About 30 minutes ago I saw a post by fellow tumblr-r SweetHearted, HARK she is the purveyor of a new zine project with a working title of PERMATEEN ZINE or somesuch- I messaged her a while ago saying I felt like a perma-teen jovially and am flattered this may have taken root in her mind and ended up the title of her zine. Or perhaps I flatter myself thinking my flippant comment was that original!

I believed that I was relatively alone in seriously addressing the prevalence of the ‘perma-teen’ in what is now quite a popular subcultural phenomenon. It is odd and yet reassuring to think that someone has been having the exact same feeling as I. Re-animating our late 90s/early 2000 identities or just having another stab at the teen game- playing with your identity, informing your taste with new music, movies, fashion etc. Perma teen behaviour isa kinda personal matter for me, as I feel I missed out on a lot of my teen years by trying to grow up too fast, so here’s to regression *clink glass*

Only yesterday I was watching a program about teenagers on bbc ipplayer where even the 1990s teenagers were ungrateful for what seems to be their most open playful and vulnerable stasis from childhood to adulthood that is teenagerdom. The program is contemporary yet I feel it’s already dated and the vox pop of d-list celebs and industry types they used were so much uncooler than their teenage selves, despite their self satisfaction at their current banal liftestyle choices. Sure I was a huge huge dorky teen but I have found my identity has never cemented, I'v always continued to experiment and have fun and have failure(mostly) with all my lifestyle choices.

Some nobody lamenting her former far more awesome teen self.

It’s also played a large part part in my musings in recent text posts- the foray into tumblr fame and the other 90s appropriation post. This has not been a sudden realisation but a gradual one, which I had for a while tried to suss out and came to the conclusion that there is no singular culpable party for revisiting my teen ways… hmmm I am really excited about contributing to this zine! I hope that some of my questions can be answered and I can feel at home amongst the submissions for a zine so almost custom made for my studies and tastes! YAY.

Make sure to follow the links to sweethearted’s blog in the intro, get involved and submit! :)


I came up with an idea for a comic and character, then composed the first oversized panel which details the origin of the character, edited and sent to editor in just 4 hours. It’s very tongue in cheek but I’m pleased with something I’ve created for once and I will keep you posted and show in due course. It will be published in PERMATEEN ZINE, editor of which is SarahDeetz.  YAY!