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Favorite BATB Soundtrack Parts
  • Audra McDonald becoming my new idolized singing heroine
  • Emma Watson becoming my actually achievable singing heroine
  • the dip in his voice “…..athletically inclined”
  • the juxtaposition of “he’s such a tall dark strong and handsome prince/” “/BRUTE
  • Motherfucking Kevin fucking Kline being a fucking….garghhh I love him so much
  • tbh I have kind of a hard time with “Be Our Guest” just because Jerry Orbach’s version is a permanent masterpiece installation in my brain, but I need to give it a shoutout here for being extra, with like the sitars
  • oh right yeah the fuckin SITARS??? like WHY i did not ASK FOR THIS also the ending of ‘pudding?’ that isn’t in the soundtrack but is in the movie is perfect
  • plumiere duet in ‘Days in the Sun’
  • emma thompson saying ‘wot’ in ‘Days in the Sun’
  • the way all these glorious singers are giving it their all and then Emma just cuts in so smooth—I honestly like how simple she sounds here, contrasted with Audra’s incredible flourishing
  • the four?!? five??? multi-part harmony of the servants in “Days in the Sun.” like i know you all love Evermore but Days in the Sun is my smiling/crying jam
  • i’m listening to it right now. holy fuck. crying
  • Instrumentals of Be Our Guest/Days in the Sun/How Does a Moment Last Forever coming up all over the place in new ways
  • Emma Watson sounding autotuned and I don’t even care
  • The return of the Servant Harmonizing™ in ‘something there’
  • ‘neeeeeeew and a bit…..alarming’ how you can tell THE EXACT SECOND belle wonders if she’s a furry
  • yeah yeah yeah i know y’all love evermore
  • and yeah yeah yeah I’ve definitely listened to it on repeat an unhealthy amount
  • i love how Audra McDonald sings every part in this movie….wait are you saying she didn’t
  • new verses—’winter turns to spring, famine turns to feast, nature points the way, nothing more to say, beauty and the beast’
  • NEW VERSES: ‘then i shoot from behind’ ‘is that fair?’ ‘i don’t care
  • new SONNNNNGGGGGSSSSSSS, thank you Menken for “How Does a Moment Last Forever” in every iteration
  • the parts where the soundtrack sounds like ‘galavant’ but more expensive

“When a world class chef cooks for the underprivileged.

Massimo Bottura is the owner of the renowned Osteria Francescana restaurant in Modena, Italy; which was recently ranked top spot by the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards.

While a man like him could’ve comfortably enjoyed the luxuries of life, he saw a problem with the Olympics in Rio: food wastage.

A HUGE amount of food is prepared daily for the Olympians, and much of it goes to waste. So Massimo assembled a team of 50 volunteer chefs, took the leftovers and setup shop down the road from the stadium.

They put up a makeshift "restaurant” and overnight, they served world class dinner to 70 homeless individuals. A complete dinner, made with ingredients for our best sportsmen, cooked to perfection by the best chefs in the world.

As the Olympics go on, the restaurant will continue to operate autonomously, eventually even outliving the Games’ presence in the city. It is set to be a permanent installation with a name fit for a top-end eatery—Refettorio Gastromotiva (Gastromotiva Eating Hall).

While Olympians incite unity through sportsmanship and superhuman feats within the confines of the stadium, men like Bottura inspire humanity through action outside.“

Photo source: New York Times

Okay but I’d like to talk about some of the implications in the final scenes of YoI?
Specifically the fact that YUURI CAN POLE DANCE

Like, first off, let’s address the fact that someone took the time to set up a pole in that ballroom. Why was that there? Was it there the whole time? If so is it jsut permanently installed there? Did someone stop everything to set that up? Does Chris just keep one handy at all times just in case??? I HAVE QUESTIONS

But aside from that. Again. Yuuri can pole dance. And I mean, he didn’t just get drunk and wobble around a pole. This. Boy. Has. Taken. Classes.


Cause this?

What Yuuri is doing here is called flag pole. (Chris looks like he’s doing a cross knee/cross ankle, except his legs are too far apart so… he’s not really doing any real pole move I’m aware of. Ignore him)
Anyway, flag pole require that you grip the pol with our hands, and between on biceps and your side, and hold your body parallel to the floor (using your lower arm as a bit of a shelf for support) Aaaaaand that’s it. Aside form the slight support from that lower arm, everything else is pure upper body and core strength.

Then there’s this.


Is called Superman.

“That doesn’t look nearly as hard as the first one!” you might say. And strength-wise, you’re right. It’s not.
But you know what it is?

Painful. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Lemme tell you friends, that skin right between your sweet sweet thighs is very soft and delicate and sensitive and is NOT USED TO HAVING TO GRIP TIGHT TO A METAL POLE.
You ever slid down something metal or plastic and your skin stuck to it and got rubbed raw from the friction? Yeah, it’s like that. On your delicate inner thighs. Pole dancers literally have to condition and their skin for this kind of stuff. You practice and practice till your muscles are strong enough to take on most of the support and your skin toughens up.

That’s not even counting the advanced to semi-advanced moves you have to know to get into either position while on the pole. These aren’t beginner moves.

I’ve been taking pole for almost two years, I’m in lv 2, and I’m STILL working on these moves.


What if Ava and Maggie just start using their chest drawers as a storage space. Just, shoving whatever they can’t bother to carry around into them, like a permanently installed bag of holding. Maggie’s garden and Ava’s room slowly become littered with old junk.

pomrania  asked:

The Rebellion reacts to Emperor Piett.

Mon Mothma was not quite sure what to think, when she heard the reports that Emperor Palpatine was dead by Darth Vader’s hand, and that the Dark Lord had placed his Admiral, of all people, on the throne in his stead while he redoubled his efforts to locate Skywalker. On the one hand, Emperor Piett did not seem very interested in maintaining Palpatine’s iron control over the Galaxy, and he was significantly less of a threat than the former Emperor had been, but he was also a wild card, and there was the larger issue of just why Vader would suddenly turn on the Emperor. It wasn’t a bid for power or he would have taken control himself rather than crowning Piett, and the temporary status of Piett’s reign left the question of just who was Vader planning on installing permanently?

Mon’s thoughts flickered to Skywalker again, and Vader’s obsessive hunt for him. There was more to it than just the Emperor’s desires, as Palpatine was now dead and yet Vader’s desperation had done nothing but increase. It was absurd, but for a moment her mind suggested that perhaps it was Skywalker Vader wanted to place on the throne. She tried to immediately dismiss the notion, after all, it was absurd, Skywalker was a Rebel. But the idea stuck, and she was forced to contemplate it before she could convince her mind to let go of it. Why would Vader want Skywalker on the throne? There was no logic to it. Skywalker would never consent to take the throne, and why would Vader want the son of a man he had murdered as an heir -

She froze. It was utterly ridiculous, and yet… And yet, it made too much sense. Vader had to have been a former Jedi, that was an unspoken that everyone knew, and Anakin Skywalker had been close to the then-Chancellor Palpatine. And the inexplicably pregnant Padmé Amidala. What if… Mon shook her head, trying one last, futile time to dislodge the thought. Vader was seeking Skywalker to put him on the throne because he was his son.

Okay, so this is obviously more than three sentences, but it got away from me. It also deviated away from Piett, I’m sorry. I think this will probably end up as a full AU sometime in the future, with lots of poor Piett suffering.

Send me a set of characters and an AU setting for a three sentence fic!


Carlo Bernardini (b.1966, Italy)

Carlo Bernardini works with optic fiber since 1996; he has created and installed permanent public sculptures in stainless steel and optic fibers in various Italian cities, and in 1996 and 2003 he has installed site specific works at the XII and XV Quadriennial National of Rome. Carlo Bernardini lives and works in Milan; he teaches Multimedia Installations at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. © All images courtesy of the artist

[more Carlo Bernardini | via Fubiz]

From Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog to the magical creatures of The Dark Crystal, entire generations have grown up with Jim Henson’s colorful characters. Now, you’ll be able to explore Henson’s incredible imaginary worlds through puppet prototypes, character sketches, rare behind-the-scenes footage, and more in a new permanent installation at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. 

Learn how you can be a part of bringing it to life here.

Still more of the Sheith soulmates AU

Still pondering title possibilities. Still writing a Voltron fanfic featuring Shiro and Keith as soulmates. Still T-rated. Still interested to hear feedback.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Keith drove south, keeping away from roads as much as possible. He had a destination in mind, if he could find it again after so many years.

About three hours later, he spotted what looked like a light in the distance. As he got closer, he realized that the light was the moon reflecting off of something. He approached more slowly, not wanting to run into anyone.

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Immortality Is Not an Excuse

Request: Hi! Can I request an Avengers x Reader where the reader is stubbornly reckless because she’s immortal. She is really happy but when someone tries to help her with an injury (because she’s reckless) she refuses and end us getting even more hurt because she doesn’t let herself heal? That’d be great. Adjust it to your liking and sorry if I bothered you :) kthxbye

Blog Tag: @isaqel

A/N: This immortal really just gives me a Monty Python and the Holy Grail feel.

Warnings: Description of immortal’s history with their immortality is a bit gruesome.

Word Count Total: 733

Short Imagine #88

Title: Immortality Is Not an Excuse

Originally posted by i-lost-my-puddin

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Imaginenerding, Tiana’s Place.

Oh Princess and the Frog, how you have been so horribly shafted I will never understand. So in this post of Imagineering I am going to discuss the many places the beautiful and wonderful Tiana’s Place could go in Walt Disney World and what that experience could consist of! Let’s begin shall we? 


Also known as the Crown jewel of the crescent sea. Obviously here we have a very heavy New Orleans theme going on. So in my opinion there is one place this beautiful restaurant belongs, and that’s at The Magic Kingdom. 

But where? I present to you one of the giant expansion pads for the Magic Kingdom. This one is just north of Big Thunder Mountain. Reason why I chose this space is because it has the biggest plot of land available that is near a body of water. Cause we all know Tiana’s place has to have a killer water feature right behind the restaurant itself. But my idea is a bit more ambitious than just a restaurant, I say if we are bringing Tiana’s Place to the MK then we are bringing NEW ORLEANS SQUARE over here. Take the Disneyland Concept and expand upon it. This gives huge security to the project so that even if investors or whomever is skeptical since the IP in question isn’t a billion dollar maker the fact that this is really a fusion of New Orleans square and PATF should be more than enough to greenlight the project.

Onto access, with the train tracks being so close it would create the perfect station to have guests disembark and explore all that Tiana’s version of New Orleans has to offer. The station can house both the train disembarking, and of course 

The Liberty Belle, Just imagine seeing that boat at night with popcorn lights dropping folks off to check out new orleans square. The only way in and out for now would be through train and boat, giving a real sense of journey and kinetic energy upon arrival!

As for what’s there when you arrive make it an adventure! Have guests explore these streets, fill em live bands playing for guests, make this a place where you can spend time just walking around absorbing all the details. Have characters such as lottie roam around during the day searching for her prince charming among all the new guests and interacting with them! Make shops with land specific items, and make experiences that are true to the film! Such as 

Now this could be a meet and greet on the same level of Belle’s enchanted Tales. Make this a show and greet, one where some poor unlucky guests get to meet Facilier face to face

I want a shadow projections and all, even end with him summoning his friends on the other side and disappearing after taking what he wants from someone.

As for how it would all would work here is a little quick sketch. The restaurant space is in blue, the train and boat docks in black, and extra theming to hide backstage areas and create a view for the restaurant in red. Everything else can be high class shops, a club 33, and even a state of the art E ticket dark ride based on the film. Mapping out the details for all of that could take even longer than this post so I will just leave most of that to everyone’s imagination here! But if we are going to have the ride’s facade be something why not have that location start off somewhere we know? La Bouff Mansion anyone? 

But I am ahead of myself, the real star for this place is Tiana’s Place. Here’s why it could be killer. Just think of Tiana serving up her Gumbo for guests among other Cajun delights which would absolutely kill amongst the Disney Crowd. And we all know the MK needs more great food beyond burgers and fries. 

And the sights and sounds of her high class establishment could wow anyone who walked in.

With appearances from Tiana during the daytime with Naveen, think a princess/owner checking in on her guests to make sure everything is going great. And if Disney really wanted they could milk this to the bank and make her have lessons for kids on how to cook up some sweet treats (beignets anyone?). But most important of all would be the transformation of the establishment from high class eatery during the day, to full on jazz bar at night. Hosted by the Firefly Five! 

Bring the great tradition of swing lessons from Disneyland and permanently install it here! 

So in conclusion if I can come up with all of this in the span of an hour or so there is no reason why Disney can’t one up me with some ideas of their own. Princess and the Frog has been slept on for far too long, and with this idea you have a shot of creating New Orleans square at the MK with all the swanky bonus stuff on the side. As always if you like this idea please hit that heart button and if you really enjoyed throw a reblog my way! 

Until next time! 

Live Blog TWP Ep. 6

This week I had just over 5 pages of thoughts as I watched the episode.  The timeline has become so convoluted I just can’t.  I think I nit pick more at the historical side of things in this one (not comparing the historical story of Henry & Elizabeth of York to the show, but rather other historical aspects).  Enjoy!


The whole royal fam turned out for this thang.  The fact they’re all wearing the same clothes lets me know this takes place on the same day William was arrested…. Come on, I know it was the medieval times, but surely they had more than one or two changes of clothes in their wardrobe.  They are the king and queen after all.

Lizzie grabs his hand like “don’t listen 2 the haterz.”

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alexis-harsgreaves  asked:

I read your post about sharing the 2.5D stage shows and other media. I can imagine it can be hard to be on both the Western and Japanese line with the fandoms, but thank you for all your hard work and dedication to doing what you do. It's a shame that Japan is one of the worst countries when it comes to exporting their media so by people like you who share the merch and experiences from he shows means a lot.

Mm, I would call it a very unfair assessment to say that Japan is one of the worst when it comes to exporting their ‘media.’  

As I said a few times, live theater is a niche market in any country.  Broadway shows don’t make DVDs to share and export their performances.  There is no way we’re getting a stage Hamilton DVD at any point in the near future; you simply have no choice but to go see it live.  And I can’t imagine that demand is all that high around the world to see an American musical focused on one of its founding fathers for them to bother with making it available worldwide.

Licensing and distribution laws are always going to be a barrier.  Cost of distribution is always going to be a barrier.  Language, cultural themes, DVD region-locking, advertising for it, etc… there’s a lot that goes into sharing anything you make, and there are a lot of barriers to try and overcome, and it’s not always going to be financially worth it in the end.  Japan in recent years has actually gotten quite good about exporting the media that’s going to SELL.  They’ve finally embraced international streaming, even figure companies like Good Smile Company have embraced shipping internationally, marketing overseas for their products, etc…  Several sites that sell merchandise ship overseas or provide an English version of their websites (amiami, Hobby Japan, Amazon Japan, CD Japan)… The DVDs may never be subtitled or not-region-locked, but they’re at least available somehow.  I can’t say that for Broadway or for every performance done at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  The only immediate example I can think of that comes close is Cirque du Soleil, since there are DVDs for some of those shows, but not all as some shows are meant to be permanent installations in Vegas or toured and then retired.

You’re also never going to do away with Japan’s fascination for limited edition goods or special event items.  And only the things that they KNOW are going to sell well are the things that they work hard to try and export.  The same is true of any country with its media.  It’s not like we have access to alllll the Chinese and Korean dramas, movies, and music.  Just the ones that they know will probably do well in overseas sales.  Not everything has the potential to be a global smash hit, not everything is supposed to be this huge industry.  Hollywood is the exception to the rule, not the standard.  There have been many Japanese musical artists who have done their best to try and cater their music to a Western audience in the hopes of having a more international career (Utada Hikaru, for one, a name in the music industry most people recognize), but just because you try and go for that international distribution doesn’t mean it pays off.  Utada’s English albums have never done well as not enough English-speaking listeners bother with it, and the drastic change in style alienates the Japanese fanbase on top of it.  

I would say Japan has come a long way and again I have to reiterate that live theater is ALWAYS going to be niche.  The medium demands a live audience with live performers.  There’s no way it’ll ever have the reach as any show or movie that can be streamed anywhere at any time without the need for the performers to always be present.

I understand that limited access can be frustrating, but please try and consider it from the industry’s perspective as well.  


What advice would your 80-year-old self tell you? Perhaps something like “it’s not a dumb idea.” Or to “be you.” Or that “it’s okay to have sugar in your tea." 

Revel in the brilliant work of the late Susan O'Malley in notecard form—a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Susan O’Malley Memorial Fund for the Arts to support emerging artists and the permanent installation of her work. 💛 💚 💙 You can find the notecards here.

Long Live the King- A Crowley Tribute

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Castiel was back. Safe and sound. Dean wanted to laugh, it was so predictable. Of course Cas was fine, and they were already working on getting their mom back. The Winchesters were notorious for fixing everything up, but there was one person who they couldn’t seem to fix.

“Ya know, I’m really missing the King of Hell right now.” Dean said, downing his shot. “Never thought I’d say that.”

Sam nodded, looking into his own glass of amber liquid. “Yeah. Me too. As much as we hated him… he…”

“Helped.” Cas cut in, pulling up a seat next to them in the bunker. “Crowley helped more than we liked to admit.”

“Sure, but he was also a colossal dick most days.” Dean argued. “He killed plenty people we cared about.”

“He sacrificed himself to save us, Dean. We should show some respect.” Sam pointed out, leaning back. “Besides, you shacked up with him for how long that one time?”

Dean rolled his eyes, but knew his brother was right. He had spent a lot of time with the demon. Each of them had their own moments.

Dean and him went on a month long bender, becoming instant Demon Buddies. Cas and Crowley worked cases together recently, and Cas, an angel, would never admit it, but he liked his company. Sam had seen him at his most vulnerable, his most human self when he had cried out about how he deserved love.

Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Chuck knows Rowena never treated him right, and Team Free Will was starting to regret their own actions towards him in his final moments. Crowley had been apart of their lives for years, over a decade. He seemed like a permanent installment in the Winchesters daily struggles, whether he helped or not, and he deserved a proper send off.

Cas seemed to war with himself for a moment, before holding up his beer. “To Crowley.”

“To the ‘colossal dick’ who saved our asses plenty of times.” Sam cut in, raising his own glass.

Dean said, raising his glass. “Long live the king.”

They chorused their own ‘hear hear’s’ before each downing their drinks. They would miss the annoying son of a bitch.

A/N- Just felt really sorry for Crowley and Mark. Wanted to write a little something for them, and anyone else who feels the pain right now.

arthur and eames’s personal methods of falling in love would completely contradict their normal modes of functioning.

eames comes off as whimsical and impulsive, prancing cocksure into situations in the last minute and making decisions off the cuff based on whatever his fancy du jour happens to be. 

arthur comes off as cool and calculating, assessing every single piece of finer print of every single situation he ever enters before making decisions or going into action. he checks and rechecks facts, puts the most minuscule facts and statistics to memory just in case someone happens to need them down the road. words to describe him include ‘prepared’ and ‘bloody fucking prepared’ because he’s good at what he does, goddammit.

but when it comes to love, it’s the complete and utter fucking opposite. eames worries and worries and worries and second guesses and worries some more and panics and paces and thinks of every single outcome of every single action and panics some more. it consumes his every waking thought and he can barely smile without having serious mental conversations with himself about the possible repercussions. every single detail of every situation is analyzed closely as he tosses and turns through sleepless nights. by the time any sort of move is made, eames has considered every single possible case scenario that could occur.

and then with arthur… it just happens. ‘oh’, he thinks lazily as it dawns on him. ‘interesting.’ and then that’s fucking that, eames becomes a permanent installation in his life and he doesn’t question it.