perks of working in record stores

just like honey | peyton x jake

this was three-quarters for @missgoalie75‘s birthday today and one-quarter because i really wanted to write jake/peyton interactions and it made it easier with a deadline to get it done by lmao. 

set in a roundabout s1/s2 setting where peyton works at the record shop in town and jake can’t help but visit her everyday. this is before they actually get to know each other.

disclaimer: title is from The Jesus and Mary Chain song by the same name. some dialogue is taken from the show. 

word count: ~2k

Some perks about working in the town’s record store were three things, in this order: free merchandise, big named bands mysteriously always seemed to roll through this tiny podunk town, and one of the more attractive basketball players from Tree Hill High School stopped in every single day.

And she’s definitely not complaining.

It started out small, really. Usually during her late afternoon shifts after cheerleading practice, he’d come in and roam the aisles, catch her eye a time or two, and no matter how much she liked to believe she was a badass, she blushed.

(One time he came in, his hair mussed up from the wind and his long plaid shirt lazily untucked, and started maddeningly searching for something, but she realizes with a soft laugh that he kept looking up at her while searching through the seldom used bluegrass section. He must have heard her cause he left quickly without a word.)

She knows him by association – he is part of the team that she cheers for after all – but for the most part she only knows his name is Jake and his jersey number also happens to be her lucky number: 7.

Not that she believes in luck. No, not at all.

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Across the Way - Luke

A/n: Hello to all :) I hope you enjoy, the idea has been bouncing around in my head all day. Please feel free to send in any requests, I’d love to receive them.

Word count: 1049

She loved slow days. The days when the mall hardly had any people moving in sheep herds up and down the wide walkway. On slow days she had a perfect view into the record shop across from the bookstore she worked at. Inside the record store, an extremely angelic boy happened to work on the weekdays. The epitome of perfection was Luke. Luke Hemmings, the quiet and mysterious boy in her physics class. She was totally smitten with the way his golden hair sort of stood up in a quiff, as if it had a mind of it’s own. He had one of those cute little noses, the kind that curves up at the end slightly. Everything about him made her turn to mush. She’s also confident isn assuming he doesn’t even know her, apart from maybe a first name.

On this particular delightfully slow day, (Y/N) was perched on a stool behind the counter revising her pre-calculus notes when she glances up to see Luke across the way. He was wearing a beanie today and damn could he really wear it. The beanie was just holding down his brilliant flaxen locks in a way that made him irresistible. Luke was roaming around the record shop with a pair of headphones sitting on the back of his neck. (Y/N) took her bottom lip between her teeth as she gazed at him. She continued to watch as Luke walked from one of the racks to a large vinyl player behind the counter. Suddenly, First Date by Blink-182 starts to blare through the speaker hooked up throughout the store. It was so loud (Y/N) could clearly hear it from her position in the bookstore. She looked down and smiled to herself, she really liked that song. Honestly, she couldn’t resist looking back up to get another glance at Luke. When she lifted her eyes, she saw him. Except this time was different, this time he was looking back at her. (Y/N)’s eyes expanded like a deer in headlights. Terrified and embarrassed, she immediately tore her eyes away from Luke. She jerked her head down, making her glasses slip down the bridge of her nose and her hair fell into her face. Her notes becoming the most interesting thing in her environment. The music abruptly stopped, (Y/N)’s ears no longer picking up on the strokes of a guitar or the banging of drums. Even if the curiosity was killing her, there was no way she could look up.

After about a minute, (Y/N) figured it was safe to take a peek. To her total bewilderment, she realized Luke was no longer in the record store but in the bookstore. There he was running his long slender fingers along the spines of books in the “Classic” genre section. Well, she never really pegged him as a Classics kind of guy, but that only wrapped her further into her web of infatuation. Due to her fear of appearing a total creep, (Y/N) decided to shift her gaze back to her work. A few minutes later she hears the clomping of foot steps growing closer to the counter she was behind. “Hey.” Her ears perk up at the sound. Slowly she raises her head and comes face to face with the most vibrant blue eyes to ever exist. Ever.

“Hi.” She answers, the rosy blush dispersing onto her cheeks. At this moment she was relieved that the store was empty, so if she made a fool of herself only Luke would have to witness it. But, Luke is the last person she wants to think that she’s a stuttering moron.

“Could I buy this?” Luke asks, bringing (Y/N) out of her dismal thoughts.

“Yes, of course.” Her lips curl into a small smile as she takes the book from his outstretched hand. “The Catcher and the Rye? Nice choice.” (Y/N) complimented as she typed in the price into the cash register. Luke nodded a modest smile gracing his face. She watched as his lip ring moved with his lips, entranced. “Ok, that’ll be $5.95.” she says handing the book back to him. Luke pulls out his wallet from the back pocket of his impossibly slim black skinny jeans. He hands her a 10 dollar bill.

“You can keep the change.” Luke offers. Nodding, (Y/N) smiles at him as she starts to feel less anxious.

“Awesome, um thanks!” She voices happily. He was so kind it made her heart thump in her chest. Luke kind of just stood there like he was thinking intensely about something. The conflict in his mind was displayed on his face. As if a switched was flicked, Luke abruptly spins on his heel and stalks out of the bookstore and back to his place behind the counter of the record shop. (Y/N) suddenly grew self conscious. Did she say something wrong? Had her toothy smile reminded him of the Joker? Maybe he caught her looking at his lips too long? She was at a loss, and simply had no idea what went wrong.

The next day (Y/N) sat in the same spot she always did, but today she was reading the novel Jane Eyre. As she got to about fifty pages in, she feels the air in the store shift. Looking up she sees Luke standing by the counter patiently waiting for her attention. She raises her eyebrows at him as if to say ‘may I help you?’. “I finished that book I bought yesterday, The Catcher and the Rye. You’ve read it before, yeah?” Luke inquires, a hint of inquisitiveness present in his tone. (Y/N) nods, curious about where was going with the conversation. “Well, I was wondering if you wanted to discuss it with me? Maybe get some coffee or something while we talk?” Luke asks, nervously toying with his lip ring awaiting her reply. Another crimson blush adorned her cheeks as she searched for her words, her throat deciding now would be the perfect time to become tense.

“Yeah, sure. I’d like that.” (Y/N) says in a delicate tone. She didn’t know why or when Luke suddenly decided to take interest in her, but she was glad that he did.