permanent vacation

  • 5SOS's management: ok your target audience is obviously 9-13 year old girls so we're going to try to help you appeal to younger kids and families
  • 5SOS: *write an entire album about hooking up with girls*
  • 5SOS: *breakthrough hit is literally about underwear*
  • 5SOS: *make sex jokes all the time*
  • 5SOS: *curse on stage 263343 times per concert*
  • 5SOS: *get a ton of tattoos and piercings*
  • 5SOS: *hanging out and writing songs with pop-punk legends*
  • 5SOS: *seriously the most irreverent and inappropriate pack of boys i've ever seen and they know it*
  • 5SOS: *start putting out songs that are more pop-punk and have nothing to do with girls and everything to do with calling out society*
  • 5SOS management: wow shit nevermind then

Sounds good feels good (pt. 1)

yes, I do recycle backgrounds because I really like some and really good ones are hard to find

also, I decided not to do Hey Everybody! and Money because I couldn’t find the right background for it and I don’t want to search for more. sorry to all those who favor those songs.

also I will be doing more than one background for the songs Outer space/Carry on, The girl who cried wolf and safety pin due to a special request :)

and the She’s kinda hot background was inspired. I made it, but I didn’t come up with the idea for the design.

Permanent Vacation- 5sos