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Rating: Teen and Up

Pairing: Reaper/Reader

As infamous as he is, even the Reaper is still just a man.

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You have missed the bus. Of course. It is not often you are called upon to visit the offices where you technically work; as their best programmer you’ve been given permission to work from home. The next bus doesn’t get here for another hour - God only knows why - which is how long it will take you to walk, if you hurry.

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anonymous asked:

don't know if u already know this, but there's an account on Wattpad called harryscrosstat that posts a lot of yours and permanentcross's work and some others too. I always assumed you would've given them permission but maybe not lol hope this helps :)

I just went on to check them out and honestly… I’m sorry I’m using your ask to say this but I have to. You see… it doesn’t matter if people give credit to the owners of the fics they’re reposting. It doesn’t matter if they say they’ll take it down if we ask. It doesn’t matter. We, as the writers and creators of these stories, want to be fully in control of where they’re posted. If we’re only posting on tumblr, that means we only want them posted here. And just because they’re posted on the internet, it doesn’t mean people have the right to take that content and do with it as they please.

It also doesn’t matter if they ask us to post, because, either way, I’m gonna say no. Because it’s my story. My work. My idea. And I do with it as I please. And people don’t have the right to steal it but they do it anyway, they do it out of spite. It’s not fair and it’s not okay to do this to us and then expect us not to react.

If you guys are still reading this, PLEASE, report this user too. This is getting very tiring and I’m furious and this is not funny, it never was.

Let’s talk about Nightmare Hospital

Connie’s character has progressed a lot, and I think this might be the episode that shows it best at this time. When we first met her, she was lonely and unconfident. This has changed the more time she’s spent with Steven.

The friendship between Connie and Steven has been shown to be quite mutually beneficial. They seem to positively affect the others mental health, giving each other outlets they might not have otherwise. 

And now that Dr. Maheshwaran has officially given Connie permission to fight alongside Steven, I think it’s safe to say Connie is now a part of Steven’s Universe.

With wonderful visuals and music added to consideration, Nightmare Hospital gets a 9/10.


Mark this one down as not as awful as it could have been. I’ve had a bit of a head cold recently and it started getting way worse last night. This morning I woke up with a sore throat, runny nose, headache and absolutely no desire to run. I weighed the possibility of skipping it, but I decided to take some Benilyn and push myself out the door once I remembered the above-the-neck-rule (you’re safe to train through sickness if your symptoms are above the neck).

Once I started running though, I felt pretty okay. I ran my usual 8 km route in reverse, which always somehow tricks me into thinking I’m running somewhere new and interesting. And I listened to an awesome podcast interview of the editor of Women’s Running Magazine, which was very effective distraction. I’d given myself permission to go as slow as I needed, but I didn’t end up much slower than I normally am for my base runs.

One weird thing though is I got the most powerful craving for a popsicle. I literally have not sought out a popsicle to eat since I was a child, but I could not stop thinking about it. So after my run and the busiest brunch shift of my life, I decided I deserved one.

“To anyone who uses “how would you like it if someone RPed as you?” as an argument against irl person rp I only have this to say: I would be honoured. RPing as someone shows you find them fascinating enough, interesting enough, just generally GOOD ENOUGH to be worth your time. There are several irl people who’ve given permission for people to RP as them so maybe consider that before you start guilt tripping me for taking comfort in using one of my idols as a mask. Kay?“

Today on Random Moments in Fic I Randomly Think About:

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I don’t actually like Small Lives Awake as much as JET’s other stuff for some reason, maybe it’s too family-ish. But I think about that love letter. It’s one of the few believable Mulder and Scully endearments I think I’ve read in fic.

‘Iris - last seen tampa, fl –>
Maybe killer lived there temporarily?
Injuries not consistent with others
Sept 12, foster medical: nurse, x-rays
Sister hasn’t given permission yet
Yeats?  He’s quoting Yeats?
Officer m’s theory - was vic drowned?
Ugly curio cabinet moved into hallway’

I commissioned the lovely and extremely talented @meowpolis for this beautiful man and his best boy. I’m beyond pleased with how it turned out!! My heart is bursting with love 😍😍😍😍. So thank you again (I really can’t say it enough) for your wonderful work and blessing this fandom with such beautiful art.

All credit goes to @meowpolis and I was given permission to post! Please do not repost anywhere without her consent! I cannot stress that enough!

Hey #Sidon fans…have you still been wondering who voices this handsome fish-man? 

What if I told you I’ve known & NOW I CAN OFFICIALLY TELL?

The voice actor for Sidon in Breath of the Wild gave me the Green Light to talk about their involvement! I’m going to drop the news at 5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern Time TODAY.

For reference, the currently listed voiceover artist for the role on Behind the Voice Actors (Bill Rogers) is INCORRECT. The official VA for Sidon has not been announced before now!

The news will be posted on here as well as on Twitter, so don’t miss out if you’ve been curious! This is not a joke or a fake-out; I was given permission to release the official info and will be doing so at the stated time. :D