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Never Again

TW: Child Abuse

“Hey, you’re Mr. Y/L/N, right?” Sam questioned. “Y/N’s Dad?” 

“I’ll be damned.” The man turned around, narrowing his eyes. “Sam and Dean Winchester. How’d you two get locked up? Kill the wrong thing? Fuck up a job like your daddy always did?” 

“Actually our friend Deacon is the warden and we wanted to talk to you, so he let us in.” Sam said as Dean stepped forward.  

“I know what you did to Y/N and her mother.” Dean stalked forward, raising himself to full height. “Is that how you get off? Huh? Killing women? Beating up innocent little girls their whole lives?” 

“You and Y/N?” Y/D/N laughed in Dean’s face. “She’s more pathetic than I ever gave her credit for. Little slut, whoring around with Dean Winchester. She’s probably fuckin’ your brother too. Or maybe she does you both at the same time.” 

Dean lunged forward, throwing the first punch. He was relentless, brutally attacking your father until they were both pulled away and taken to the medical ward. 

Dean had been your boyfriend for over a year when he’d finally asked the question. He’d been your best friend and your confidant for several years before that. He’d always wanted to ask, but he was never confident enough, at least until now. “Hey.” He pulled you close and moved his hand up to cup your cheek and you instinctively flinched before relaxing into it. “Why do you do that, huh? Flinch whenever I touch you? You know I’d never hurt you, right?”

“I’m sorry.” You sighed, turning away and biting your lip. “I just…” 

“What? Y/N you can tell me.” Dean rubbed your back, waiting for you to keep talking. “You can tell me anything. You know that.” 

“My dad used to hit me when I was a kid.” You explained, letting the tears roll down your face. “All those times your dad and you guys would roll through town and I had broken bones or whatever and my mom said they were accidents…they weren’t. He’s been in prison for awhile. Since he killed her.” 

“You always said it was a demon who killed her.” Dean murmured. 

“Yeah…I lied. I guess I just…I didn’t want the pity from everyone. And I was gonna kill him myself but I couldn’t finish the job.” You wiped the tears from your cheeks and leaned against Dean, letting him wrap his arms around you, willing yourself not to tense or flinch. “He calls from time to time, just to harass me. To make sure I know he’s still here.” 

“Nobody’s ever gonna hurt you again.” Dean’s voice broke and you could have sworn he was crying, but you couldn’t see his face. He had buried his nose in your hair, holding you tight to him. “Especially not him. I’ll make sure of it. I promise.” 

“Hey.” You hugged Dean and Sam, kissing Dean quickly on the lips as he ran out of the prison. “Did you guys solve that case for Deacon?” You were visibly nervous, knowing that this was the prison your dad was in and you didn’t want to be anywhere near it, which was why you didn’t volunteer to help.  

“About that…” Dean hesitated a bit, biting his lip, a nervous habit he had when he didn’t want to tell you something. 

Sam glanced over at Dean and gave you another quick hug. “I’ll be waiting in the car.” 

“What? You didn’t solve it?” 

“There was no case.” Dean admitted, putting his arms around you just as the side door opened and a body in a body bag was removed. “I couldn’t let your dad get away with what he did to you…”

“Is that…” You gestured to the body, swallowing thickly. Dean nodded, waiting to gauge your reaction. You let out a sigh of relief, throwing yourself into Dean’s arms and sobbing into his neck. “Thank you.” You started to shake through your sobs. “It’s over. It’s finally over.” 

“He’s never gonna hurt you again, Y/N. I always keep my promises.” Dean murmured into your ear, clinging to you, holding all your broken pieces together.

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lena liking to mark her lovers is my favorite thing though?? like one time kara blows out her powers and so lena is actually Able to leave scratches and hickies and both of them love it


i’m so Shook n lena would be even more shook. she’d take that opportunity to leave a mark Everywhere.

but since she’s so used to not being careful about how rough she is, kara is like lena pls chill babe i can actually feel the Pain this time askdhfjasd n lena would place gentle kisses on every bite mark n scratch that she made.


probably my last work doodle + current mood

All I Ask of You

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 2007 (1753 without lyrics)

Summary: The Reader gets paired with Sam on a specific project.

Italics is the reader singing. Bold is Sam singing. Bold and Italics are both singing.

Listen to All I Ask of You here.

This is forย @nicolejones412 โ€˜s challenge!! I loved writing this, and I hope you all enjoy!

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