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heyo~ could you do jealousy headcanons/ scenarios for the shiratorizawa starters (and semi pls^^)?

me, slamming my fists on the table: DEM BOYZ

i went with headcanons. i’m still getting used to their characters (i read the karasuno vs. shiratorizawa match last winter) because i forgot like everything about them so bear with me


  • The boy is not one for PDA but you can guarantee he will grab your hand and pull you closer to him if someone is checking you out or trying to flirt with you while you’re out and about
  • He has no trouble admitting his jealousy to you at all, as long as you’re the one to ask him in the first place
  • He likes verbal affirmation that you are devoted to him. You could also show him in other ways (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) but assuming that you’re mostly in public when this happens, being clear and direct is the best way to deal with it


  • 100% has been trying to find better looking casual clothes because somehow you seem to draw the attention of some fashionable people and it pisses him off. But he still does a poor job at picking out his wardrobe
  • Even though he’s always so serious-looking, he tends to look a little grouchy when he gets jealous. You teasing him about it does not help at all
  • SUPER COMPETTIVE. He has no trouble bringing up something that he did recently that would make you proud of him right in front of whomever was hogging your attention


  • It’s actually very hard to tell when he is jealous because his calm disposition doesn’t really let him show it
    • But you pick up on the fact that maybe he’s standing or sitting just a little bit closer than he normally does around you
  • He really doesn’t like when he feels jealous because deep down he knows it’s usually just unfounded and even a little immature
  • It’s not much, but he’ll do something small to remind you of him like send you a nice text message or buy you a little gift


  • STANK FACE at whomever is giving you a little too much attention, but it’s not like normal stank face it’s Tendou Stank Face (ya feel?)
  • Slinks his arm around your shoulders and leads you away, giving the other person a teasing “goodbye” and wave as you head off
  • Absolutely does the two-finger “I’m watching you” hand sign at that person, unless he’s giving them a shit-eating grin. Sometimes it’s both

Goshiki (someone save this child)

  • If he thinks you’re paying too much attention to someone else, he will absolutely do something that will make him look super cool to get your attention back, mostly in the form of spiking on the volleyball court
    • Will look to you to make sure you were paying attention to him
  • Since he aims to be a super ace like Ushijima, he inadvertently picked up that hand-holding-pull-you-closer technique from him while observing him one time, but he usually pulls too hard and you bump into him rather ungracefully
    • Although, hand-holding in general is a big thing to make sure that you’re focused on him even when he’s not jealous
  • He doesn’t realize that he’s yelling when he tries to talk to you when he’s jealous


  • He’s self-conscious at most, but it comes off as being kind of bitter more than anything, like he’s upset with himself for not doing a better job
  • It really pisses him off at first, but he doesn’t really want to talk about it. It will pass, right? At the end of the day, you are his after all. He’ll try to do something else (mostly studying) to keep his mind off of it
    • But that doesn’t really work so he usually tries to find you just to spend some time with you
  • Maybe just a little clingy when you’re alone, but only a little bit. Not that you mind considering he’s usually very busy either with studying or volleyball


  • He doesn’t really express his emotions on his face all that much, so it’s pretty difficult to tell if he’s jealous or not
  • BUT he might have a habit of speaking through clenched teeth when he is, so that’s your cue that something is up
  • If you confront him directly about it, he won’t admit it at first. You might have to pry it out of him a little, usually with some cute teasing


  • The poor boy has perma-scowl, so it’s up to you to figure out by his voice and body language rather than his face that he’s jealous. He tends to tense up a little and his voice sounds a little strained like he’s trying to hide something
  • Tries to divert the situation with excuses like, “Hey, we’re going to be late. We better hurry up and go” even if you don’t really have anywhere to be. Pushes you along to get you away from whomever is making him jealous
  • Give him a big hug to reassure him that you’re his! He’s a sucker for physical contact.

okay, but Scorpius Malfoy hard of hearing headcanons:

-Scorpius getting a reputation for having a perma-scowl like his dad Malfoy, except instead of being malicious at people he’s just focusing really hard on reading people’s lips,
-Scorpius getting made fun of for always sitting at the front of class until the older Slytherins realize what’s up and start snapping at anyone who targets him,
-Scorpius becoming popular with the Ravenclaws who suddenly realize that lip-reading would be a super-useful skill,
-Scorpius making friends with Hufflepuffs who always remember to turn their faces towards him so he can see their conversations play out
-Scorpius being confused as shit about Parseltongue and needing constant reassurance that no, seriously, it really is just a bunch of hissing,
-Scorpius low-key muffling his noise-amplifying spells in study hall when the Gryffindors won’t shut the hell up
-Scorpius getting upset about a cultural misunderstanding with a HOH muggle-born student who wants to teach him sign language because some of the hand gestures mean something REALLY DIFFERENT in magical practice
-Scorpius and Draco having private father-son chats in noise-sealed bubbles where they just lip-read 100%
-Draco having a private word with Ron and Harry to get their kids to lay the fuck off his son for using magic outside of school regulations; YES Scorpius is getting special privileges, NO it’s not pure-blood elitism,
-Scorpius starting his magical education just tweaking old sound spells for his needs until he gets older and starts straight-up inventing new spells and challenging the accepted knowledge on how sound and speech works in magic

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In honor of the first #emton pic of season three: Oliver catches Roy and Felicity taking silly selfies and Felicity comments that "Oliver is wearing his not amused face" :)

Yay for #Emton! I love that friendship, so much! Hope you like it :)


He’s just trudging down the steel staircase when he hears it.

It’s been a long night of patrols and Oliver is thoroughly exhausted. His limbs are heavy and leaden, his brain is fogged with the desire to simply curl up with Felicity and let sleep claim him, and his eyes burn with the effort to keep his lids open. He’d take every day, run of the mill criminals over the Big Bads any day of the week, but six hours of watching over the city, interspersed with the occasional confrontation, has taken its toll. Normally it wouldn’t be quite this draining, looking after his city. Then again, normally he has more back-up in the field. With Diggle on daddy duty and Roy laid up with a broken ankle, however, Oliver and Sara are mostly left to cover as much of Starling as they can manage between the two of them.

Oliver is relieved to finally be finished for the night, eager to lose the leather and shower off some of the grime crime fighting always seems to saddle him with. He’s just loosening the strap of his quiver from across his chest when the tinkling sound of Felicity’s laughter rings in his ears, dragging a smile to his face despite the fact that thirty seconds before he was worried about face planting when his body inevitably gave out from a severe energy deficiency. Warmth floods through his veins and suddenly sleep isn’t the only thing on Oliver’s mind.

His feet hit the concrete floor as he’s lowering the zipper on his jacket and he comes around a pillar, his tired eyes already searching out his blonde genius, when he stops on a dime. He blinks a few times, just to be sure he’s actually seeing what he thinks he’s seeing, and then a low growl is rumbling in his chest before he can think better of it.

Oliver isn’t the possessive type. Sure, he gets jealous every now and then, and occasionally Felicity has to take care to remind him that she only has eyes for him. Sue him, okay? Felicity is gorgeous. Not to mention frighteningly intelligent, delightfully sharp tongued, and rocking a heart of gold to boot. Oliver knows how lucky he is to have her in his life, and even more so in his bed. So, yeah, he gets jealous.

Just not typically of Roy. He and Felicity are just friends and Oliver knows it. When Thea left Starling City with Malcolm, Roy had taken it hard. He’d spent that entire summer searching for her, taking advantage of the lull in crime within their territory to look for her, with the help of none other than their brilliant IT girl. Roy and Felicity had bonded. It was a good thing, Oliver knew. Felicity helped balance Roy out, allowed him to lower his walls with someone other than Thea. Felicity helped Roy smile, dragged laughter out of him long enough to temporarily erase his perma-scowl.

Yeah. Roy and Felicity were friends. They did silly shit together, things that made them both light up with laughter. Like right now, for example. Felicity is sitting sideways in Roy’s lap on one of the rolling desk chairs, her long legs crossed and hooked over his thigh. Roy has his arms around her waist, his fingers interlaced over her hip while she leans into his chest, the back of her head cushioned on his shoulder. They’re both shaking with laughter, their faces contorted in goofy poses, and Felicity is trying to steady her phone to snap a photo.

“Let me see.” Roy snatches the phone out of her hand as soon as he hears the shutter.

“Hey!” Felicity giggles, grabbing it back before he can get a good look at the picture. “Let’s do one more. Then we can pick out the ones we like.”

Roy rolls his eyes but lets Felicity shift around in his lap. She hooks one arm around his neck and presses her lips to his cheek, which he obligingly puffs out like a blow fish. As the shutter sounds, Oliver clears his throat and both Roy and Felicity jump.

“Oliver!” Felicity beams as she lowers the camera. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Obviously.” Oliver lifts one brow, his eyes fixed on where Roy is holding Felicity at her hip.

“It’s too bad a bell would be counterproductive to your whole ‘silent stealth’ thing.” Roy smirks.

Felicity slaps him and pushes off his lap, smiling fondly at him before setting her phone on her desk. “Stop.” she says, moving across the room to press a greeting kiss to Oliver’s lips. “What’s wrong?” she asks, her eyes soft and searching when she pulls back. “You’re wearing your ‘I am not amused’ face.”

Roy snorts from behind Felicity and Oliver glares at the younger man. Sadly, that glare hasn’t worked on Roy in a few years and he just grins in response, well aware of exactly what has Oliver’s leather in a bunch.

Oliver shifts his attention back to Felicity, gazing down into her endless blue eyes. His heart turns over in his chest and he can’t help but sigh, the tension bleeding out of his spine as though a dam had broken. “Nothing’s wrong. Just tired.” He leans into her, brushing his lips gently at the curve of her neck.

She shivers at the feeling of his scruff against her sensitive skin. “Why don’t you shower and change, and then we can head home.” she says softly, her hands coming up to frame Oliver’s face. Her thumbs rub soothingly at the ridges of his cheekbones, her face the perfect mask of understanding and pure adoration.

“Yeah.” Roy tosses out, swiveling in his chair carelessly. “We have selfies to evaluate, anyway.”

Oliver ignores him in favor of stealing another kiss from Felicity before he heads for the bathroom, shrugging out of his jacket as he goes.


It isn’t until later, when he’s making sure the alarm on his phone is off, that he gets the text. It’s nearly 4 am by then, and Oliver is contentedly exhausted, loose-limbed and skin still buzzing with afterglow. Felicity is half draped over his chest, burying her nose in his skin to shield her eyes from the light emanating from Oliver’s phone screen. The message is from Roy and Oliver knows what it is before he even opens it.

It’s the last picture Felicity took, the one with her kissing Roy’s chipmunk cheeks.

“What’s funny?” Felicity asks when Oliver’s chest vibrates beneath her, her voice muffled and sleepy.

“Roy.” Oliver chuckles, saving the photo before locking his phone and setting it down on the nightstand. “Or he thinks he is, anyway.”

“I don’t want to know.” Felicity mumbles, pushing a lazy kiss into the skin over his heart. “Too tired.”

Oliver wraps his arms tight around her, his hands splaying wide across her naked back, and drops a kiss to the crown of her head. “Go to sleep.”

“Mm’kay.” she sighs, snuggling in. “Love you.”

He grins into her hair, his chest full and warm. “I love you, too.”