Dimetrodon, Ely Kish

The rain tapped on the forest’s leaves and left no room for other sounds. It spattered on Diadectes’ body and dripped into the mud. The damp smell of earth was everywhere. Mold was blooming. Somewhere in the distance small amphibians were chirping. Diadectes swayed between sleepiness and anxiety. The rain made it difficult to detect predators, and the sun had never broken through the clouds to warm the body.

This was Dimetrodon’s advantage. It slid silently from the vegetation like a grotesque ghost, emerging from the green to clamp toothy jaws on Diadectes’ hind leg. With a violent jerk, Dimetrodon flipped its prey to its side. The big amphibian emitted a pained whine and batted Dimetrodon’s side with its forefeet, punching the predator, trying to push away. But Diadectes was weak, tired, unable to wrestle free from Dimetrodon’s bite.

Blood pulsed from the wounds and mixed with the puddles on the forest floor. Dimetrodon held fast, waiting patiently for Diadectes to lose all its strength. Then the predator could feed.

Alright, I’ve posted a bunch tonight, but I have to do one more (at least).  This screen capture is a comment on the real Odessa Permain v. Midland Lee game from Friday Night Lights on YouTube.  I completely understand being upset because a movie isn’t quite like the book.  Leaving out key elements, characters, or changing the story completely gets on my nerves as much as any one else (The Bourne series, as much as I love the movies, doesn’t even touch the books.  Honestly, they kill Maria in the second movie to cause drama whereas she is still living in the novels).  I just have a little advice for those who tear apart movies for being different from their literary counterparts:  JUST BECAUSE A BOOK IS GOOD DOESN’T MEAN IT WILL ATTRACT AUDIENCES INTO A THEATRE.

Books are much longer than movie scripts and therefore things must be cut from the script or changed.  Personally, I think having Boobie Miles get hurt in a game and be out for the season is much more interesting to watch than him getting hurt in a scrimmage and playing numerous games in the season.  Also, the character of Billingsly is more interesting when he has conflicts with his father over his inability to catch the ball.  If he was much better than portrayed he would just be another football player with no real reason to be interesting to the audience.  It is also stated in other comments that Odessa Permain lost in the semi-final game v. Midland Lee.  Who would go see a movie about a football team that doesn’t even make it to the championship in the end?  I know a lot of people who were upset just because they didn’t win the championship let alone actually making it there.

At this point in my life I have accepted the fact that movies will change certain aspects of a novel to make it a better script.  One just has to try and separate the script from the novel and hopefully can appreciate both media if they are done well.  I still have trouble with this myself, but I’m trying.  I hope you do too.