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This piece holds a special place in my heart and resides in our permanent collection. Created over 1 year ago for someone who also has a shark filled heart. I look back on this piece and think of how we have grown together and continue to figure out this crazy game called LIFE! Here’s to a long future of love, friendship, endless ocean views, and sharks for the rest of our days.

PAT STEIR, Sixteen Waterfalls of Dreams, Memories, and Sentiment (detail), USA 1990. Oil on canvas. Part of the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York. Photography by Scandinavian Collectors 2016.

Spencer Murphy:

I’m still posting over @darwinmagazine this week but in the meantime happy to say 3 more of my portraits have been acquired by @nationalportraitgallery for their permanent collection. Which includes this one of Tom Hiddleston originally shot for @donmar.warehouse
#tomhiddleston #portrait #nationalportraitgallery #donmarwarehouse #corolianus #crying #film #filmisnotdead #actor #shakespeare

PHILIP JOHNSON, Rockefeller Guest House, New York 1950. Man Pointing bronze sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, 1947 (nowadays part of MoMA’s permanent collection). / NY Times


(A/N): Haaaaa, I didn’t know how to start this or title it so please bare with me 

Request:  How about a Nat x female reader imagine where the reader has hobby of making plushie version of the Avengers and she sleeps while cuddling with a Nat plushie but Tony finds out and everyone except Nat teases her, which causes the reader to become self-conscious and stops cuddling with it until one night she had to share a room with Nat during an undercover mission and the reader has a hard time sleeping until she timidly asks Nat if she can cuddle with her?

Warnings: none

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   You had a hobby for…well you had a hobby for making stuffed versions of all the avengers. It had started out as a gag, something to make everyone smile but you soon realized that you loved to do it, you liked to sew and expel your creativity and if making stuffed versions of your teammates is what did it then so be it. After that you realized that you could make a little profit of your work and you decided to start selling some of your plushies? Why the hell not? They were great quality and there was hardly any avengers themed stuff out there. So you opened up a small online shop and sold nearly all your plushies in one day, from then on out it became a sort of business for you, a job beside your Shield work. Unfortunately for you someone just had to find out, destroying all your creativity in one sitting. 

   “So uh (Y/N)?” Tony asked one morning, a mouthful of yogurt as you prepared breakfast for yourself. “I noticed all your fabric and thread in your room? What’s up with that?” You tense a bit, praying Tony hadn’t seen anything more. 

   “I just do some sewing as a side project,’ You mutter, sipping on some coffee as you do. 

   “And does making stuffed versions of your teammates count as a ‘side project’?” You nearly choke on your hot coffee, the liquid burning your throat as it travels down your throat wrong. 

   “W-What?” You ask, your face beet red. 

   “I looked in your room, saw the patterns and fabric colors…I also happened to glance at the Natasha one you had on your bed,” Tony smirks, leaning forward onto his elbows as he stared at you. “You uh- you sleep with that thing or what?” You blush madly, wishing nothing more than to bury your face and hide away. 

   “I sell them, I have an online shop and-” 

   “But you’re sleeping with one?” Tony asks, his smirk ever growing. 


   “Oh my god you are,” Tony nearly cackles, throwing his head back as he laughs heartily. “Oh my god that’s so ridiculous,” You bite your lip as embarrassment floods through your veins, leaving you feeling insecure and drained. “You’re a grown ass woman (Y/N), what the hell are you still sleeping with stuffed animals for?” You shrug your shoulders, staring down at your cup of coffee. “Oh my god, that’s comedy gold right there,” Tony wipes at his eyes, snorting once again. 

   “I’m-” You blush, your insecurities getting the better of you. “I’m gonna go eat breakfast in my room,” You whisper quickly, grabbing your toast before walking out of the kitchen as quickly as possible, not wishing to receive more of Tony’s insults. 

   “Oh come on (Y/N),’ Tony chuckles, wiping at his eyes again. “It was just a joke-” You don’t hear the rest as you slam your door shut, placing your food on your side table before falling back onto your bed, sighing heavily as you do. Your eyes land on your sewing machine and all your materials, that shame and insecurity returning once again. 

   Welup, Tony had officially drained any creativity and confidence you had. You turn your head away from your supplies, your eyes catching on the red fabric of Nat’s hair. Even more shame bubbles within you and you can’t help yourself when you pick up the toy and chuck it to the other side of the room, your insecurities getting the better of you. Well, if Tony was going to make fun of you then why should you give him reason to? If you just stopped making the things and sleeping with them then surely his ridicule would have to stop, right? Your spirits only brightened slightly knowing that you were going to have to give up your favorite hobby wasn’t an easy thing to stomach but you could manage…or at least you hoped you could. 

   The not crafting part had been easy, it was the sleeping part that was hard. Without something to hold in your sleep you simply couldn’t fall asleep, it was useless and impossible. You could toss and turn all night and you’d still never get a lick of sleep. In turn your lack of sleep was affecting your training, your missions, and your paperwork. It wasn’t easy to train with Steve Rogers when you were running on quite literally 0 hours of sleep. It was hard to fight everyday criminals when you barely could keep your eyes open, and it was hard to write a 3 page paper on your unsuccessful mission when you were nearly in pain from how tired you were. 

   Despite all your obvious problems everyone thought that you’d be okay to go ahead on some mission, one dealing with a few undercover agents trying to steal some artifacts. It was you and Nat on the mission, the two of you posing as a couple to get close to the thieves but it was hard to focus on the mission when you could barely keep your eyes open. 

   “(Y/N),” Nat nudges you gently, her elbow digging into your ribs. “Are you good? You look kinda tired?” 

   “Oh-” You mutter, yawning a bit as you wipe at your eyes. “I’m good, just a little hungry is all,” You lie. Truth be told you hadn’t been eating much, your lack of sleep also eliminating your appetite. Nat stares at you skeptically, her hand reaching out to grasp yours gently. 

   “How much sleep did you get last night?” She asks, her tone soft and caring. 

   “Hmm, I’m not sure, maybe an hour or two?” You lie again, hoping Nat wouldn’t see through your lie. Nat looks down to her watch, checking the time before looking back up to you. 

   “It’s nearly 8, I think you need to go to bed,” 

   “No,’ You shake your head, attempting to clear the permanent fog that had collected there. “No, You need my help and-” 

   “You’re going to bed (Y/N),” Nat mutters, standing from her seat as she grabs your hand. “And you’re not gonna argue,” You try to pull your hand back but you were so exhausted you could barely move, much less rip your grip from one of the strongest women you know, so rather than put up a weak fight you follow her along, trudging along as you attempted not to trip on your own two feet. Nat lets go of your hand for a moment to get the key to your room, opening the door quickly to pull you inside. You did have to admit the bed looked so soft and so tempting but without something to hold you knew it was going to be pointless. 

   “Shoes off,” Nat demands, pointing to your feet. You tiredly kick your shoes off, closing your eyes once again. “Get in bed,” She whispers, her tone demanding but light. 


    “Bed. Now.” With a sigh you flop back against the mattress, nearly whimpering at the coziness of it. Even with how soft and warm it was you knew you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, not without something to- Your thoughts cut short when the bed dips beside you and Nat’s slender arms wrap around your waist, pulling you to her body. She was warm and smelled like all things heavenly. Her skin was soft to the touch and you immediately relaxed against her embrace. 

   “It’s been hard sleeping, hasn’t it?” Nat asks, her warm voice washing over you in waves, slowly calming and soothing you. 

   “Yeah,” You whispers, not even noticing when you nuzzle into her neck. “I haven’t gotten any sleep for the last few days,” 

  “Shit (Y/N),” Nat curses, her hand reaching up to play with your hair. “Why the hell not?” 

   “Can I-” You yawn, snuggling against Nat more. “Can I tell you when I wake up?” Nat smiles softly although her worry was still present. 

  “Yeah, yeah you can,” You smile softly, sleepily, as you hum against Nat’s neck. For once in the past week you’d be able to sleep well and you didn’t even need your stuffed animal to do it. 

   “Sleep well (Y/N),” Nat whispers, her lips pressing a tender kiss to your forehead. You hum weakly, your body already half asleep by the time her lips pressed to your skin. “This is better than some stuffed animal, right?” But Nat received no response, you were already too far gone to answer. With a smile Nat presses another kiss to your forehead, letting her lips linger on your skin only a moment before she turned her head, resting her cheek against you. But you’d have to agree, this was far better than any stuffed animal. 

how i organize
  •  one-subject notebooks. 
    • These saved my life. I know everyone’s always saying to keep your stuff in one place and keep track of it all at once, and the way to do that is (apparently) thick, 5-subject looseleaf notebooks and 3″ binders. These have never worked for me, and here’s why: the larger the notebook, the more it catches and rips and doesn’t close right. 
    • Plus, the larger the notebook, the longer you use it, and the longer it has to survive that wear and tear! (Bonus: without having to worry about the notebook being destroyed, I also don’t have to buy the more expensive and durable brands; now I only pay for quality of paper and pretty colours!)  
    • So, I use one-subject notebooks for each class and go through multiple (I’ve never noticed a significant cost difference). A single one-subject notebook lasts me 4-6 units, or about one quarter/half a semester. When I complete a notebook, I simply begin the next, and carry only the newest one with me places. The previous notebooks are kept in my study space so I can always reference them as though it’s one large book, and I rarely need the previous chapters for in-class work. 
    • I start with one notebook per class plus one notebook purely for scribbles or rip-out looseleaf paper, and keep a supply of empty notebooks at my permanent study space.
  • central grade collection. 
    • I do this because it’s easy to reference back to. Soooo many terrible teachers who simply don’t trust their students. Feels nice to whip out a test to prove you were right (and aced it!). Calculating the grade myself makes me more aware of what’s going on with my academics. My biggest downfall this year was not paying attention to my grades!
    • I used to use an accordion folder for this, but this year I’m going to try combining that with a digital file.
    • Whenever I receive a grade back, the paper copy goes in a physical folder and the percentage/grade itself goes onto a file on my computer.
    • The physical folder is organized by classes. As I receive grades back, the newest goes in the front, so each class is naturally ordered chronologically. I tried organizing it further by putting flags to tell apart tests, quizzes, essays, etc. It worked well but eventually I just didn’t bother.
    • The computer file is actually multiple files (again, one for each class). An excel spreadsheet or a simple word doc works well. I specify the material as much as possible (for example, “Unit 1: Trig. Quiz 1: Identities. Date: 7-4-2015″ using both words and numbers) so I can easily search for it later. Next to it goes the numerical and letter grade. I’m thinking of incorporating a note-taking system as well, listing what went wrong and such.
    • This sounds like a lot of work, but it takes very little time and is well worth it. Logging the grades take about 5 minutes, tops. I often find myself putting off work by organizing grades. Obviously it’s hard to log things instantly, so I keep a stack of “to be graded” on my desk until I get around to it.
    • Oh, and keep the physical folder safe in your room/dorm. Carrying it around for spiteful moments is not worth the risk of losing all your grades!
  • separate days.
    • I don’t know about you, but my school has something similar to a block schedule. Monday, Wednesday, Fridays all have the same classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays have the same classes as well. My method works for real block scheduling, too, for even/odd or on/off days. I once had a chronic problem of bringing in the wrong day’s homework. Not anymore!!
    • Basically, just keep the two workpiles separate.
    • I have two cabinets on my desk: one for MWF classes, one for TTh classes. On my desk at all times are my “daily” tools: laptop, charger, planner, pencil pouch, water bottle, etc.
    • In the morning, I always put my dailies in first so I don’t forget, then I check the calendar. Tuesday? Shove in the TTh stack. It’s as simple as that.
    • When actually doing my homework, obviously, prioritize. There isn’t a hardfast “do your homework the day you get it” rule, especially since studying is a process! But when nothing’s especially urgent and I don’t have a favourite assignment, I literally flip a coin.
  • computer files have to be neat.
    • I have so many subfolders I don’t know what to do with them.
    • Separate everything, again, and again, and again. And label it all to hell and back. You can never have a file title that’s too long.
  • You know how you can make multiple accounts on your computer? Admin vs user? Yeah, do that.
    • Make your admin account your free-time, slacker account.
    • Make your user account your work account.
    • Make all the settings admin-only accessible. Don’t get distracted by downloading random crap while doing your homework. Put restrictions on internet usage, gameplay, etc. To get distracted, you have to make the effort to enter an admin password every time you get off task.
    • Bonus: during presentations, you never have to worry about accidentally opening something embarrassing. Everything embarrassing should be in your personal account!
  • Lastly: don’t stress! 
    • When I stress, everything gets disorganized. My mind gets cluttered and so does the rest of my life. I used to stress so hard about grades.
    • If you don’t think you can make the deadline, don’t. One grade is not worth a night of sleep and mental health.
    • If the grade is super important (not all grades are like this: prioritize!) work on it as hard as you can. Don’t stress; put all that stressful energy into the work. Focus your ass off. If you can’t do that, it’s time to stop.
    • Talk to the teacher the next day. Take responsibility for your mistake. Apologize, and do not give excuses. Show to your teacher that you care more about the learning than the grade; it will pay off in the long run.
    • The day after missing a huge assignment is rough. Don’t let it get to you! Dwelling on this assignment only sets you up for failure on any other assignments you have that day. Focus on those and not on what you did wrong. Have yourself a good break, snack, jog, and get back in there. The world isn’t over!

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I’m still posting over @darwinmagazine this week but in the meantime happy to say 3 more of my portraits have been acquired by @nationalportraitgallery for their permanent collection. Which includes this one of Tom Hiddleston originally shot for @donmar.warehouse #tomhiddleston #portrait #nationalportraitgallery #donmarwarehouse #corolianus #crying #film #filmisnotdead #actor #shakespeare

10 Most Famous Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

Unappreciated during his lifetime, Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous and discussed artists in history. From an early age Van Gogh struggled with his identity and longed for direction. When he took a pilgrimage across Europe, he attempted to replicate the delicate and soft work of the Impressionist movement, but failed. He, then, developed his own style composed of bold, colorful strokes. Emotive, beautiful and distinct, a Van Gogh piece can be detected even by the untrained eye. Although he was mentally unstable and impoverished in his life, Van Gogh sought refuge in his paintbrush. 

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Malick Sidibe 


Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art: Sidibé, best known for his black-and-white images of Malian youth culture from the 1950s to 70s, still resonates among photographers across Africa and around the world. He achieved success in his homeland of Bamako, Mali, and in Paris. In 2007, Sidibé became the first African, and the first photographer, to be awarded the Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale. His iconic work, Nuit de Noël (Happy Club), in the museum’s permanent collection, was featured in the exhibition Conversations: African and African American Artworks in Dialogue. #MalickSidibe

On View—Urs Fischer at the Legion of Honor, San Francisco

April 22, 2017

“Urs Fischer: The Public & the Private” at the Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco is now on view through July 2, 2017.

In conjunction with the exhibition “Auguste Rodin: The Centenary Installation,” the Legion of Honor has invited Fischer to bring a contemporary perspective to our understanding and appreciation of the Museums’s permanent collection.