perma banned

got7 as pokemon go players

youngjae: takes the game seriously™, joined team mystic because all the gyms in his area were valor and he wanted to beat them, has the game open at all times, once left the dorm at 3am because he saw a snorlax on his radar and he had to catch it, tried to tape his phone to the fan to hatch eggs without walking, accidentally wanders into an unknown area looking for pokemon and gets lost

jaebum: joined team mystic with youngjae because he knew he was going to be the best ally, tries to be casual but he’s really into it, goes pokemon hunting with youngjae but keeps his phone in his pocket secretly taking it out whenever youngjae finds something cool so he can catch it too, almost broke his phone from raging too hard after a 1000cp lapras ran away from him

jackson: team valor as fuck, screams everytime he encounters a new pokemon, “please please please stay in the ball… i’m begging you…”,  if a rare pokemon spawns 3 blocks away you can bet your ass he’s gonna try to sprint over there to catch it before it despawns, actually tempted to swim out to get a pokemon that spawned in the middle of the river

bambam: jackson convinced him to join team valor, wastes 18 pokeballs trying to catch a pidgey, catches one rare pokemon and brags about it for a week, uses all his stardust immediately,  takes selfies with pokemon

yugyeom: lowkey wanted to join team mystic but he wanted to be on the same team as bambam so he went valor, names all his pokemon after where he found them, keeps opening up the app to check if there’s any pokemon even though he’s at the dorm, thinks getting to level ten was a huge accomplishment, always walking into things because he never looks up from his phone

mark: joined team instinct for the memes but regrets it after he actually got serious about the game, goes for a walk to hatch his eggs and ends up in another city, jumped a couples fences to find certain pokemon, finds a pikachu nest in the park and announces to everyone that he’s moving to said park

jinyoung: played seriously for two days then gave up, whines when pokemon run away, “what’s the point of this game”, barely makes it to level five, ends up on team instinct because mark took his phone and clicked it for him, suddenly gets the will to play again after he learns that yugbam own the gym in front of their dorm and he wants to crush them, gets perma-banned for cheating

Fics that people should write so I can read them and be happy

Soooo where is that fic where Scott is all “ahhh Reyes likes to pretend he’s all badass and stuff but he’s secretly a softie bless” and then something happens and Scott has first row seats to Reyes Vidal: The Baddest Fucking Badass where Reyes just fucking wipes whoever dared even think to defy him off the fucking map. He’s got contigency plans for his contingency plans, and when those don’t work he just fucking perma-bans you from life.

He’s Lex Luthor and Ozymandias and Moriarty all rolled into one except, you know, without the sheer evilness and occasional massacre.

And then he turns around and goes, “Oh, Ryder! Didn’t see you there!” *finger guns*

And Scott is just

ruined for everyone else ever.

Where is it, then? If you find it, send it my way.

I Haven’t played or edited anything in awhile. I Didn’t have high hopes for this game, but still not far enough into it to make a decision yet. Oddly enough, it reminds me of Perfect World Online which I loved and played a lot until I got perma banned years ago. ~.~ Playing this one out with the boyfriend for now, we’ll see how it goes. Also, perma quit Aion and sold my account months ago! GG. Will post more on that later I suppose.


Can’t help but feel really fucking jaded. So, here’s this kid that got SO MANY warnings that one more would have his account banned.

So he just up and makes a new account. With no warnings attached. Oh, look! Pretty new account to evade all the warnings!

I really really hope that however many accounts this little shit makes that ALL of them get banned. The whole point of warnings is to fix the behavior, not to be straight-up rewarded for more rule breaking with a clean slate. I really hate how FR likes to do this two faced crap of, “Oh, kid that fucks up multiple times? Eh, we’ll just let him slide by and let him keep the new account.” “Person that has had zero warnings and has been a good member of the community for three years screws up once? Perma ban! Bye!”

Callout post

No, not the fun kind. This is actually a callout post.

Remember back in June 2015 when there was a massive rash of hate anons, fake blogs being made for the purpose of harassing people, blackmail, forced smut, and a ton of other fucked up shit like releasing people’s personal data? No? You’re lucky. Yes? Bad news, she’s back (bc apparently all her other fandoms perma banned her). 

The person responsible has the following urls:

There are almost certainly others but these are the ones we know. Dozens of people were SEVERELY harassed by this person last year. Many people ended up deleting. Several people ended up in the hospital. This person likes to act as if they’re the victim but they’re NOT.

I do not care if you are on my block list. I do not care if we have argued in the past. This person is cruel, psychotic, and dangerous. Please protect yourself. Please protect your followers and friends. I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.

If you don’t want hate and abuse in the fandom then don’t create a safe space for people who spread hate and abuse.

Discord Server

Heyo, made a Discord server to interact with my followers on both here and DeviantArt. In order to join just send me your discord username, and whether or not you would consider yourself a pred, prey, both, or even non vore.


  • No sexual chatter, sexual images, sexual instances of vore, or sexual roleplay. If they are posted you will be perma-banned. I have no patience with that kinda stuff.
  • Just to make it extra clear, no anal vore, cock vore, unbirth, boob vore, whatever else fucking vore. 
  • For my sake, since im a vanilla fuck, please keep all vore soft, safe, and non fatal. If you want to do fatal/sexual vore, go to your own private messages.
  • Preds are red, Prey is Green, Both is Blue, and Non Vore is Pink.
  • be respectful of peoples vore preferences (as in dont do anything that makes people uncomfortable, and dont eat the 100% preds)
  • For the most part, only post things in the appropriate chat topics. The rules for the separate chats are posted below.
  • Simply because I dont want this to be an argument, no political opinions in the chat, as in the topics of the president, gender, race, ect. I dont mind debating it myself BUT some people get really aggressive about it and I aint having none of that.
  • SO the long and short of it is just be nice and no sex

Chat Topics:

  • General: For just chatting with people about really anything, and perhaps the occasional small RP.
  • Character References: Simply put if you have a sona or character, you put their images or even a LINK to their bio in the chat. Nothing else please.
  • Media: For videos, memes, or other images.
  • Roleplay: For group rp
  • Art: For artwork you want to share with the group.
  • Music: To share music tastes
  • Gaming: For people to suggest multiplier games, or to chat while playing online games.
How I got banned from DCUO, the MEPPS incident part 2

Recommended music : Oingo Boingo “Insanity”

I’ve just been perma-banned from DC Universe Online for the crime of disagreeing with them, and asking for an apology almost a year ago.

To be honest, I’m not entirely shocked by this development.  It came to a head TODAY because I publicly disagreed with them about the new direction they’re going to take the game.  My post opened up with “I’m a stupid casual gamer”, and that was enough justification for them to ban me on “insults”  And I can’t log into the game, so I’ve apparently been permanently banned.

To understand this, we have to go back in history to June 13, 2014.  I was livestreaming when Ted “Mepps” Stewn decided to add some “fun” into my livestream.  Basicaly, he broke his own “Terms of Service” by harrassing me in world, dropping enemies on me and repeatedly killing me.  I thought it was a bug, until he admitted it to me in world chat.

(Video can be found at :

I was not happy with him doing this, and he never gave me an apology.  He claims he did, by saying “I apologize for the confusion”, but he never apologized for his ACTIONS.  There’s a huge difference.  All I wanted from him was an apology, and some understanding that what he did was NOT ok.

I should mention, there are a TON of videos of Mepps doing this to other livestreamers.  In all the other cases, they fall all over themselves once they realized they were being trolled by Mepps.  I’m guessing he was expecting the same reaction from me, and I’m not going to fanboy over his presence.  Besides, he had once already peeked into my livestream before, and did not interfere, so I know he’s capable of keeping his hands to himself.

But to this point, I was unhappy.  One of the members of the Dev team just broke the TOS of his own game, and then in message after message blamed ME for not enjoying it.

I didn’t appreciate this, so I pursued it.  I went to the BBB (waste of time, they never side with the customer), I went to Sony Online, I went up the chain of command and eventually got in touch with Linda “Brasse” Carlson, Director, Global Community Relations for Sony Online Entertainment.  She assured me of a few things, one of which being that Ted (Mepps) actions were considered acceptable and appropriate by SoE, I was the only streamer who did not enjoy being trolled by the SoE staff, and that his actions were “meant to enhance the excitement surrounding the livestream.”

I was also, at one point, reassured by Head GM Kaeldread thet he had “sent (the incident) information and this contact to his (Mepps) manager.”  I didn’t believe him at the time, I have no reason to trust anyone over there.  But, having been stonewalled for literally months I threw in the towel.  Having exhausted all my options, I tabled it, saved e-mails and correspondences, and moved on.

Now enter into today.  DC just announced a new system they’ll be unrolling in the near future that I disagree with.  Any time I see a wall of text post I mistrust it, especially when they include graphics and no real explanation.  But from whatI see, they’re basically dealing with their power creep problem by removing any reward for doing low end content.  They also want to release content monthly, but it’s all DLC.  It’s a pretty blatant money grab, if I understand it correctly.

So I posted my disagreement to this plan.  My opening sentence is “Hi, I’m just a stupid casual player, but here’s what I get out of this.”  And I got perma-banned.

I posted a screen shot on Twitter, and MEPPS responded.

It’s interesting that Mepps responded, and not anyone else.  This tells me that HE pulled the trigger, and he’s going to engage me personally to try to smack me down.  Can I prove that?  Of course not.  But there are a lot of other people who could respond, or they could have just not responded, but Mepps decided to not only engage, but do so repeatedly.

So my opinion, here’s what’s going on.  First the DCUO dev team is in an echo chamber.  They don’t like negative feedback, and never have.  So my post was met with “kill it with fire”.  It’s funny, for a game about super heros the dev team is VERY think skinned.

Second, DCUO, and in fact all of SoE / Daybreak games is a troll culture.  My proof?

Among dozens of videos, this screen shot.  They think it’s cool to troll players in their own games.  Never in my history of online MMO gaming have I ever seen a GM team that actively harassed it’s own customer base.  Hell, most of the time they’re not even IN the game, let alone interacting to harass players.

Third, this was personal.  Mepps history with me is long, and verifiable.  So what I think happened is that he got chewed out by someone at SoE corporate, and he’s just been waiting for an excuse to get revenge.  And now, he’s got it.  I’m banned off the forums, I’m banned off the game.  And all for what?  Because he thought he could get fanboyed by trolling me on my livestream, and then was shocked when I didn’t.

We’ll see how this plays out.  I’ve reached out to Daybreak Games to ask them for a statement, they’re still mulling it over.  But seriously, if they’re so thin skinned that they have to resort to this?  I’ll give them a chance to respond, but I have a feelign my next script is writing itself.

Edit add : I’ve also been blocked by their twitter feed, so they’re not even going to see any of this.

And, of note, so has Mepps on his personal feed.

But other members of the DCUO dev team have not.

So this kind of seals it for me, that this *is* personal for Ted Stone.  But, I’ll let Daybreak defend this.

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holy shit so i got fucking perma banned because i had "Multiple accounts" Asked why i got perma banned and Tess (main mod) replied in the most rudest manner. Cannot believe this garbage site, literally the multiple accounts were all my family members, stated even in the SIG in big bold that they shouldn't ban them because we trade from literally the same computer to each other. Honestly, fuck cs. The mods are garbage idiots; people are greedy bastards; Finally got a ur bee too... :( Thanks CS..

Lets make a list of safe players

Okay, with competitive play now a thing in Overwatch, we’re now getting a lot of toxic players showing up. The kind of players that don’t care about making friends, being a good sport, trying to enjoy the game or raise the moral of the team. Instead they yell, use racist/ableist/hateful language and brings down the team when the team isn’t winning. I’m seriously over that kind of crap. If I got a dollar for every swear or ‘R’ word said by my team, I would be able to buy Blizzard, take control of the Overwatch franchise and perma-ban their asses.

Originally posted by theculturetrip

So I feel that we need to start a list. A list of players of all kinds. Low levels, high levels, those familiar with shooting games, those who are new to them and those who wants to try them. A list of players who are safe to play with. Players who respects the game, their team and their opponents. We should help one another, to give a safe place for those who wants to play. To give them options of players who are more than happy to lend a hand, help train and give an enjoyable experience in the game.

My user name is Nelvana#1487

Who’s with me?

Originally posted by gorgeousnessss

Cheritz new 1.4.2 Update - My Opinion

So i wanted to say something since i read many comments of people who complained about the game abuse ban + that the max speed option and the save slot load feature will end soon:

From what i know they WON’T REMOVE the save and load option, it’s just going to change , means that you have to spend 5 hourglasses to load a save slot. That’s how the game should have been originally be but Cheritz gave us a trial since of all those bugs in the past.

I know that many think that it is a bit unfair that we have to spend an addtional amount of hourglasses for loading save slots, considering that some already have to use hourglasses to load missed chats or calls but i don’t think that’s a reason to say that you will stop playing the game and stop supporting it. Of course not everyone said stuff like that but you also have to think about this:

Cheritz of course wants to earn money since the game itself is free and since the game became more popular, people demand more content right ?
I mean everyone of course wants a route for V or a route for Unknown or maybe events like special chats for special occasions like Valentinsday etc.I don’t know if they would consider adding these things but if they are planning to implement something new to the game, they will need money to give us new content.

Also think about this: Every hourglass you spend is not forced or in other words you can choose if you want to spend your hourglasses or not. And don’t you think it’s unfair that we demand and demand but pay nothing for what we get ?

which leads us to the next issue. Game abuse.
So some of you probably know that it was possible to rewind your time on your phone to play missed chats without using hourglasses. Or hack your account to cheat hourglasses whatsoever. Due to those things Cheritz didn’t get any money from those people who should have purchased Hourglasses. It’s obviously not fair to cheat and abuse the game. The Cheritz Team put a lot of effort into creating this game, so seeing them banning accounts and making us spend hourglasses on loading save slots is understandable.
If i would be one of the developers and see that people would abuse the game i worked hard for months, honestly i would be super sad and mad *coughs* smad.

I am still sorry tho for those who lost all of ther game data but please be careful this time, cheating is always bad so if you find a new way to get something free than think twice and don’t do it ! Please respect the rules of the game!

I have two suggestions for the game tho which could maybe help some:


Maybe turn the perma ban into a temporarily ban?:
I know abusing the game is very bad and not right to do , but I’ve seen some people spending money to buy hourglasses and rewinding time once so now everything is gone. Maybe a ban for a temporarily time would be better ?

daily hourglass rewards:

i think giving out like 1-3 ( edit bcs i agree that 5-10 hourglasses could be too much) hourglasses daily wouldn’t hurt the game too much. The pros would be that users would check out the game daily for rewards and be able to save hourglasses if they don’t want to spend money! What i know is that most of the MM users are students so there might be some who can’t afford to buy hourglasses so this could be a fair solution ?

Also i hope the autosaving is more stable now , that way people won’t have to rely on the saving slots too much and spend hourglasses when the game crashes.

So idk if it will help but maybe they will add this in the game if we all suggest it !

I hope no one is in any way offended by this, i just think it would be pretty sad if many of you guys would stop playing this game bcs of these things ! I like the fandom it’s super fun >o<I hope you continue to support Mystic Messenger ! ♥

So PSAs are unpleasant. I don’t like doing them because I find them inherently negative (which is not what this blog is about). Unfortunately every now and then someone goes a step too far, and additional measures to protect oneself and one’s fellow fans must be taken. After this and this - and in seeing a clear pattern of escalating, targeted behavior from the individual involved - that red line has been irrevocably crossed. Safeguards must be put in place to protect the community.

This is their main blog (which many of you are already aware of, and probably have blocked). This, this, this, this, this, and this are their side blogs (the full list can be found here). Block those too. Do not engage this individual. Do not spam them, or send hate. Do not tag or reblog them just to argue with them, or call them out (they’ll use that against you, and the links to whom you should be blocking are already included above). Do not give them a platform to stalk, gaslight or send false/defamatory accusations any further. If they persist in spewing harassing or abusive speech - especially if it’s targeted towards you, as an individual - collect receipts and report them to staff. Persistent, sustained harassment against individuals (especially when the harasser has already been blocked) is against Tumblr’s TOS, and can result in perma-banning. Again, do not engage them. Block them. Report them.

I’m sorry I had to post this. And as a victim of this sort of stuff - as a member of the demographic this individual is purportedly there to “protect” - I am utterly appalled.

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Have you heard about the tumblr using bots to perma ban people who uploaded music, and because it's bots even stuff under fair use is likely to be flagged for perma bans?

fyeahcopyright has heard reports about this and seen the FAQ about what may be going on, the script so people can find what they need to delete if they’re concerned about this, and a how-someone-got-her-account-restored FAQ but we are still looking into (a) whether this is still happening, (b) whether this was a glitch that staff is working to fix, and © whether vids and other transformative works that are clearly Fair Use that people have uploaded here on tumblr could also be caught up in all this. 

We’ll have a broader post later today once we’ve learned answers to these questions. 

We also wanted to address the issue of DMCA takedown notices in general. The DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, has been part of US law for almost 20 years, and means that a service provider like tumblr is not responsible for copyright infringement if they remove infringing works - and yes, uploading a song that you don’t hold a license to or the copyright in can be infringing but if it’s a Fair Use then under US law it isn’t infringing because Fair Use is a lawful use of a copyrighted work

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just lost to a lee sin top who had 35 cs at 14 minutes

jesus christ send me to the tribunal perma ban so I can retire early


Hey I’m not on Twitter now or in the foreseeable future, but if you are, please be aware that Milo’s 4chan goon squad are going to be trying all kinds of dirty tricks to get back now that he’s been perma-banned. They love pretending to be people they’re not in order to waste your time and cause bad feeling.

I’ve already seen several posts going around my dash that quote Twitter trolls pretending to be white feminists who say racist stuff. They also pretend to be women of color who say things like “white women can’t be raped”, pretend to be Black and say racist shit about Asians, or vice versa, pretend to be white gay people, etcetera.

If you see someone saying outrageous shit on Twitter, don’t take it at face value immediately, do a bit of research before reacting. If you want examples of how to find them out, Google “your slip is showing” and “operation lollipop”.

Local Carnival
Utah, USA

Ok, quick note: Foxes are legal as pets in Utah. They’re not common, but they are legal. I own one myself, and am something of an authority on the species. Because of this, and the friendly demeanor of my fox, I’ll often help out at city historical celebrations and summer carnivals. With my fox on a leash and harness, I’ll walk around with her, and generally let people get photos with her and learn a little bit about foxes in general.
The last carnival I worked at turned out to be one of the most mind numbing. I had made a simple circuit of the carnival, pausing to let people get photos with me and the fox, or of the fox (her name is Jade) by herself. We’d just stopped to sit down and let her have some water when a lady and her young son approached.
Lady: That’s a cute little dog, what breed is it?
Me: Ah, Jade’s not a dog ma'am.
Lady: Oh I know, yes, we all think they’re people in fur coats. Still, what breed is that? She looks like a mix of a couple. Little mutt?
Me: Again, Jade’s not a dog. She’s a fox.
Lady: (suddenly giving me a shocked look) A fox? But that’s illegal!
Me: Not under state law it’s not. Foxes are perfectly legal to own.
Lady: But they carry diseases and things like Rabies!
At this point, Jade looks up from her water and gives this curious little trilling sound she does when she’s, well, curious. I reach down to ruffle her ears, and true to fox form she gnaws on me. It’s actually called mouthing, and isn’t really hard biting. Just a soft gnawing. It’s a fox’s way of showing affection.
The lady sees this and screams “you’ll get rabies!” and then hauls off and KICKS Jade hard. She flies back a bit, cries out in pain and then hides behind me. I quickly pick her up and cradle my baby before screaming at the lady. Security had noticed the exchange and quickly rushed over, wanting to know what’s going on.
Lady: That damn vermin bit him! You need to shoot it. He’s got rabies now!
Me: She kicked Jade, she was just gnawing on me, and the b****h kicked her! (Jade at this point is whimpering in pain.) I want her arrested!

The security guard looks to me, then the woman and tells her to come with him. She refuses, screaming on about how she had saved me and again urges the officer to shoot Jade before she gives rabies to anyone else. Then she fires off a gem of “If you won’t shoot that thing I’m taking your gun and doing it myself!” Well that’s enough to get her quickly arrested, trussed up and in cuffs. Jade ends up going to the emergency vet for a checkup, and though bruised from the experience she at least didn’t have any broken bones. Lady ended up having to pay for it, and found herself perma banned from the city park for cruelty to animals.
I still work the carnivals with Jade, though I keep her much closer to me, and have a security escort. We still run into some people that don’t understand, but thankfully none have tried to kill her while I’m there. Though I suspect the armed security guard has more to do with that than my scrawny butt.