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The Public Square Belongs to 4Chan
In a few short weeks, He Will Not Divide Us went from celebrity-hyped exhibition to troll playground to dead. What happened tells us everything about the future of civic space and free speech in the age of the alt-right.
By Joseph Bernstein

If you set out to design a cultural event specifically to provoke the alt-right, it would be hard to improve on “He Will Not Divide Us.” While the group contains multitudes — Trump fanatics, anti–social justice warriors, trolls, ethnic nationalists, neo-Nazis, anime experts, and every conceivable permutation thereof — the piece was expansive enough to incite them all.

Start with semantics. If nothing else, the alt-right is all about division: between nations, between races, between genders, between religions, between ideologies, and between trolls and non-trolls. “[The title] is almost daring people to divide the work,” said Ben Davis, the national art critic for artnet News. “From an art point of view, it was the point of the project, I assume.”

The artists strenuously claim the piece is nonpartisan, and that the words can be, per the introductory text, “a show of resistance or insistence, opposition or optimism, guided by the spirit of each individual participant and the community.” But the media immediately reported the work as an anti-Trump protest, and it’s sort of hard to blame them: “He Will Not Divide Us” appeared the day of the inauguration, in New York City, where Hillary Clinton won nearly 80% of the vote, at the same time as protests against Trump massed in cities throughout the world. Realistically, who was going to be chanting those words?

If the event was alt-right catnip in theory, in practice it was irresistible. The footage from the first day is an unintentional masterpiece of Bannonian propaganda: A rich, white, half-Jewish, hip, liberal movie star (and his black, second-generation movie star friend) leading an ethnically mixed crowd in a piece of performance art that doubled at times as an anti-Trump demonstration, at a New York City museum whose board includes Jeff Zucker, Jeffrey Katzenberg, a labor union leader, and a hedge fund founder.

“It feeds into the right-wing narrative about coastal elites and Hollywood liberals, Meryl Streep versus Trump,” Davis said.

Perhaps most provocatively, as far as the alt-right is concerned, “He Will Not Divide Us” was participatory and livestreamed. Threads announcing the project appeared on 4chan’s /pol/ forum and other alt-right online communities within hours of the stream going live.

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30 things about me

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Nickname: Several, but “Mom” (or some permutation thereof) is the most common.

Name: Laura

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′3″

Time: 2:29 pm

Birthday: September 6

Favorite Band: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Favorite Solo Artist: If I had to pick one? Probably Elton John, honestly.

Song Stuck In My Head: “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon

Last Movie I Watched: Well, the last one I saw in a theater was Wonder Woman, I think.

Last Show I Watched: Probably Treehouse Masters, my husband loves that show.

When Did I Create My Blog: 11-11-11, which of course I can only remember by the repetitious nature of the date.

What Do I Post: A lot of Dragon Age - Varric in particular - and also a fair bit of nonsense from my other fandoms. My fan fiction. Weirdness from my real life. Occasional rants.

Last Thing I Googled: I was hoping to find a word that described something as looking like it’s made of water, but Google didn’t seem to understand what I was asking and kept sending me to very wrong places.

Do You Have Other Blogs: I run a sideblog, @sunny-stories, for my favorite DA OTP. I’m also the person behind @circlesunshine, which is a DARP blog, but I’m not wildly active there.

Do You Get Asks?: Occasionally, but not very often.

Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: It’s basically my brand name at this point. I’ve been using the name online for about twenty years. 

Blogs You Are Following: A couple hundred. I try to keep it low-ish so I don’t neglect anyone.

Followers: 1,060. I have no idea why.

Favorite Colors: Pink and gray, with a few other second favorites.

Average Hours of Sleep: On average, six to eight. Partly depends on if I’m in severe enough pain to take nighttime meds.

Lucky Number: 13

Instruments: None

What Am I Wearing: A Fullmetal Alchemist t-shirt and black shorts

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: At this time of year, I use an afghan my mother crocheted for me when I was in high school. It’s very light.

Dream Job: Pay me to read the words that are spewed out of my head…

Dream Trip: London

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Nationality: American

Favorite Song Now: I’m currently hooked on “Hero” by Skillet, which my bff brought to my attention.

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Stupidly Huge Wolfstar Reclist — Part II: R

Here we are, part two of the reclist! There are at least 150 pieces in this list, but probably closer to 175.

Links to stories and their creators are bolded/underlined or found in [ ] brackets.

The Rating Guide, Legend, and Genre breakdown have again been included below for your reference. HAPPY WEEKEND READING! :D

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Hi, readers! Author speaking! For the purposes of this blog, you can call me Froggy9, Rana Dorada, or any permutation thereof (Froggy, Frogbert, Rana, RD, and so on- go wild!). I’ve gone by Manami plenty of times online too due to RPing as her in several places, but I’d advise against calling me that- that’s the main character’s name, so it might get confusing! You can also call me Dan, but that’s my boring human name. He/him pronouns, please.

Anyway, for those already in the know, I’ve been working on this story for a long time. It features many of my characters from past works, so if you’ve RPed with me before, you might recognize a few faces! Being that I’m an old man I’ve RPed for over a decade and like variety among my characters, that makes for quite a diverse and fun cast that doesn’t always get along!

I know the initial post advertisement is hella vague, but I didn’t want to spoil too much. Suffice it to say, there will be plenty of paranormal and LGBT+ stuff. The narrative doesn’t take itself too seriously a lot of the time, but be forewarned it won’t always be light-hearted. Let’s just say, ‘in over your head’ is a recurring theme- and the reasons why might be more mundane than you think!

Story posts will be marked with #plotty goodness, whereas everything personal is marked #la rana esta hablando. Please be aware that there will be reading to do- I aim for each story post to be around 600 to 1000 words. I will try to accommodate for content warnings.

Anyway, I’d like word about my story to get out somehow, but I don’t know where to start. I know the topic won’t interest everyone, but I’m just trying to get started. Do you, dear reader, mind helping me somehow? I’d really appreciate that.

anonymous asked:

What are your Les Miz OTPs? :)


Valjean/ Happiness and Self Acceptance 

Fantine/ A Long and Happy Life With Her Daughter
Georges Pontmercy/ A Long and Happy Life With His Son IN THE REPUBLIC

Marius/ Getting A Clue 
Cosette/ Everything She Ever Wants Especially Her Family Being Honest With Her And Listening To Her Oh My God This Story Would Be 24601 Percent Less Tragic If People Listened To Cosette

Eponine/ A warm house with books and good food and friends 
she can share with Mabeuf and Mother Plutarch okay because THE SAME FOR THEM
Gavroche/a real family and awesome adventures
Les Amis/ Long and Happy Lives as awesome friends together IN THE REPUBLIC 


Tholomyes/ Getting Punched
Thenardier/ The Bottom of the Sea 
Gillenormand/ Stepping on Legos
Patron Minette/ Being arrested by an actual government that won’t just give them a pat on the back and send them out to kill old men?!? WHaT THE HELL RESTORATION WhAT THE H 

Javert/ dude I don’t even know I want you to be happy but in some way that doesn’t involve persecuting other people on behalf of the state so like maybe you can go somewhere quiet and think about what that might be for you and come back when you’re ready to share with the group??? I hear there are some nice dairies in Pontarlier hiring, you could check that out

I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT ALL THESE OKAY, give me these and I will so read your story

but you probably want like. OTPS between people. Uuhhhh OKAY  THAT IS SLIGHTLY TERRIFYING but HERE GOES. 

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