piratedashmod replied to your post “y do ponies wearing lipstick look so wrong to me like n o  t h a n k s”

Admittedly I thought it made them look prettier.

Apparently u know nothing of makeup.  There’s a whole thing w/ color combos and making it work on horses is a nightmare.  PLUSSSSS only unicorns prolly could properly apply it on and even still, lipstick can be pretty gaudy

Sugar and Spice

Kimberley Kyle sat down on the couch that Saturday evening looking at her best friend, who sat opposite her. The redhead already looked exceedingly dolled up, tanned and had just returned from her trip from Dubai. She’d not seen Grace in months and understandably they had a lot of catching up to do. For example on how Kim had suddenly gotten rich enough to afford two houses, a walk in wardrobe and practically clothes for every day of the year. She also had a new car - a rarer sleek Porsche and a permanent lipstick smile. She was hanging around Grace, hoping that instead of telling her she’d show her instead - how she’d outdone herself. “You should come tonight you know Grace, see how it is.”

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