I went to the DMV to take my permit test today (passed it btw) and as I was leaving, a guy walked in with the grumpiest look on his face and I watched him go to his friend and tell him “i fucking failed because I didn’t know what a three point turn was, so I just drove in a circle three times” the other guy just looks at him and says “you stupid fuck” and honestly? reddie

For incoming high school seniors, your last year in high school is approaching, and this means you’ll start applying to different colleges and/or universities where you could potentially spend the next chapter of your life in. Here’s a list of tips that will guide you every step of the way, from choosing schools to filling up your application form. 

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101 Reasons NOT to commit suicide today

1. I’m (you’re) awesome.
2. Miraculous Ladybug Season 2
3. Try all pop tart flavors
4. Will Adele come out with a 27 Album?
5. I (you) haven’t traveled to all countries in the world
6. Will they make another Sherlock Season?
7. First female doctor (Doctor Who)
8. Rewatch reread Harry Potter
9. I (you) haven’t heard all songs in the world
10. First female US president
11. First openly gay US president
12. First trans US president
First US president of Asian decent
13. First Native American US president
14. First (insert thing that hasn’t happened yet) US president
15. I (you (maybe)) haven’t kissed anyone yet (romantically)
16. Will I (you) ever like alcohol?
17. What has happened to my (your) kindergarten teacher?
18. End to the civil war in Syria
19. Understand what is going on between Israel and Palestine
20. I (you) haven’t eaten entire bucket of ice cream
21. I (you) haven’t been to a concert for my (your) favorite band
22. I (you) haven’t baked a three tiered cake with FONDANT decor
23. I (you) haven’t gone skydiving
24. I (you) haven’t gone normal diving
25. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
26. I (you) haven’t gone to a pride parade
27. I (you) haven’t come out to your conservative family
28. I (you) haven’t been to Paris (and not gotten sick/hospitalized)
29. I (you) haven’t confessed your love to my (your) (past) crush
30. My (your) soulmate (I BELIEVE)
31. My (your) wedding
32. What is the undefined answer to something divided by zero?
33. My (your) best friends’ weddings and future kids (who are gonna be cray)
34. Are there aliens out there?
35. What in hell is a pop tart (insert all weird candy here)?
36. Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Ramadan, …
37. Will I (you) ever (finally) get a girlfriend (or significant other)?
38. Finding clothes I (you) feel HOT in
39. Will there be a Saeran or V route in mystic messenger?
40. Being able to drink legally
41. Going to university
42. Throwing an actual party (which I haven’t done)
43. Seeing what all my (your) friends end up doing with their lives
44. Will my (your) friend become a drunkard? @deathtobluejeans
45. Have a couch for my (your) possibly drunkard friend to use (I got you @deathtobluejeans)
46. Finish writing my (your) fan fictions
47. Will the US fall to shit?
48. Helping people if/when the US falls to shit
49. Laughing at a clown fish
50. Pull a successful prank
51. Stand up to the person who bullied me (you)
52. Having a successful come back
53. PUNS. That’s it just puns. Using them.
54. I (you might) want to go to some place where couples make out (like those Make out Point places in movies) and blast the Macarena and start to dance on top of my (your) car with my (your) future wife (spouse)
55. Having a child and showing them every Studio Ghibli Film and crying for hours
56. Will there be a toy story 4??
57. The Incredibles 2 (daarling)
58. Getting another (or just a) pet *cough* dogs rule *cough*
59. Doing pranks and such with my (your) child
60. Best friends’ birthdays
61. Pancakes.
62. Going skinny dipping
63. Getting into a college
64. Discovering/Eat more exotic food
65. Seeing gay marriage legalized in all countries
66. Helping the earth through climate change
67. See an armadillo in person
68. Summit (another) mountain
69. Will I pass my learners permit test?
70. Get my license
71. Breakfast tomorrow
72. Going to a music festival
73. Going to a film festival
74. Going to the oscars
75. Going to Shakespeare in the park
76. Directing my (your) own show
77. Create my (your) own album
78. Riding a bike and not falling on my (your) ass
79. Taking a nice shower
80. Seeing mental health being addressed in government/society
81. Overcoming my (your) anxiety, depression, eating disorder…
82. Becoming fluent in Mandarin (or other language)
83. Yelling at people in French (or another language you might be proficient or fluent in)
84. Becoming fluent in ASL and LSF
85. Sneaking out of my (your) house (to get food lol)
86. Watch my (your) favorite youtubers’ videos
87. Buying myself (yourself) lingerie
88. The feeling when I (you) ace a test
89. Falling in love (again) and when my (your) heart races
90. Miraculous Ladybug Seasons 3-483937373
91. Jam session in my (your) car
92. Making fun of my (your) best friend when around their crush
93. Getting a good night sleep.
94. Feeling the butterflies on my (your) first date with someone
95. Rewatching Pokémon (and finding my old deck (catch ‘em all)
96. What will I (you) have for lunch tomorrow?
97. Mike Pence official website
98. My (your) next birthday
99. Should I (you) get a tattoo?
100. I am (you are) unique in all the world and no one can ever replace me (you), because i am (you are) one in an infinite number of people that are or could have lived right now

101. Will there be another Avatar series (last airbender/legend of korra NOT THE BLUE PEOPLE)

my brother was taking me to take my permit test and on the way there he was quizzing me and well....
  • Brother: *points to highway patrol car* What kind of officer is that?
  • Me: Highway Patrol.
  • Brother: What do they have jurisdiction over?
  • Me: The highway.
  • Brother: And…?
  • Me: …Patrol?
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: What exit did we just get off of?
  • Me: The building.
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: When a semi truck pulls next to you, what do you do?
  • Me: Cry.
  • Brother: No crying on the road, the salt blurs your vision.
  • Me: Pray that your vision will be ok whilst crying.
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: What highway are we on?
  • Me: The highest way highway.
  • Brother: *sighs*
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: When you stop at a stop sign what do you do?
  • Me: Stop
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: When you need to go uphill but the road is very icy how do you get uphill without slipping or losing control?
  • Me: Ask Jesus to take the wheel.
  • Brother: *sighs* No.
  • Me: Wait, you ask Jesus if his license is still valid and okay, then ask him to take the wheel.
  • .
  • .
  • Brother: How do you parallel park?
  • Me: You do the thing and then park in a parallel fashion.
connor driving headcanons

kali and i were at chik-fil-a a couple of days ago and the whole time we were talking about connor murphy headcanons and this happened to be one of them -mod nat


got a request?

-connor murphy is a perfect driver he passed his permit and drivers test on the first try

-pretty much because he knew that if he could drive that meant more time away from his family

-he doesn’t mess around with driving, if someone’s in the car with him that he cares about he’ll be extra careful because he knows someone’s life is in his hands and he feels like no one really cared about him in that kinda way

-if he thinks he’s about to break hard he’ll put this arm out in front of you almost shielding you from the impact

-but when driving alone he is a little more reckless, not like Fast And Furious but he’ll probably run a light and go over the speed limit

-and you guessed it, the road rage is unreAL

-you’re not having the full Driving With Connor experience if he hasn’t flipped someone off

-he’s the kind of person that will go off for 10 whole minutes if someone cuts him off and WILL yell out the window

-”THE FUCK are you doing I HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY”

-his car is a MESS, a MF MESS

-he throws all his wrappers, dirty clothes, garbage over his shoulder so a pile of shit has accumulated

-he’ll clean up a little For You bc he doesn’t wanna seem like a pig but you’ve already seen what that mess looks like

-his parents insisted him to get a nice new super fancy car but he’d rather have this used older black car, it’s much more his School Shooter Chic

-that car is NOT clean. connor thinks car washes are pointless

-he always has one of those tree air fresheners hanging from the mirror to mask the smell of weed but it doesn’t work for SHIT

-doesn’t help that he has all that mf dirty laundry in there either

-whenever he just needs to get out he’ll just drive, usually at night and park somewhere to hotbox the fuck outta that thing

-connor’s the type of guy that keeps his free hand on your thigh DONT. fight me on this its mf CANON

-usually is the person who drives bc he knows how to get places quickly, he knows all the backroads and shortcuts

-his car seat is always reclined but pulled up close to the wheel he feels most comfy like that

-never EVER listens to the shit on the radio he cant stand it

-and he’ll never give you the aux cord

-you can pick from HIS phone and HIS playlists but never urs

-he also has a pack of cds in the glove compartment and he uses those a lot too

-one of your first dates was to a drive in theatre

-YOU decided on it but all connor wanted to do was make out with you

-and thats what you ended up doing anyway :)

-uuuhhhh thats all for now buddies

I just passed my permit test omg omg!!!!!!!!