I need some help. 

 I’m still making tiny payments for my fiance to stay in the country (we dropped our attorney and are doing the immigration ourselves but we still owe a little over $2000) 

 I’m working for a friend who is letting us stay in his basement but my hours were cut from 40 to less than 10 and he is having to pay me out of pocket so the whole house is suffering. 

 I need to pay for $5 in gas each day and I owe $130 for my phone bill this month. I need both of these to stay employed at my second house cleaning job.

 I also owe roughly 3k in other bills (but most of that is a loan from my parents so it’s not high priority) 

 I need to sell perlers as soon as possible. I can make anything from any fandom. The dollar bill is shown for scale. They are priced by size/time to make. Starting at $5 (the largest I’ve made is the huge Spider Qwen and she is $40) If you order over $20 worth I will pay shipping