SunFyre...words from a seated position: I'm Disabled and I Can Prove It

This is what it’s like getting “special benefits” as a “special interest”.

The DMV rocket scientist brigade offered me the chance to get my ID for free since I am disabled. Terrific.
We just need a doctors note verifying your disability. Apparently, sitting for an hour in the DMV in my wheelchair wasn’t verification enough.
Back to the doctor. Verified. Another hour at the DMV.
DMV - Here’s your card and your fee has been waived.
Me - Great, how much did I save.
DMV - $15
DMV – Would you like to apply for a disabled parking permit?
Me – Yes, please.
DMV – Great. We just need a doctors signature on this form verifying your disability!
Me – Doesn’t the other form I gave you today apply?
DMV – No, we have to have an original signature on both.
Me – Why wasn’t I giving both forms at the same time?
DMV – You requested a non-drivers license. We didn’t think you would need to park.
My parking permit would arrive in a week or so. It’ll hang on my mirror with its oversized bright blue wheelchair. Then I’ll be able to park in a space with an oversized bright blue wheelchair on it, marked by a sign with an oversized bright blue wheelchair. It’s conveniently near curb cut, marked with… Yeah.
Outside the DMV, my van was parked on the street in a handicapped space.
Under the wipers, a ticket.
My van has a raised roof, a lower floor, and a ramp that slides underneath. The body extensions to cover the works make me feel like I’m driving one of those GTA vehicles, running from the cops, and shooting at pedestrians. All I needed is some lights underneath to be a playa’.
Then I remembered that I’m driving a Toyota minivan. I ain’t no playa, it’s just how we roll!
Apparently the Parking Enforcement Officer, which is only one initial shy of a PEON, gave me a ticket for parking my accessible van in an accessible parking space. Handwritten on the violation was the words “no permit”. Apparently this permit thing that I haven’t had for years is a bigger deal than I had imagined.
Went back inside the DMV. They said they couldn’t do a thing. Fill out the form and plead “not guilty” and write a letter explaining the situation.
Form filled. Form mailed.
10 days later, I open the mailbox.
DMV, office of handicap parking. Looks official. Yeah, parking permit.
District Magistrate, Office of Appeals. Also looks official. Boo, my not guilty plea means I have to go to the magistrate in person a month later.
I rolled into the magistrate court with parking permit in hand.
The Judge
His Honor – “Handicapped parking violation? How do you plead?”
Me – “Not guilty.”
His Honor – “Do you have a parking permit?”
Me – “Yes, it’s right here.”
His Honor – “Why wasn’t it on the vehicle?”
Me – “I was inside dropping off the application.”
His Honor – “So the permit was not yet valid on the date of the ticket?”
Me – “No Sir. Am I required to have a permit to use the space?”
His Honor – “No Son (again with the "son”). The permit prevents fraud.“
Me – "Is there an abundance of parking fraud?”
His Honor – (Clearly getting perturbed) “Apparently there is, we wouldn’t have a permit.”
Me – “So I am legally allowed to use the space if I’m disabled, even without a permit.”
His Honor – “Yes, absolutely. As long as you were disabled at the time of the incident.”
Me – “Okay. I’ve been a wheelchair user for 40 years.”
His Honor – “No problem, I will find you not guilty pending documentation for the record.”
Me – “Documentation?”
His Honor – “Yes, it’s simple. All we need is a note from your doctor!”

Welcome to John Ball Zoo

Hello Listeners.

A few more details about this coming Thursday, July 28.

I plan on meeting at John Ball Zoo at about 1PM. The park is open 9AM to 6PM that day, so feel free to arrive earlier. I will probably wait just inside the park admission gates for about a half hour, just to let people catch up before moving into the park. The zoo website says that it takes about three hours to see the entirety of the park, so there’s plenty of time to see all the creatures!

Admission price for JBZ is $10 for adults (13+) but offers a $1 discount to those with a valid student ID.

Tobacco products are not permitted inside the park. No cigarettes, chewing tobacco, e-cigs, or vapes. Please, leave them at home.

From my experience holding meetups and events in public places, most zoos and parks do not allow masks, full face paint, horns, or similar props inside the park. At JBZ, over the top makeups can startle animals, and it might be a good idea to tone down some of your usual cosplays for this public event. Also, the weather forecast for Thursday in Grand Rapids is rain/thunderstorms and 80+ degrees. Dress accordingly. Be prepared to get wet.

Do not bring food or beverages into the park. 

At this time, no photoshoot is scheduled. This event is just a chance for like minded people to gather together, see some animals, and enjoy each other’s company. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

-Radio Host Kioni

the Best Thing Ever is when you go to your car for the first time in a week and find you you have three ($40 each) parking citations!!! and your parking permit was on the floor …. of your car , literally…… right There :0) and there’s nothing they can do :)))))

I was at CSULB for orientation today. My day was off to a rough start. I woke up on time, 6am. I knew I had to be there by 8. It’s normally a one hour drive, but it’s a weekday morning. But I ended up leaving home a little before 7 because I decided eating was a good idea, and I also forgot to print my parking permit. 

I was 45 minutes late. Traffic was atrocious. Estimated ETA had me getting there at 8:20. I felt so helpless watching that ETA tick up slowly.  I couldn’t find the building we needed to check in at, and I parked super far. I ended up calling the office, super stressed, and they told me they’d send a person to meet me in front of the hall. I somehow ended up at the actual hall they were having the orientation. So I didn’t have any of my swag, or nametag. One of the organizers, who was very kind got it all sorted out though. The fact that I got to interact with a friendly face after the hell I had gone through made me feel a lot better. I’m glad I got to thank him when the day was done.

Anyway, the actual day was standard stuff. Here’s what to expect, get involved, talk to your professors, general ‘don’t be an asshole,’ type stuff. At lunch we got El Pollo Loco bowls, but it was hot, and I didn’t feel like eating a hot bowl of food so I didn’t eat. Instead I walked ALL the way back to my car and drove to the parking lot we were supposed to park in. Blessed I didn’t get a ticket. 

Then we registered for classes and that was it. Oh, and I got to sit in 2 hours of traffic coming home. 

Long story short, I’m super excited to start this next chapter. 

And I made sure to get my hand print scanned to use their super cool gym when the semester starts. I don’t know how much time I’ll spend in there, but who knows, maybe I’ll get super ripped, finally. Then I can stunt on all my haters with maximum efficiency. 

So yeah. Go beach!