(thank you Mimi once again @fluffyscary-mika)

This is a permanent starter call. By liking this it gives me permission to send you memes, random asks and tag you in random starters. 

There are just some mutuals that I been too afraid to approach because I feel like I would be a bother and not welcome. So this is where this comes in. I see a lot of it around anyways wanted to do one. So yea)

Permanent starter Kall

Liking this would mean that I am allowed to invade your inbox with ask, memes, starters or just plain IC shinanigans.

Mutuals only(this is a side blog so if i follow you back, I will be following you from my main blog crimsoiwolf)

Got any questions, feel free to IM me

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I feel like I’ve been body snatched or something. Like, I’ll be speaking, but my voice sounds foreign, and I’m not saying what I mean. I’m just responding automatically.

When I try to talk or explain something consciously, everyone stares at me and it becomes apparent that I’m saying something crazy and then I stumble over everything.

I feel like an imposter. All my emotions make no sense and feel forced.

Is there a term for this?

Permanent Starter call

This basically means that I will write a starter for you if I feel like it, and I know it’s been around for a while, but this one has a twist.


meaning basically that the starter won’t be longer than a paragraph, could also just be a one-liner. Depending on what I feel like doing.

By liking this, you give me permission to raid your memes and AUs and wishlist and throw things at you. 

There’s one for the longer starters here .