permanent addiction

Screw you, Nurse Hatchet-Job

I was getting a blood test for an ongoing issue. The nurse comes in, very… Unprofessional. Ditzy. An airhead mood. She may have been well trained, but she was in a goofy mindset.

She not only takes the cap off the needle WITH HER MOUTH, but as she was disconnecting the tube from the butterfly needle, MY BLOOD SQUIRTED EVERYWHERE!!!! All over the room. She laughed and didnt seem to take it very seriously. I literally had my own blood on me. Shit, she wasnt clean anymore, either!

I was astonished with how illegal, unethical, and DITZY this nurse was!!!
Because she could tell i was an ex dope addict (permanently scarred veins and skin on inner arms,) i decided to fuck with her.

“You gotta be careful… Uh… Cause I’m not sayin’ I got AIDS… but Im not sayin’ I dont.”

She turned a ghostly pale.

I also reported her to her superior and let everyone in the office and lobby know.

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His lips are a shot of whiskey, an easy slow burn spreading across Dean’s skin. It surges through his veins, warm and hits his brain like a jolt of lightening, leaving him staggering and slightly tipsy from just one touch. Sam is his drink of choice, like Jack Daniel’s, just sweeter with a couple dashes of sunshine. A deadly combination that has Dean permanently addicted.

Unsaid words 3

Heya guys! I finally wrote part three, I’m kind of undecided how I’m going to end it but I hope you still enjoy it! (I’m sorry for turning this into a love triangle I promise to fix that soon)

(If any of you are interested in the other parts they’re here)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Final :

You sat up when you heard your phone ring for the 6th time in the last half hour as rubbed your puffy eyes and winced as they stung, sore from all the crying.

What happened was not something could be fixed.

Jongin had made it explicitly clear what he thought of you and nothing could cut as deep as the expression of pure rage that you never thought would ever be directed in your direction did. After Joning had stormed out you had been too embarrassed to stay and had ended up letting Chanyeol drive you home after he had stood in front of the door and refused to let you leave unless he was the one who took. Both of you had rode all of the way in a silence so overwhelming that you thought you might suffocate and as you had tried desperately to exit the vehicle in an attempt to avoid your feelings he had pulled the car door shut again said with dark eyes “Its Jongin…isnt it?”

You had avoided his gaze and pushed his hand out the way, getting out the car without a word. Chanyeol hand’t stopped calling you since that night and you hand’t stopped avoiding him at all costs, it wasn’t fair you knew that especially since after getting to know him like you did, there wasn’t a bad bone in his body but the thought of having to explain to another person the complexity of your feelings when you weren’t even exactly sure yourself in all honesty made you feel sick to the stomach. You let out a frustrated scream as the familiar name appeared on your phone screen yet again, you were about to turn it off and retreat back into your bed of emotional instability and bad decisions when the doorbell rang, the only sound that could pierce through that incensent ringtone. You forced yourself out of bed and dragged your feet along the floor, since you came home your mother had made a habit to never bring her keys out when you were in because it meant that you ended up carrying in whatever she bought for her.

“Mum you need to sta-”

You stopped as you came face to face with a pair of kind eyes and a small smile and you felt like you might just burst into tears, not with sadness but with utter rage, why the hell was the happening to you right now? you must have been some kind of evil dictator in another life because whoever was in charge of the universe seemed to intent on screwing you over.

“This is for you” He said his deep voice echoing in your empty house as he handed you a plastic bag with Ben and Jerry’s and you couldn’t help but smile a little.

It was amazing how quickly Chanyeol could diffuse the tension that hung heavy in the air “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

You thought for a moment, weighing out the possible outcomes.

“Just hear me out, five minutes and if you don’t like what I’ll have to say I’ll leave without a fight”

You stepped aside to let him in and directing him to your room while you put the ice cream in the fridge. After standing by your shut door for a good five minutes trying to gather you nerve you had walked into Chanyeol happily making himself at home with his coat pilled on the floor by your bedside, Chanyeol spread across your bed humming quietly to himself. He sat up with a gentle smile on his when he noticed you standing by your doorway.

“I only came here to say-”

“Wait let me go first” you took a deep breath finally ready to vocalize your resolve “Lets pretend we never happened Chanyeol, this thing we have…its not fair to you-”

“Don’t I get I say in this?” He asked his voice hard as his intense gaze penetrated through your barriers.

“The group Chanyeol!” you exclaimed “I can’t come between your group, I won’t let your teamwork fall apart, I won’t be the one who ruins Jongin dream”

You could have hit yourself for being so stupid when you saw the way his face fell when you mentioned Jongin, you hated how easily he managed to worm his way into your thoughts.

“Ah so you knew that were an idol group the whole time” He said looking at his clenched fists.

You shook your head edging you self a little closer to him, you wanted to comfort him, wipe away that sorrowful expression someone like him should never look like that.

“Not exactly, um after that night I ended up finally googling Jongin and you Oppa and it just kind of came up” You said quietly.

For some reason unknown to you that seemed to make Chanyeol happier than it should as he got up and finally pulled you into his embrace and as he warm touch kissed your skin, everything about Chanyeol seemed to fill you senses and you could feel yourself losing yourself in him, your resolve quickly diminishing.  

Chanyeol puled back as he ran his thumb across your bottom lip “I love you”

You eyes widened your blood running cold as you stuttered out  “Ch-Chanyeol I-I cant-”

“You don’t have to say it back just please let me keep loving and I’ll wait” He nodded determination in his eyes “As long as it takes”

It was like you were flashed back to the past, Chanyeol looking at you with the same burning love as Jongin had when he poured his heart out to you. If only you had hand’t been scared of the future, of being vulnerable to another person then maybe things would have turned out differently and you weren’t about to let another chance at happiness slip away, not again.

As you and Chanyeol had began to get even closer it got harder and harder to avoid Jongin as he started to bring you to his concerts and shows, Chanyeol trying to spend every spare moment he had with you in order to try and encourage you to open up to him. Every time Chanyeol brought you along it was the same, you always sticking close by while Jongin watched you from the other end of the room. Watching you cry all those weeks ago had left him torn inside, Jongin had always been the one who held you together, you both knew each other inside out, that was the beauty of your relationship thats why he had known exactly what to say to hurt you and he hated himself for using your trust in him against you. Jongin had thought about apologizing countless times but whenever he saw you with him he was overcome with such a blinding rage that he knew could only be subdued by the collision of Jongins fist against that scrawny face of his but he at least owed you a chance at love so with the only shred of strength he had left he decided to leave you both alone giving Chaneyol his blessing through gritted teeth.

When the last day of the tour arrived it seemed like Jongin was beginning to become a distant memory the pain that you felt in your chest when you thought of his gentle smile didn’t bring nearly as much discomfort as it use to, so when the rest of the boys had invited you out for drinks after the concert, you didn’t see why Jongin being there should stop you. You had never been that much of a drinker but the music was good and for once you were actually enjoying your self outside of the fact that Jongin was there and as you began to feel the effects of the alcohol you could feel your inhibitions drifting away dangerously quickly and you had found yourself swaying your hips to the music unaware that two pairs of very hungry eyes were watching you.  You let yourself get lost in the flashing lights and low bass the vokda taking you so high that you never wanted to go come down. You felt a pair of strong hands grip your hips and let out a high pitched giggle.

“Oppa not here” You slurred.

“You should go drink some water”

You eyes snapped open as you felt a familiar warm sensation ignite in your stomach and make its way all the way up your body till his name got caught in your throat “Jo-Jogin”

You came crashing back down so fast, you felt dizzy and the drinks from early insisting on trying to make a reappearance onto the floor. You pushed him off and made your way outside, that was close, too close you needed to get away. Jongin still seemed to have this grip on you and it drove you crazy. You sat outside ignoring the strange looks people were giving you, fresh air had never felt so good, it seemed to calm your thoughts that had gone into over drive at his touch. You felt a body slump down next to yours and the chill that ran up your spine told you it was in your best interest not to look up from your knees.

“Go away Jongin”

“I can’t” He spoke softly.

“Jongin, its not fair, its not” You whined into your knees.

“I know, I know now look at me” He soothed as pulled you close.

You slowly looked up at his command and you hated how he made you feel, absolutely despised it. His velvety voice could sooth your heart in seconds, his gentle hands left goosebumps on your skin and as his brown eyes bore into yours the noise of the streets seem to disappear and you no longer felt the harsh cold of the night breeze and before either of you could register what what happening your lips had met in a sloppy collision. Nothing felt as right as his lips against yours did. Everything about Jongin was toxic and you were both like a drug the other was permanently addicted to, his hands becoming desperate as they began to run themselves over your body, Jongin trying to drink in as much of you as he could knowing that this was a moment he had been wanting years for. You moaned out his name as he began to trailer kissed down your neck both of you painfully unaware that someone had steadily making their way outside, both of you too far gone, intoxicated with each other taste to notice.

“No way…”

That deep voice was enough to pull you back to your senses and what you came face to face with was something that you had never expected, your heartbreaking at the sight of Chanyeol looking at you like you had stuffed your hand in his chest and crushed his heart into dust.