pero like why does this shit happen to me

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My sister just told me that for years she though Louboutin and Louis Vuitton where the same thing and some people just pronounced them different and all I can think of is KiC Yuuri doing that and Viktor losing his mind in exasperation because the man he loves needs educated desperately

HAHA yesss 

“i just don’t trust a guy who’s got two first names, you know?” yuuri says conversationally. he picks up a fork and digs into his waffles. 

victor pauses as he’s about to sip his coffee. “what do you mean?”

“christian louis vuitton,” yuuri explains, chewing meaningfully. he swallows and waves a butter knife in the air. “it’s like, pick one.”

victor sets his cup down. something unbelievable is about to happen. “do you mean christian louboutin and louis vuitton?” he asks carefully. 

“no shit,” yuuri leans back and raises his eyebrows, “you’re telling me his name is even longer and actually that redundant?” 

“what? no. it’s—baby, it’s two names.”

yuuri’s face is curious. “why does he have two names?”

“they’re two different people.”