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Ok so I'm kinda crying because of a stupid reason... I failed my permit test. I know, it's ridiculous, but I was raised with the "DON'T FAIL OR YOU'VE REALLY MESSED UP" mentality and could you write something about how Peter Parker would react to a situation like that with his S/O? I need some cheering up :( But yeah I love your writing and I hope you have a great day!

(Don’t beat yourself up, you can give it another go! Driving is difficult to learn and it doesn’t come easily, it’ll come with time! I hope this helps cheer you up a bit)

You were aware of people staring at your tear-stained cheeks and red eyes as you trudged down the street towards your apartment building. A scrunched-up piece of paper was barely visible in your hand, as the words chased each other through your mind.

You had failed your driving test, after months of lessons, and you were devastated.

“(Y/N) hey!”

You looked up sharply to see your boyfriend, Peter, jogging towards you. Wiping your eyes hastily, you tried to smile convincingly at him.

“Hey Pete.”

“How did your test go?” he asked, and your eyes filled with fresh tears. Panicking, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to his chest.

“I failed,” you whispered through your sobs. “My parents are gonna be furious.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Peter told you in a soothing tone. “You just weren’t quite ready, you can try again when you are. And your parents should understand that this is something that takes a lot of work, not everyone can pass first time.”

“I worked so hard though,” you cried, burying your face in his shoulder. “I thought I could pass.”

“You will,” he reassured you, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “You’ll be my chauffeur in no time, don’t worry.”

You giggled, hitting his chest playfully. “In your dreams, Parker.”

He grinned at you, pulling away and linking your hand with his. “There’s that smile I love. Now let’s go back to mine, there’s a pillow fort and a Star Wars marathon with our names on them.”

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Story time: My tripS to the dmv!

Let me tell you about my trips to the dmv last week.

It was a bright and sunny Friday. My mom was taking me to the dmv so I could take my permit test. Early that morning, I was eating breakfast and she asked me if there was anything I needed to bring to my appointment. I checked online and found the list of things I needed in order to apply for a driver’s license, such as my birth certificate, proof of address, etc. So, I tell my mom and I’m asking her if we can go ahead and put my paperwork together. She gets annoyed with me because she doesn’t feel like getting up to look for my birth certificate. This was at like 9 o’clock in the morning, and my appointment was at 3 in the afternoon, so I guess I was being too “eager” or what eva. She goes on rambling about how she knows what I need to bring, and about how she’s gotten her license before, and basically insinuating that I’m rushing her. So, I left alone.

The clock strikes 2:30, and my mom and I rush out of the house to head to the dmv. As we’re leaving the house I notice that she’s carrying a folder with what I assume are the required documents for my dmv appointment. I don’t question her, or look in the folder myself. All I could think about was my test and how I needed to remember how much would one be fined for littering, or what was one to do if they had approached a traffic signal that was blinking with red lights, or how long was one to signal before merging into the bike lane to make a right turn.

We make it to the dmv soon enough, and I go into the building, stand in line, and wait to be given the application for a CA driver’s license and my number in line. They call my number over the intercom, and I walk over to the window I was referred to, where I was to finish the check-in process before taking my permit test. This is where you have to present your birth certificate and proof of address, along with your application. I take that folder my mom was holding, remove my paperwork from it, and slap it on the counter in confidence. While the man spreads the papers across the counter to look at them, my mom realizes that she put my brother’s birth certificate in the folder instead of mine! For a moment I was so crushed and slightly irritated because I thought we were going to have to reschedule my appointment for another day, and I had been waiting so long for this moment. Not only that, but my mom was trying to play off the fact that she grabbed the wrong birth certificate after talkin’ all that smack in the morning when I wanted to do something responsibly for a change!

Thankfully the man laughed it off and wrote me an impromptu appointment time, allowing me to run home to pick up my birth certificate, and come right back in an hour. My mom and I did as such, however, this little delay wouldn’t have happened if she would’ve let me put my paperwork together in the morning.

Needless to say, I passed my written test with no problem!

my brother was taking me to take my permit test and on the way there he was quizzing me and well....
  • Brother: *points to highway patrol car* What kind of officer is that?
  • Me: Highway Patrol.
  • Brother: What do they have jurisdiction over?
  • Me: The highway.
  • Brother: And…?
  • Me: …Patrol?
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: What exit did we just get off of?
  • Me: The building.
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: When a semi truck pulls next to you, what do you do?
  • Me: Cry.
  • Brother: No crying on the road, the salt blurs your vision.
  • Me: Pray that your vision will be ok whilst crying.
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: What highway are we on?
  • Me: The highest way highway.
  • Brother: *sighs*
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: When you stop at a stop sign what do you do?
  • Me: Stop
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: When you need to go uphill but the road is very icy how do you get uphill without slipping or losing control?
  • Me: Ask Jesus to take the wheel.
  • Brother: *sighs* No.
  • Me: Wait, you ask Jesus if his license is still valid and okay, then ask him to take the wheel.
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: How do you parallel park?
  • Me: You do the thing and then park in a parallel fashion.
I just passed my permit test omg omg!!!!!!!!