which had him swatting her hand away and waking up with a glare.

“What the-”

“Wake up! You said you were going to watch my mom but you ended up sleeping!”

He blinks and turns to her and he rubs his head with a sheepish smile.

“Sorry ma.”

She waves him off and motions to Nadine.

“Pakainin mo muna, hindi nakapag lunch kasi tulog.”

“What you didn’t it, habibi!”


Nadine began unpacking the care packs she had from home and building James a plate of food. James climbs off her bed and turns to her again.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m good anak, kain ka muna.”

“You sure? You want anything?”

“No, sige na hindi ka pa kumain.”

He nods and walks over to Nadine hugging her from behind and kissing her cheek.

Nadine retaliates by pressing a kiss to his cheek as well.

And she smiles, leaning back on her pillows just watching them, because she knows, whatever happens to her, they’d be okay.