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Fill-a-Page February day 23!

I was in a Kuroo kind of mood today. His hair is such a disaster zone omg.
Community Post: One Direction Marches Back Into Madness Round 2
Welcome to the Second Round!! You all are THE BEST (even if I'm questioning your taste lol) Let's find One Direction's Best Song!! Keep it positive and let's have fun as a fandom! Highlight Reel: W...
By RifaG


  • Harry: Excuse me Minister would you please sign my Hogsmeade permission slip?
  • Cornelius Fudge: In case you haven't noticed Harry, I'm weird. I'm a weirdo. I don't fit in. And I don't want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid lime green bowling hat on? That's weird.
hiatus 🍊

hello!!! unlike most of you here, school starts in june for me and since i’m not that good at multi-tasking and ignoring impending responsibilities i’ll give up tumblr for a (really, really long) while! 

i won’t be here to check asks, messages, notifs, etc and i won’t be replying to people’s posts anymore :( but i’ll try my best to be here when i can!! if ever you want to stay in contact somehow just message privately and i’ll give my snapchat, imssg, whatever there is to ask haha

also if we’re mutuals pls reply with your favorite emoji if it’s alright for me to visit your archives when i can to queue posts! ♡

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Hey is it alright if I base a cosplay off of your altean lance art? As well as repost your art on my instagram


And if you wanted to post my art alongside your cosplay, please can you credit this tumblr and tag my IG account? It’s emily_fay_ <3 Thank you!

Soaked to the Bone

Pairing: Guzma/Reader
Plot: After completing your island challenge you go to visit Kukui, but end up getting caught up in a rainstorm. You and your team take shelter in a quaint little house on route 2, when one of the residents arrives home unexpectedly and finds you half dressed, soaking wet, and standing in his room.
Warnings: Smut, rough sex, possible dubcon
Notes: Hey I haven’t posted in like half a year what’s up I’m still alive and let me tell you, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would write porn for a fuckin Pokémon game but here we are. I hope you guys don’t mind but I’m REAL DEEP in Sun and Moon and I found a new trash husband. I’ll write for Marvel again but right now I’m in a huge Pokémood and there’s only like a few fics for this guy and I haven’t seen any on Tumblr?? I gotta get this smut train rollin one way or another

“Oh my gosh, really, you don’t have to do this-“ you stutter, waving your hands back and forth as you stare at the woman in front of you. “Oh nonsense dear! We’re moving, and I don’t want you to be out in the rain like this, champion of Alola or not!” The woman said, grabbing another box and handing it to a Machamp. “But I-“ You tried to protest, but the woman completely ignored you, her husband waiting impatiently by the door.

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One of the weirdest characteristics of education in our (western) society… is that our approach to education is extraordinarily authoritarian. It is obsessed with compulsion and control. So the child in the modern classroom may not move, speak, sing, laugh, eat, drink, read, write, think their own thoughts, look out the window, or even use the toilet without explicit permission from an authority figure.

In WEIRD (western educated industrialised rich democratic) societies we are so habituated to this appalling lack of personal freedom that it has become functionally invisible to us and in a truly Orwellian twist, many people now consider it a ‘fundamental human right’ to be legally compelled to learn what somebody in authority says they have to learn.

—  Carol Black 
Brotzly Week Day #4: ‘Laugh’

Look, Todd knew he could be a bit of a miserable asshole. It was true. He didn’t smile all that much (although that had been changing recently, and he suspected a certain holistic detective was to blame), and he laughed even less. It was a fact of his life, and he was at peace with it.

Dirk, however, was not.

Todd was so caught up in a rare belly-laugh at one of Amanda’s jokes, that he didn’t notice the quiet beep of Dirk’s phone right as he started. He noticed the one after the laugh was done though, and he turned his head to find Dirk pointing his phone directly at Todd, face stretched in a triumphant beam.

“Got it!” said Dirk proudly, withdrawing the phone and flicking the screen.

“What? Got what, what’s going-?”

He was cut off by the sound of his own laughter ringing out from Dirk’s speakers. Dirk smiled smugly, tapping the screen a few more times. “Looks like I’ve got a new ringtone!”

“What the-? Dirk, what the hell?!”

“Calm down, Todd,” said Dirk with a light snort. “You’ve got a lovely laugh and I don’t hear enough of it! I just thought I’d take matters into my own hands.”

“Dirk, you can’t have me laughing as your ringtone it’s… it’s weird!”

“People have their significant others as lockscreens, no?” Dirk argued, turning his phone for Todd to see. Sure enough, the screen was filled with an unflattering picture of Todd’s sleeping face pressed into the couch cushions. “I think it completes the theme.”

“Dirk, it’s creepy!” Todd insisted, flustered. “People are gonna hear that and, and- how would you like it, huh? If I just- just used your voice as a text alert without permission? It’d be weird, right?”

Dirk looked… a little too happy. “I’d be touched, actually.”

“Oh, yeah? How ‘bout we put that theory to the test, hm?” Todd said, sliding his own phone out of his pocket and flicking to settings (completely ignoring the photo of Dirk attempting to play Todd’s guitar with his tongue sticking out in concentration on the lock screen- it wouldn’t help his case right now). “Just a sec- there!” he tapped ‘preview’ and Dirk’s laugh rang tinnily out of the speakers, filling the office. “Not so flattering now, right? Anyone within ten feet of me is gonna hear that every time I get a message and-“

It was at that moment that he remembered who else currently was within ten feet of him, and he stiffened. Slowly, he turned his head back round, and came face to face with his sister’s look of delighted disbelief.

“So,” she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “You’ve already got his laugh recorded, huh?”

Shit. “I… I was trying to prove a point!”

“What point?”

That Dirk shouldn’t be self-conscious about his laugh because it’s one of the cutest I’ve ever heard. “That… that he sounds like a donkey when he laughs.”

“Oh, really?”

Dirk looked at Todd, eyes wide. “So… you really don’t like it?”

SHIT. “Wha- no! No, Dirk, I love it, really, I-!”

“Ha!” Amanda yelled, triumphantly finger-gunning. “Knew it! You’re a fucking sap!”

“No, I’m not, I’m-!”

“Ah ah ah, too late,” she crowed, slapping him on the back. “Dude, it’s okay. You’re a grown-ass man with a cute dorky boyfriend- you can quit pretending to be edgy!”

Todd wanted the ground to swallow him up. “Hey, I’m not pretending anythi-!”

“Uh huh, yeah, tell it to someone who still buys your bullshit,” she said, shaking her head and standing to shrug on her jacket. “Sorry, guys. Hate to break it to you but you’re fucking cute. Kudos. Later, nerds. Enjoy your matching ringtones!”

She sauntered off, probably to go bug Farah instead, giving Dirk the customary wave and Todd the customary middle-finger on her way out.

Todd glowered after her, and turned to Dirk- who had far too smug a look on his face. “We’re not- I’m- I am not… cute!”

“Whatever keeps you sane,” Dirk simpered, eyes crinkled with amusement. “What’s for dinner?”

“…I was gonna make spaghetti.”

“Sounds lovely, dear.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

  • someone: saying "they" in a singular sentence just feels so uncomfortable
  • me: existing in this cissesxist and transphobic society that continues to gender my body without my permission according to their weird arbitrary binary system is also uncomfortable but I manage, Helen
RPDR: Snatch Game and Copyright Issues

So people have been asking why RPDR contestants cannot perform as fictional characters on the Snatch Game. RuPaul has clarified why the queens cannot.

The reason why Max couldn’t do Miranda Sings (like she did it on her audition tape)

is the same reason Acid Betty couldn’t do Pepper from American Horror Story.

Originally posted by ahslove15

Even Raven came dressed as the Evil Queen from Snow White for Season 2′s reunion special but was told by the production team she had to get a new outfit to wear. Why? Because all those characters are copyrighted and come cases are probably trademarked.

Copyright Protection provides the owner exclusive rights to use, copy and adapt the fictional characters, as well as other related rights, subject only to copyright defenses such as fair use or expiration. Trademark Law may protect the names, physical appearance, catchphrases, and certain other elements of fictional characters, provided that they are used on goods or services, identify and distinguish the source of the goods or services from those of others, and are either inherently distinctive or have acquired secondary meaning (i.e., meaning in the consuming public’s mind as a source identifier for the relevant goods or services).

Even when Raja played Tyra, they had to blur out the official Tyra Show logo shirt she was wearing…because the show would have had to pay for it. Pretty much anytime you see parts of their clothes or hats blurred or covered, it’s because it has a trademarked logo they do not want to pay to air.

For example, if you purchase an authorized Darth Vader costume or toy lightsaber, you know the source, directly or via license, is from either Lucasfilm or Disney. Trademark protection of a fictional character provides the owner with the exclusive right to use the character in connection with goods and services, as well as the right to prevent the unauthorized use of the character in connection with goods and services of infringing third parties.

So, if hypothetically, a queen wanted to perform as Madea on Snatch Game, Tyler Perry could see it, and either hate what the queen has done with his character or just want to deter other people from using the character, Perry could sue RuPaul, World of Wonder, and Viacom (the parent company of Logo TV). 

Also, there is no “be sure you’re in the clear” for using copyrighted characters unless you have gotten express written permission from the copyright holder first. One issue with copyright violation is that if somebody wants to argue it in front of a judge, they can do so. Even if you’ve done the most parodyish thing and stamped “this is a parody” all over it, the copyright holder can still sue. Weird Al Yankovic still asks for permission to use songs he wants to , even though he is the poster child for parody.

Parodies are not free from legal issues or prosecution. The estate of Margaret Mitchell sued author Alice Randall and her publishing company, Houghton Mifflin, on the grounds that Randall’s novel, The Wind Done Gone was too similar to Margaret Mithcell’s Gone with the Wind, thus infringing its copyright. The case attracted numerous comments from leading scholars, authors, and activists, regarding what Mitchell’s attitudes would have been and how much The Wind Done Gone copies from its predecessor. The cover of the book bears a seal identifying it as “The Unauthorized Parody.” It is parody in the broad legal sense: a work that comments on or criticizes a prior work.

And even when the queens do portray actors, they specifically have to say that they are portraying said actor. So when BenDeLaCreme portrayed “ Dame Maggie Smith” Ben was Dame Maggie, even if she was really impersonating the Dowager Countess character from Downton Abbey.

Drag Race would have to lawyer up, but doing what they want without asking permission first is still leaving them open to having to prove said parody in court. Even if their lawyer says that they’ve got a 100% chance of winning in court, you still have to go through the effort and expense of appearing in court to do so.

Telling Someone You Want To Kiss Them

This one is dedicated to @zut-ara​ who sent me a prompt a while ago to write a scene between Katara and Zuko after the Ember Island Players show, and who also is a main part of the reason I decided to make this blog. Follow her if you don’t; she’s fantastic. This one’s for you! 

I made a mistake.

Katara laid stretched out on the sand, her back against the grains, hair fanning out around her, and turned her head from the full moon above to the person sitting next to her. Zuko was facing the bonfire, staring into the flames intensely. The fire illuminated the prince’s face, light dancing off his pale skin. Katara watched him, unable to look away. There was no other way to word it. Right at that moment, he looked beautiful.

I made a mistake, she thought again.

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Are therapy dogs okay to pet with permission? I had a weird encounter last week where there was a person with a dog and the dog had a best that said therapy dog, I didn't notice immediately so I was like "aww how cute!" and the person was like "would you like to pet her?" Does it just vary case by case? Normally I don't even look at dogs once I notice they're wearing a vest. Is there a difference between service dog and therapy dog etiquette?

Yeah therapy dogs are typically in public situations to provide comfort. So places like a hospital or nursing home, even colleges will have dogs going around for pets. They are not the same as service dogs, they do not get general public access or have a job to do other than provide affection. So if you see a dog in a mall, for example, then it is either in training or at work. While you might be wanting affection from a dog at the mall, unfortunately that is not a normal setting for a therapy dog. Same with restaurants, grocery stores, the street..

Imagine finding out that Rafael sometimes worries about your age difference

(A/N: In honour of Raúl Esparza’s birthday. Fair warning I made him a bit younger in the story because I don’t know if him and Barba are the same age. Bit either-way I hope you all enjoy this. Also do you guys like the re-vamp? Yay or nay?) 

Imagine finding out that Rafael sometimes worries about your age difference

When you started dating Rafael Barba you were twenty-five years old and he was thirty-seven years old.

A twelve year age difference.

You were only in your first year as a Detective and your transfer to Manhattan’s Special Victims Unit when he became your departments ADA. You were a new, bright-eyed but gifted and talented detective with an infamous last name to live up to, at that point. He was a seasoned attorney at that point, who was well-versed and experienced in the law with an impressive reputation.

You hit it off straight away. You found each other amusing and almost instantaneously developed the typical ‘old married couple’ esque relationship. You were both heavily sarcastic and your verbal sparing sessions were legendary. What you liked was that he was never scared to challenge you or insult you for that matter. He wasn’t scared of your last name unlike most who had to get to know you before getting comfortable around. Granted, that hadn’t been a problem at SVU. You very different but at the same time, you both had a lot in common.

It took six months after meeting for your relationship to turn into a banter and flirty filled friend/colleague relationship to a romantic one. You’d been physically attracted to him from the start but in a way, you were sort of glad that you had taken so long to act on your feelings. You developed a deeper more meaningful attraction and liking. You had waited because you never thought that he would like you the same way you liked him and you had assumed that he had waited so long for the same reason. Back then you would never have thought it would have also been because of your age difference.

It took six months of sexual tension and one length trial to bring you two together and you hadn’t been apart since. From their lead to what is now a three-year relationship. You’d moved in with each other after a year and he had proposed to you on your third anniversary a few months back. You both couldn’t be happier. You were now twenty-eight years old and he was approaching his fortieth birthday.

The age difference rarely came up. In fact, since the day you had met, you’d only actually ever thought about it handful of times. If you were honest, you never really felt it. You and Rafael had so much in common that you never ran out of things to do and or talk about. You’d always dated older men, granted none of them twelve years older. It didn’t really bother you. The way you saw it was he was the same age as your older sister Erin, who wasn’t that old despite all the jokes you made at her expense and he wasn’t closer in age to your Father than he was to you so you didn’t see the problem.

You loved him and he loved you. Twelve year was nothing really. What was twelve years compared to the lifetime you’d get to spend together? You had always assumed that Rafael felt the same way about the issue, despite never really talking about it. Maybe, you should have and that way you wouldn’t have been so surprised when it was brought up.

“And where are you going?” Rafael asked, curious, looking up from his book as you stepped into the room.

“An impromptu bachelorette party.” You informed as you smoothed out your shorts and shirt as you quickly glanced at yourself.  

“For who?” he asked, putting the book down and looking directly at you now by turning his head to the side.

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