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I have been asked:

1.) What celebrity would you marry?

Tyler Hoechlin or Francisco Lachowski

2.) If you could change your name what would it be?

Probably something generic like Brad or Jake

3.) If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Hawaii, California, or New York City

4.) Favorite TV show?

Currently I’d say American Horror Story: Coven

5.) Favorite quote from a movie/book/TV show?

Something from the Life of Pi but I’m too lazy to get up and grab the book so I can quote it.

6.) Who is the most important person in your life atm?

I don’t know, I gotta work on that.

7.) Do you still sleep with any stuffed animals?


8.) Do you have a weird habit or ritual you have to do everyday?

Showering… I mean it’s not really weird but I do it everyday…

9.) What is your ideal man/woman?

Treats me right, intelligent, a little quirky (because weird is good), wants to be the big spoon and cuddle a lot, romantic.

10.) If you could be any character in a book/movie/TV show, who would it be?

Danny from Teen Wolf. All that hot werewolf action comes right to him and he doesn’t even have to try.

11.) Who are you crushing on atm? (non-celebrity)

He knows who he is. I told him yesterday. If you really wanna know you might be able to convince me to tell you over a message or something

My Questions:

1. Top 5 things you look for in a guy/girl?

2. Favorite Movie?

3. Favorite Book?

4. At least 3 favorite blogs?

5. Ideal first date?

6. Ideal second date?

7. Top 5 turn-offs in a guy/girl?

8. Favorite food?

9. Favorite season?

10. Career of choice (you never have to worry about money even if it isn’t a high paying job)?

11. Ideal family (how many kids, what kind of house, etc…)?

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