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Creepypasta #1016: Guidelines For Tenants Re: The 'Permanent Occupant' At 8 Osborne Crescent

Length: Short

DO cover the mirrors when you shower or are otherwise naked.
DO laugh when you hear laughter, especially if nothing is funny.
DO say thank you when receiving unsolicited gifts. Place these gifts somewhere safe and make no use of them, no matter how interesting they appear to be.
DO offer a polite greeting if you hear footsteps approaching your bedroom. You will not hear anyone enter as the bedrooms are carpeted.
DO throw away dirty clothes if they start to smell sweet.
DO stay silent and keep your eyes closed if you are awoken between the hours of 12-3 AM by anything unusual. If anything hurts the next morning, wait until you are out of the house to mention it.

DO NOT ask or answer any questions.
DO NOT offer anything in return for unsolicited gifts.
DO NOT stay up between the hours of 12-3 AM.
DO NOT sleep without underwear or pyjamas.
DO NOT skip steps on the stairway OR count the steps as you ascend/descend. If someone goes missing this way, call me.
DO NOT talk about drugs, eschatology, or the Tarot. Call me if any topic attracts attention and it will be added to the list.
DO NOT open doors that it closes for at least an hour.
DO NOT accept invitations by phone, even if the voice is familiar. Contact your friend or relative through text or Facebook.
DO NOT eat new food that appears in the refrigerator. Keep an inventory of your food as these are typically replicas.
DO NOT place anything inside a container (e.g. box, closet) that has been opened. If you do, DO NOT take what replaces it.
DO NOT be coaxed into a trade, even if this requires sleepless nights.

In Case Of Emergency:

An emergency occurs if one or more of the following conditions are met:

– You wake up between the hours of 12-3 AM, and the ‘permanent occupant’ is NOT present, for TWO nights in a row
– You hear none of the usual sounds from the stairway.
– Your water tastes sweet and sugary.
– Your clean clothes feel prickly against your skin.

Enact the following steps BEFORE contacting me, as the emergency may escalate:

– Break all the mirrors and cover them.
– Leave the house with your personal belongings, discarding dirty clothes and gifts in the house or back garden. If you have received a gift in a trade, leave a personal item in a public area of the house. Leave as many personal items as you have traded. The monetary value matters less than the personal value.
– Shower at the local gym. Consume some store-bought sandwiches and bottled water.

Contact me and I will put you up during emergencies. However, if you have brought any trace of the ‘permanent occupant’ with you, I will kindly ask you to return to the property and let the rest of the process run its course for containment purposes.

Credits to: JackMoulder

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Wally West!!

I remember when season 2 of Young Justice was airing, I read this really irate post by someone who thought that it was absurdly out of character for Wally West to have ‘retired’ from superheroing to attend college (considering this is the kid who literally blew himself up to get superpowers in the first place). At the time I didn’t think much of it, since I was in high school myself, but the further I get into university, the more annoyed I am with this random post I read one time.

Like, I barely passed a bunch of my classes last year. And I didn’t have to do anything except school! Nothing as stressful as saving the world, no relationship, not even a part time job, nothing. And I think about the fact that Wally (and Artemis, to an extent, but mostly Wally) really had the most normal upbringing out of anyone else on the show. Before he wanted to be a superhero as a permanent occupation, he probably wanted to be a scientist, or an astronaut, or something, you know? And he gets into Stanford, which I imagine has a pretty insane workload, and here’s this kid torn between the two things he’s wanted most in life. And I’m sure he would’ve tried to make it work, maybe in first year or something, but eventually, it would’ve taken its toll. Like, imagine fighting nearly to death halfway across the continent in the middle of the night, and getting back to your dorm and having to study for your calculus midterm the next day.

Moral of the story: I talk too much, university is really hard.

Furious Storm

Will and Nico’s favorite place to hang out was Cabin 13, Hades’ Cabin. They loved it how Nico was the only permanent occupant (Hazel sometimes visited) in this lodge. It was their hideout, it was the place where they could do anything they wanted.

One night, as usual, Will visited Nico in his cabin. He didn’t knock even. He didn’t need to. Nico knows that nobody comes inside his cabin, well, except for his boyfriend.

“Hey there,” Will greeted.

Nico stared at the door. He was wearing his usual black shirt, with the skull printing at the center. He was reading a magazine which featured the latest expansion edition of Mythomagic cards.

Instead of responding verbally, he surprised Will by shadow-travelling in front of him, stealing a kiss from the Apollo kid who had wavy blond hair, baby blue eyes, and deeply tanned skin. It was a quick, ‘Hey, whatsup?’ kind of kiss.

Will’s face turned red. “Don’t give me surprises like that. Sometimes it gives me a scare.”

“This scares you?” Nico asked, stealing another kiss from his boyfriend.

Instead of answering, Will pushed Nico to his bed and started kissing him passionately.

Will stopped kissing Nico for a brief moment. “This is why,” he finally answered. Then just like that, he started kissing Nico again.

Will’s kisses were warm. Maybe it had something to do with him being a son of the sun god. Will’s kisses became more and more passionate as the seconds and minutes passed by. Nico had to push him away so that he could gasp for air.

“You’re more enthusiastic than usual, Solace,” Nico blurted. He had this wide grin in his face. And before they knew it, shirts vanished, pants disappeared, and boxers were tossed.

“Unff,” Nico moaned. Both their bodies were beaded with sweat. Will’s breathing was getting heavier, too.

“NICOOOOOOOO!” Somebody stormed in their room. A handsome guy who also had blond hair, bespectacled blue eyes, but much more buffer than Will Solace was shouting for Nico’s name. He had this weird scar just above his upper lip.

“Fuck,” Nico grunted. Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, stood by the door, dumbfounded at what he had seen.


Troops Will Continue To Occupy Afghanistan After 2015 “Withdrawal”

With combat operations in Afghanistan ending this year, President Barack Obama announced he plans for almost 10,000 American troops to remain in the country in 2015 if the Afghan government signs a security agreement.

The announcement offered something to proponents and opponents of a continued U.S. military engagement there after more than 12 years of war – the longest in American history.

Obama called for 9,800 U.S. troops to stay in Afghanistan after the end of 2014, along with some allied forces. The number would get cut roughly in half by the end of 2015, and a year later – less than a month before Obama leaves the White House – the U.S. military presence would scale down to what officials described as a “normal” embassy security contingent.

Currently, the United States has 32,000 troops in Afghanistan.

This is good news. On the surface at least. Hopefully they will be able to flush out Boko Haram and those that finance, aid and abet them. In a perfect world, they will tackle this earnestly, which will mean political upheaval in some respects. Many politicians and top tier military brass will be exposed if the goal is to truly combat and neutralize Boko Haram. It will be messy (and bloody).

The question is, what took them so long to arrive here? It’s common sense. After the Chibok kidnappings, I said this was the only logical course of action. Quite a few people disagreed with me as they felt that western intervention was best. I disagreed with that opinion then and I disagree with it now. We’ve got to change the way we think in times of crisis, but that’s another story for another day.

This is a problem that can only be fixed by regional forces. It must be fixed from within. Western intervention beyond intelligence or supplying surveillance equipment means two things;

1. An eventual abandonment or exodus which does nothing long term.

2. Permanent or long term occupation which is never a good thing. This will ultimately lead to even more problems. 

Let’s wait and see. That’s all we can do. These developments are long overdue.

We are appalled by the escalating wave of violence now engulfing Jerusalem and other areas. No political grievances can justify murderous attacks against civilians, Israeli or otherwise, and we are disturbed that misleading public statements about imminent Israeli threats to Al Aqsa and about the nature of current Israeli-Palestinian violence are being used to inflame inter-group hatreds, intensify polarization, and promote further violence.

At the same time, we must not forget that unjust and oppressive conditions for Palestinians–stemming from policies of permanent military occupation and subjugation in the West Bank and harmfully discriminatory residency policies in East Jerusalem that leave no hope for redress or alleviation–create a situation that is fundamentally unacceptable and always potentially explosive.

We call on Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian leaders to desist from spreading dangerous misinformation and to take active steps to calm the situation before it spirals into more large-scale violence. And we call on the Israeli government to take concrete steps that indicate a genuine commitment to bringing an end to the occupation and negotiating a peaceful solution to the conflict.

There is an urgent need for political leaders and other voices to help both communities avoid a continuation of random and terrifying inter-ethnic violence and to move toward constructive political and diplomatic actions that can achieve a just and durable peace.

—  Scholars for Israel and Palestine’s statement on the crisis in Israel and Palestine